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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sunrise Monologue 2

Going to the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection

Well today I am flying out to Philly. Due to the lack of technological advancements at the family home (i.e. Dial Up) I will be keeping a mini-journal and probably won't be able to update the page until I get back. Thanks to EVERYONE who has embraced me as a 'newbie' in the blogging world and everyone who has given me good feedback. I'm sure you Know I'm going to have a story to tell!

Now on to Today's Chit Chatter.......

Dating in the Motherland - Lions and Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

Well as part of my trip - I'm going on safari with "Africa". It will be the first time I'm stepping foot on such virile soil. I hope that I will dress properly for the occasion, lol I'll definately be back with stories and maybe a trophy or two!

Shake Your Body Down to the Ground - A Musical Journey

I was quite surprised this morning to see I had been tagged "it" by Roslind for a Musical Chain Meme. Thanks! I feel sooooo special, lol Well seeing as I like Music and whatnot let me add my two cents to the wallet.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:

Actually NONE at this point, new computer - haven't had time to download anything :(

2. Last CD you bought was:

Two Actually - Fantasia's Free Yourself I had a bootleg copy but I played it so much it scratched, so I bought a real one to support her and burned two copies for house and car. I also picked up The Best of Kenny Lattimore I've just been digging him lately.

3. Last song listened to before reading this message?

If I were a Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

Destiny by The Jacksons - whenever confusion sets in about life path, this song calms my nerves.

You Can't Win off 'The Wiz Soundtrack' - when I was younger it was my battle cry from my bedroom! Infuriated my mother! Mission Accomplished!

He Is by Heather Headley - That of course is my man and I'm proud of him!

Yes Indeed by Teena Marie - This verse "you broke my spirit" flips my heart everytime!

Self Destruction - "I've never had to run from the Klu Klux Clan and I shouldn't have to run from a blackman" - - Need I say more?

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

Well Friends the buck stops here. The two people I did know have already looped me in, lol but just in case not sending this on is an invitation to hell or something - I'll send an email to three friends, lol

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sunset Monologue 4

Dating Far Far Away

Alot of people including myself wonder how and why I end up in situations such as the dreaded Long Distance Relationship. Hell I don't know, lol but then again maybe I do.

See it takes a 'special' kinda person to be able to enter into and maintain a long distance relationship. What started off as an exercise in maturity, has now developed into a happenstance to a certain degree. Alot of people over 30 and certainly over 35 have begun to look outside of their comfort zone for just that comfort.

Is it a desirable situation? Hell No!, but is it one that intrigues? Hell Yes!

Prior to the internet dating revolution (that's another column) the most you heard about long distance was between military couples or kids going off to college. Well nowadays; attractive, virile, desirable people are dating people anywhere from 2 hours to damn near two days away from each other.

So what is the lure? Well first of all if you are a conversationalist this relationship is for you, lol because you're about to do ALOT of talking. If you are afraid of or avoiding daily contact - this also works. However, if you are seeking a deeper level of intimacy, this also can be for you (as long as both parties are in it to win it). To have to communicate as the MAIN focus of the relationship opens up all kinds of doors and you can become addicted to that. Now it also lends itself to much fantasy, which is also addictive. The relationship ends up being a perpetual honeymoon state of mind. You meet, you honeymoon and then you part to start it all over again. It's a wonderful escape if you've been hurt and just want the good of a relationship.

It's like playing The Sims You have this figure and you can manipulate the situation to your liking. If you want Sexy Man - click button A, if you want analytical man - click button B. Moreso if you don't feel like dealing with "I had a bad day at work" Man you can click button C and erase that man.

It takes a unique individual to be in and stay in a long distance relationship because it's all a mindgame. You have to have the ability to speak to someone's mind and stimulate them on a level that keeps them 'entranced' (for lack of a better word) with you. It's the pimp game in a manner of speaking; but it doesn't have to be taken in a negative context. You have to wine, dine, stimulate, make love to a person all via mediums that call for you to give of your mind, your heart and yourself because that person is not at your disposal when you want them to be.

