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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sunset Monologue 104

A Sista Gotta Throw Up

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I seriously thought about whether or not I even wanted to address Oprah today. I mean all the popular entertainment blogs are all over it, but after watching this - I was bleeding from the mouth biting my tongue, lol So freak it! I gotta say my piece in my way on my blog.

Ok quite frankly, I didn't come away with this overwrought feeling of sorrow for Terry. This is a crock of bullshit. This really ain't about 'sexuality' - this about a 'dream deferred'. Terry is MAD because when you buy dick, even platinum dick - sometimes right when the warranty runs out you find out it's not as glittery as you think (or in his case it's covered in rhinestones).

Him being Gay is not a horrible thing - him even marrying her was not a horrible thing - it became 'horrible' when he decided to explore within the relationship without giving her a chance to make a decision whether or not she was wit it or not.

But the fact that the 'fantasy' didn't play out - is what is eating up at Terry and believe you me - they gonna be friends because she is not going to be able to let it go - she's now evolved into a 'mother' figure. Terry is probably going to stalk his ass - cause she can't believe this happen to her. Even the damn Doctor was confused, lol.

Why did he sue her? Why do broke broads who come up by marry athletes sue? Because he had become accustomed to a lifestyle that he wanted to maintain - that is such a double standard.

The first nine minutes of the show spelled it all out for me. Terry need to sit down somewhere and as predicted Oprah bought the rights to her new book and they are in pre-production - SLAM DUNK!

And one last public announcement:

SISTAS KEEP ON WANTING YOUR MAN TO BE YOUR 'BEST' FRIEND, TO WANNA HANG WITH YOU, TO BE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND YOUR MAN, Gurl he painted my toes last nite, gurl he shoe shopped with me all day I'll book you a flight to Chicago right now, cause my best friend is JANET! My mate will be whomever that will be and we will be friends as men and women relate to one another.

WHEW, lol lol - just get tired of stupid shit, lol

(Edited at 8:20pm)

Well now that I've calmed down, lol Let me interject some post thoughts:

It's obvious she's not over him and the 'hurt' part has not even happen yet - she's still in denial. I'm not saying what she is feeling is not 'valid' or 'real' but the whirlwind of hate is contradicting itself. If this has all been HIM weasling his way into her life/bed/pocketbook etc. but this was a conscious decision by HER to basicaly purchase her a man, which unfortunately is what alot of sistas resort to in a quest to calm the waters of her soul that are uneasy. Terry just had money, us broke one's use other things, lol.

I just didn't feel 'love' and the 'dissapation of love' in her words since the beginning of this - I feel 'damn damn damn how could MY dick, decide that it don't want me no more, I purchased your ass and your indentured servitude is not up yet".

Terry is 50, has a reasonable amount of money, does not look like Halle Berry , and carries a Shanana attitude - the chances of her finding a Brother are slim to freaking none - she will probably go and try to build her another one.

Oprah was just probing to see if her situation was the same, lol She kept running the money convo to see what kinda money she might have to get up off of.

Now, no I ain't one to talk when the highlight of my day was TEXT SEXING with a man I haven't even seen in three years - it seems as if alot of women in todays world are stuck between a rock and a hard place; especially Black women; because basically we were bought out as well, when we put our man out for that dolla dolla bill called WELFARE - but guess what it wasn't FAIR, cause its' 2005 and a whole heap of us are sitting A-L-O-N-E. Holding on to Fantasies and pieces of a dream man in an attempt to reverse the rock we put in motion that has met us at the bottom of the hill and run us the fuck over. He don't even want all of us - I might as well cut my coochie out and lay it on the bed, lol "We" and I use that to encompass anyone who fits the bill - played ourselves, just like Terry and if you mad at him - it's cause you see you. Now why I ain't mad at him, I don't know, lol Let me see can I muster up some for the Brotha sitting there with his man clogs and Mac Sonny Boy Lip Glass on, lol lol lol

Sooooo - ever be moseying around doing your blog thing and comment on something and go "Hell that's a blog entry" LOL LOL Well I had that moment today - so Let me bring my words back to my site, lol lol

This is a thought about the whole aspect of "Change/Growth Specifically For A Mate"

We have been so conditioned to run screaming into the night at the sheer notion that (1) we might need some work(regardless to what we SAY) and (2) we might have to assume a ‘role’ that alot of times we miss the point. All of this independence has been basically for naught in my book. We are free to be you and me and what have we done with it - figured out how to fuck three people in one night? Figured out how to turn a cartwheel and fuck at the same time two different sexes, lol lol We all mosey around like letting a two year old loose in the world if you ask me, lol

So the concept of taking a woman or man for that matter with some basic foundation in place and you all working together to create the type of relationship you want is not so far fetched a notion.

We don’t ‘fall’ in love we DECIDE to based on the package a person presents to us - be it mental or physical. So why wouldn’t I be down for a man and I building each other up into something fabulous. I’ve tried to build myself up and it’s hard holding all the bricks, mortar etc. by my damn self.

The ISSUE is who is actually qualified for such a task? That’s what puts us back at square one. We want everything perfect and shrink wrapped when we ourselves have pulled up some cellophane out the trash and wrapped it around our used and abused asses and changed the used by date, lol

This was just a quick and lethal bit of heat from Pamalicious, lol

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