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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sunset Monologue 98

A What The Hell Moment

The BET 25th Anniversary show is not over yet, but I'm gonna give my two nickels and 1 dime worth of commentary now, because I'm about to go to bed.

But before I go there let me go here - you know there is a little conspiracy theory abound that says 'everything we (black people) come up with they steal it.' or the abridged version is 'we can't do shit w/o them trying to make it their own'. Well the good sista 'Analyst' shot this out over the emailwaves this evening and I just had to share it - consider this the official announcement and verification that we need to get back in the lab..QUICK! Cause Hip Hop has shot it's load....

(click the picture)

So starting with the preshow:

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