You can become a figment of your own imagination as well. You are witty, you are funny, you don't cry, you are not lonely, you can DO THIS! Becomes the mantra of alot of people in long distance relationships. Until it's 2:30am and you're cold and the bed beside you is cold and doubt about whats happening in the other persons bed drifts into your mind.

Slowly the distance grows farther and farther apart as the hearts become closer. The real world begins to poke it's insistent head into your fantasy life and suddenly decisions have to be made and F.E.A.R. sets in. Did he know that I snort when I sleep? Did he know that I don't clean daily but more like once a week? Did she know that I don't really exercise daily? Did she know that 'Melissa' is not really my cousin? All of these things eventually come into play and the longer the long distance is dragged out the bigger the chance it won't make it.

Are you ever really a couple? Yes you are, sometimes moreso than people who live in the same state. Can a couple move to the next level that start off as long distance? Yes they can. Has it ever happen to me? No it hasn't.

I'm no longer a fan of the long distance relationship. If I embark upon one again it needs to move swiftly in the direction of bridging the gap.

So why do I keep getting in these situations? Because the man I see everyday isn't ready to settle down, he's forever 'going thru something' - but the long distance man, gives me at that moment his undivided attention, he enjoys my company, he tells me what I want to hear, he feeds my greedy mind and becomes the consummate blackman -maybe one day he'll stop running and close the gap.

The Mike Chronicles

ABC easy as 123

Well the Jury has been chosen! They are moving ahead, quite swiftly if you ask me in the direction of the trial. My heart is starting to flutter - I wish the Brother the best.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sunset Monologue 3

My To Do List

When someone says "You have to much time on your hands" does that make you ponder "Am I not using my time wisely?" or "Do I have to much time on my hands?" Usually this statement comes after someone decides that your activity does not equate the level of importance of their activity. Time is relative to the person using it - what's wasteful to one is beneficial to another. Time is precious and can't be given back; so shouldn't your time be used for what you want to do? What about if you're using your time, but you feel empty, or rushed, or unproductive because you're a slave to the time as outlined by someone else?

My body needs all kinds of food to stay alive. It needs mental, spiritual, and physical food. I fill it up with junk all day long and the process of elimination is sometime fraught with constipation. My skin is dry and my soul is dry and it needs hydration. Writing is like a huge gulp of water for me. It replenishes my being and I starve myself of it's usefulness often, caught up in the day to day time constraints of living life.

This blog is not about giving the people what they want; it's about giving me what I need. I might not have words of wisdom on some days and my life and time may not be worth recording on others - but the quenching of this thirst I have is being met and until I find another well to drink to from - you'll be sharing this sip of water with me.

Dateless in Atlanta - play my theme music please

Sheniqua nem threw their darts guns at ole boy at work

SIGHI walked into the cafeteria and the 'hood' set at the job had him backed into a corner begging for his life, lol As big and fine as he was - he couldn't fight them broads,lol

We locked eyes and he smiled half heartly and then they turned around and burned a hole in my head with their colored contacts.

I'm stepping back into my corner and see how that unwinds. Cause what I thought was fear might just be sheer joy SIGH

Feeding my TV Addiction

Mama I can singgggggg
Well we are FINALLY at the actual competition for American Idol! There are 12 fellas and 12 gals competing to get down to the top 12 which will consist of six of each gender. Fox has discovered the cut and paste and copyrighted all their pictures, but you certainly can go over and take a look. The format will be one group on Monday, one group on Tuesday and the elimination on Wednesday; for three weeks! That's oh to much Idol and will eventually compete with other good shows coming down the pike such as America's Next Top Model.

So far the Fellas have outdone the women in my opinion. Anwar, Bo and Nikko are in it for me. On the gals side Nadia is about it, lol They better get some pep in their step!

The "dounk sound"
I am a die hard Law and Order fan and tonite in Law and Order SVU ADA Cabot is coming out of hiding! I cant' wait! Talk about to the cuff writing, lol

Prince gets his due
Prince will receive the NAACP's Vanguard Award March 19 at the 36th Annual NAACP
Image Awards in Los Angeles. The award is given to those "whose groundbreaking work increases our understanding and awareness of racial and social issues."

