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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sunset Monologue 94

ABC...As Easy As 123

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Soooooo I can't read minds, I didn't acquire any super powers and I can't predict the next big lottery numbers - which means the bump on my head was for naught! Damn!

However, I feel a bit woozy - so I'll just do a Mem that I jacked from Zed, who Jacked it from Twin who lifted it from Butta, lol lol (and you better read my blog friends!)

A - Age: 39
B - Best Friends: "Mo Betta" and "Janet"
C - Choice of Meat: That Yard Bird - Chicken
D - Dream Date: Island, dark man, titties bronzing in the sun
E - Exciting Adventure: Was held hostage in the jungles of Central America
F - Favorite Food: Frosted Flakes & milk w/ice chips
G - Greatest Accomplishment: My work in progress - my entire life
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: The day Mini-Me was born
I - Interests: Writing, Reading, Vibing, Internetting, other Ing's
J - Joke: "Thundercat, Thundercat, Thundercat...HOEEE" Said on Nick Cannon's Show
K - Kool-Aid: RED w/Lemon in it
L - Love: Sunday Mornings
M - Most valued possession: My sanity
N - Name: Pamalicious
O - Outfit You Love: Big T just showing the curve of my booty
P - Pizza Toppings: Hamburger turds and mushrooms
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: "When Are You Going to write a book?"
R - Radio Station: Right now 91.7 Jamz
S - Sport: Ironman competitions
T - Television Show: Everybody Hates Chris, Law & Order Franchise, ANTM
U - Umbrella in the rain?: Hell yea! Hairdresser expensive!
V - Video: The Question by Kindred
W - Winter: Can do without it
X - X-rays recently?: None
Y - Year Born: 1966
Z - Zodiac Sign: I met Gemini - oo what a sex drive - she wanted it from the front
back to the left to the right - "Signs of Lovemaking" Tyrese

Here's one more for you from Sista Morena

Here yah go!

Sunset Monologue 23 - March

Lip Gloss application is one sexy thing if done right (wink)(wink)

My Mind was bright, my aura shining, my 'it' on fire.

Sunshine Monologue 23 - July

I remember waking at 4am because me and 'mobetta' would talk on the phone

Hmmm, quite interseting - Back Down Memory Lane or is it Deja Vue or is it Memorex or is it Stagnation or is it a Glimpse of hope............

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