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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sunset Monologue 91

Wow What A Party

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Smack, Smack - is your mouth as dry as mine after that off the chain PITY PARTY I gave? Whew, talk about wore out, lol I do give a good party. No I'm not trivializing a real portion of my life - just, like when most of us 'go there', putting it all in perspective. I have a laundry list of things I can throw a party about from why I am $35 overdrawn at the bank, to my relationship with my Mother, but you can't thrive or survive if you give all of it power. You just DEAL and sometimes one gets away from you. My life is 80% Good - so I have to really look at that portion that is and sometimes just looking around, can give you perspective, knowing that your God hasn't forgotten about you and really has His hands full, so as long as you breathing, walking around and doing your thang (even if it's not going your way) suck that shit up.

I burned everything I tried to cook last nite and 'mini-me' said "Mom you doing to much, we could have just had Tuna Fish" wisdom of children - sometimes outweights all the theological books combined,lol

I think alot of my problem is that I am the 'go to' and I have no one to 'go to' myself. Even amongst my own angst these last two days - I doled out some advice to a friend which I'll get to later.

I was glad (oh so glad) that I didn't get a flurry of 'advice' or better yet the 'Let me take you out' IM's and Emails, lol. Sometimes I think about the fact that people I actually know, some family reads this bad boy and if I am revealing to much of myself - but then again - so what? This is me, take it or leave it. Guess what there is even MORE to me - I could write four blogs about four different subjects and still have more bandwidth for more, lol I'm a deeep sista, lol lol.

I do want to let you know however that even in the fetal position on the corner of my bed naked, here are some things I did NOT consider: 1. White men - I'd rather get with a cracked out Brotha two days outta rehab than a keebler. 2. Women - Nah I'll stick to ashy with a penis.

So far as I'm concerned all is safe with the world. What I would like is for me to be out (be it social or otherwise) and be APPROACHED by a man and spoken to and flirted with and then he ask for my number. You know straight "Hello How Yah Doing, first Name Charlie Last Name Wilson" now I'd probably miss the date cause I would have fainted - but I do know that you can meet people and it not begin with "I saw your ad and you are fine and I wanna holla at you" I damn sure know it!

I have been enjoying "Everybody Loves Hates Chris" and you know, I needs me a blue collar Brotha. I bet you the more we watch this show the more those brothas are going to come in style. Remember when we acted like Light Skin Brothers sat with God on a daily basis - until all of a sudden the Wesleys and Tyreses and Morris' of the world took over - well mark my words - The "I work in an office and have permit parking" Brothers might be on the way out, lol Now IT Brothers are the 'new day blue collar' brothers but Nah, I'm talking Blue jumpsuit wearing, name sewed in the tag, old steel toe work boot Brothas!! I have always had an affinity for Truck Drivers, and coming from a mother who has a "Jesus" complex (every man she's ever been with has been a carpenter) I have never had anything against our Garbage, Cable, Construction type Brothas. I bet they know what side their bread is buttered on, lol. I be they would appreciate me all up in their grill with a hot meal, a warm towel some clean dry clothes and some constant loving, lol lol. I'd get me some nice pats on the ass then - and they would be real enough to appreciate relationships. Now of course - I'm in la la land cause we ALL got issues, but I'm just giving the Real Blue Collar Brothers a shout out, the ones who think Red Lobster is a five star restaurant, who when they get dressed up, don't equate that to mean we gotta go smooze with the 'beautiful people', one who likes to bowl, the ones who knows alot, but isn't stressing because he hasn't gotten his masters degree, the ones who got them rough hands and like you to lotion them up for them, the ones who will tell you they threw a keeblers can in their hedges - - just because, lol lol That's who I'm shouting out!!

Above I mentioned that I gave a dear friend some 'sisterly' advice. Let me introduce you to him (I have his permission). He has a problem: Some kinda way what probably started off as a devious diabolic plan went terribly to the left. We all know "William" from the UPN Show Girlfriends (which by the way is in the crapper - they need some black writers QUICK!,but I digress) the best male/girl friend you could ever have. Well my friend decided that was going to be his 'rap' except for one thing - he removed all his testosterone from the equation, lol lol Over the years I have looked at this man morph into an smurf or something,lol. He has hoards of women everywhere he goes on the net - they giggle and encourage him on etc. etc. etc. but he can't seem to get a date or develop his romantic life. Soooo I've seen him on his blog - slowly co-signing my pity party. Well he came to me, because I told him I read his post. I would love for him to get his mojo back, so I told him 'go right now and RECLAIM YOUR BALLS!!" IF YOU SHOW UP NEUTERED, WE WON'T OFFER YOU A CAN OF BALLS!! (now of course I came harsh - cause I was going thru something and he toned it down for his blog,lol), but it's the truth - yea we want you to be our friend AFTER you've established that you're the man. Didn't Chris Rock, do a bit on this 'how you end up in the friend zone' in one of his comedy specials? Oh yes he did. Let US put you there - don't go there willingly damn! I want you to step to me - ego on 1000, testosterone leaking out your pours, your manliness smelling up the room - THEN as part of your overall turn me on factor - be attentive, get to know me, act interested etc. etc. All the women he knows for the most part did him a disservice, we encouraged this, someone closer to him than me, should have told him this. If all those women jocking him are not considering DOING HIM - Snip Snip cut em loose!!!!! Don't entertain but so much teasing and so much 'Aww you cool" FuckFreak all that! LOL LOL That's for Teddy Bears - you trying to meet viable women, date and maybe get you some,lol I think he got the message :)


My name is available on Yahoo - can someone hit me up and tell me what direction I could go in if I became - - thanks!

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