It has been presented only twice previously, to filmmakers Stanley Kramer and
Steven Spielberg.

The Image Awards will air March 25 on Fox.

Isn't it nice to see a black person get an award on a black show?

You give GOOD DRAG!
Diana Ross has a new signature collection from MAC. Sista has been giving good drag for YEARS and I applaud her! I own her Mahagony lipstick and Sonnyboy Lip Glass and all I got to say is: YOU BETTER WORK!!!!!!!!

I've got the sweetest hangover.....

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 3

Uncle Jessie is that you?

Last Nite I had the weirdest dream. It involved me taking my daughter and Stephanie from Full House to the dollar store! Uncle Jessie dropped her off. Now I don't watch Full House and I don't like Full House so immediately I knew that this was about my three day anxiety attack....because I'm going HOME!

Nothing is more complicated than being a parent and a child. I'm going home for four days and though Dorothy might have been clicking her heels to go home, I can think of a few places I'd rather be. Do I love my family? YES. Do I freak out about being around them? YES. by Wednesday, I'll be physically sick and then once I get in the air, it will be gone because I have to put on my game face and go do what I have to do.

It's quite funny if you ask me. I am the oldest girl of 14 kids (not all in the same location). I have given back that particular title due to stress, but it hangs over my head. I created long ago an alternate family and an alternate way that families should be - the problem is, my real family keeps bursting that bubble, lol They are an eclectic and eccentric group and I am drawn to some more than others. It's just alot of us and we are disjointed, because within my fantasy family is my real family who is living a fantasy, lol Chew on that, lol

I have guilt, I have issues, I have it all and it begins to well up the closer I get to going home, because I have to leave me at the door and while I'm outside screaming LET ME IN! The person who does come in, is a small fraction of who I am. So they begin this battle early on so that that other person can effectively beat the hell out of me and thus present what needs to be presented.

Aye yah yah............

What About Your Friends

My best gal "janet" and me - don't's a figment of our imagination as well.

I look at my friendships as spokes on a wheel. Therefore I avoid the best friend moniker because I need them all. Sometimes we add some flashy hubcaps etc. but all in all it's about me the center and my 'spokes'. My closest friend however is "Janet" and seeing as my alter ego is "Beyonce" we are a good match, lol "Janet" and I are like sistas with me being the oldest chronologically but probably the youngest mentally, lol I am stuck in a proverbial 30-32 year old cycle, lol She's my spiritual twin however because we enjoy alot of the same frivious things. I'm an escapist and I admit that - and she is a willing partner on my trips, lol. We assigned our alter ego's almost a year ago and adhere to the rules and regulations of being someone other than ourselves. "Janet" was out touring this weekend and so we didn't speak, but now that she's home. There is so much that has gone on in celebritydom and TV land that I must update her on, we have been yakkin non-stop.

Later on I will introduce you maybe to some of my other friends, but "Janet" and I you will probably see on the regular.

The Mike Chronicles

You are Not Alone

Today BET will be showcasing Mike from 1:30-8pm ending with that movie (and I use the term loosely) "The Jacksons an American......" I can never remember the name. I have my VCR primed and ready to go, because my daughter has never seen thriller and I wouldn't be an astute parent if I didn't introduce her to that, lol

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Moonlite Monologue 1

Attraction: The force by which one object attracts another

Dateless in Atlanta

My personality dictates a certain level of KAPOW! and I seek that out oftentimes to my detriment. It supercedes alot of other traits a person might be bringing to the table. I like brothas who can make my tingle from the end of my hair to the tip of my toenails. I like to feel the electricty crackling around me; making me woozy with anticipation for whatever is coming down the pike. I create so much of my own heat and energy - a man has to come with alot to overtake my natural essence. I create my own aura - so sometimes I forget to check and make sure the man has one, lol "Italy" has that. Talking to him is like going on a rollercoaster ride...standing up! I come off that ride shaken but not stirred, lol The laughter is loud, the conversation jovial, the appeal overwelming and the attraction bombastic! I pony on up and drink long and deep from his well often and when we are in person....all the lights short out in my house, lol Surprisingly..I see nor have a desire for anything real which is interesting for me. I don't see it but I want to partake of the bounty until I run into that which I want to develop something more.

All people have that certain 'something' that they desire and mine is such a fine mix and at the same time so over the top - I can't quite describe it and I run into it not that often - but I know what it is. I'm still very much discovering what makes me tick and now that I've learned how to relax, the journey is alot less fraught with strife. I am floating now on my back in some beautiful green water, looking up at a brillant sky in my love life and it has allowed me to tan quite beautifully.

I like that thing called attraction.

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Sunshine Monologue 2

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Hmmmm after eating wayyy to many cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury be damned!) I am in a semi-diabetic coma state and loving it,lol I've already been out the house to the store and let me ask you? Why do alot of the stores situated in the black community not even address the needs of the community? I mean if another community is populated by Jewish people - then you best bet there is a "kosher' section in that store - but why do our stores look like a trip down kill me now lane?! There was nothing for the carb conscious, the diabetic, the non-pork eater and I could go on and on. All of our meats are packaged by the TON, and instead of removing meat close to expiration - they smack another label on it and put it on clearance - who the hell wants clearance meat?! Just a shame in 2005!

Love....Exciting and New

Africa and I spoke this morning and I have to say he's starting to permeate my mindspace. Africa is uncharted territory for me and I think that's becoming part of the appeal. The Gemini in me sees something I haven't done before and that intrigues me. Africa represents the motherland to me and maybe it's time for me to 'go home', lol

Feeding my TV Addiction

Sunday Mornings I try to catch up with this new breed of reality on VH-1; the celebreality. They have rolled out a trio of star oriented shows that capture your attention if for no other reason than it's just so bizarre, lol. Strange Love starring Flava Fav and Bridgette Nielson takes the cake. She attends a Public Enemy show with them and basically looks like a damn fool! I am so intrigued by the whole absurdity of it. Talk about steppin out your comfort zone, lol

I peeped into Real World (I think it's been on to long if you ask me) and Karamo is still working that same nerve he was working the LAST time I checked in. He got more excuses than a man on death row!! His sexuality is not the issue - it's his inability to seamlessly combine his color and his orientation that worries me. Stop straddling the fence! Stop playing games with your own self. Damn man!

My Baby Daddy of the Week

Loon Loon Loon = Yummy Yummy Yummy

Journaling Question of the Day

Are you lovable? If so, why?

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sunset Monologue 2

Yes Yes Ya'll...To the Beat Ya'll

I Used to Love Her

Today I got to thinking about Hip Hop and when I met 'her' and if she's had any influence on me. I grew up in Atlanta in a world that was black - I rarely interacted with the rest of the world. Black hoods, black people, black schools. Uptopia in a manner of speaking. I have memories of 'her' in passing - we met but it was nothing that made me want to meet 'her' again. The Sugar Hill Gang was catchy but it was seen more as this quirky 'song' that came from some place called New York. At least to my friends. My girlfriends and I couldn't figure out why? NOBODY was cute! She was that girl that stood on the wall and maybe one person asked her to dance..but Mike, Prince, El Debarge were the frivolities of choice.

Then I met my math teacher. He was from 'up north' as we liked to say and one day while we were acting a plum fool - he brought out a cassette player and popped in this tape and "She" came out sat down in front of the class and commanded our attention - 'she' had brought Grand Master Flash and they were telling us they were 'close to the edge'. We looked around at our trees and grass and southern charm and were blown away. Where is this place of urban decay and what is this form of talk/singing? 'She' had passed out party favors and alot of us kept them on our dresser - in sight but not touched.

I moved to Philadelphia and when I stepped out the car and my $10.00 sneakers hit that concrete I was....appalled. So this is urban squalor. Where are the trees, what is this 'accent', how come the homes are...connected?! I just couldn't get it. Then one day up in my older brothers room (and excuse if my chronological order is out of wack) he pulled out an LP and these three guys were on the front with these funny hats and huge glasses. He told us this was RUN DMC and listen to this. When he put the needle to that piece of plastic - 'She' was Carrie at the prom! We sat mesmerized by this music...but unlike Carrie 'she' won prom queen and went on to graduate w/honors.

So many memories of the beginning of the commercialization of rap. We were like the stepford kids - this music was making us act strange, we were moving with jerky movements and the music replaced our former passtime..the television. The first time we heard "Eric B for president" and then.....Public Enemy. We would sit in my brothers little car and I mean little; 2 doors put 5-6 of us in that car as he blasted this music and our heads bobbed in unison. For a voracious reader like myself - this was prose put to music and I could get with that. Hours and Hours on end we were instrumental in making Def Jam rich.

I moved to New York in 1989 - so I lived in the mecca and took part in the pilgrimage! My husband grew up in New York and used to be part of the Wrecking Crew a very popular breakdancin group. "She" had introduced me to her friends :) 'her' consciousness was mind boggling - KRS ONE etc. taught and preached and made us be so proud to be black...Ralph McDaniel became my second cousin, lol and slowly some 'cuteness' began to emerge as well as a reshaping of my personal choice landscape in the form of Big Daddy Kane...oooo la la.

Then one day - a shot rang out from far away..a place called Compton...there were black people in California?! It was intoxicating..mesmerizing...and addictive. Our cousin who we didn't speak about had come home and he was UPSET! Your psyche didn't want to embrace the violence, but it did and in doing so...we slowly self imploded.

Throughout the years 'she' has planted herself firmly in my life. The Chronic, Parents Just Don't Understand Doggie Style Hammer Don't Hurt Em - all parties I have joined in with 'her'.

At 38 however, she has alienated me for the most part. She's now naked, hungry and out of doors. She has lost her own respect and whored out so many of her bretheren. She sits at the grown folks table but the grown folks don't really respect her..anymore. We want to see her cousins from back in the day - sit back, play a little spades and remember when.....

It Takes a Nation of Millions!

Love....Exciting and New

Well my earelationships are going fine. I've dubbed them Italy and Africa based on personality (and not color cause I don't do the swirl they are 100% Grade A Black. 'Italy' has informed me that he might be moving to Japan and so now I will need more minutes on my international calling card. I am fine with that though because 'Italy' is worth the minutes, lol

Feeding my TV Addiction

Hmmm 9 days left in Black History Month and BET or as I like to call them Bubba, Eddie and Tyrone has YET to pump out ONE QUALITY BLACK HISTORY MOMENT of programming!!!! They are such a disappointment! VH-1 has had a couple of nice moments and their 'Blacks in the 80's' was great. Some may say Viacom owns them both so it doesn't matter who says it but that it's said, but I disagree. BET has (whether it wants it or not) some culpability to our youth at minimum so the messenger should sometimes look like them. On Monday, they are supporting Michael Jackson (and I have my VCR tape ready, lol)and on Valentines Day they pulled out a funny look at love and relationships from a male point of view - but they fall short consistently on quality programming.

TV One also kinda fell short. I like the channel but they are in re-run hell. They have been showing some great old movies though. I want them to roll out yet some more original programming as well as some news Bring Generations back, lol I'm still waiting on another attempt at a Black Soap Opera.

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Sunshine Monologue 1

Is it wrong to never get our your PJ's

Hmmm, Saturday Afternoon is upon us. Comcast apparently was sleeping in because I'm just being able to get on tap! Puttering around the house might make some people stircrazy but not up in here. We quite enjoy just lounging around. putter putter do something, putter putter do something else. Toss in some cleaning and it's a productive day!

Musicology - what's making my head bop

I had been on a search for the first CD by Kenny Lattimore (thanks My initial copy was somehow liberated from it's brothers and sistas in my CD case long ago. I have been jammin this bad boy all week! My favorites: Never to Busy, Joy and For You . He's married to another wonderful first CD artist Chante Moore and they came out with a CD of love duets that was okay. I wish he would come out with something new and soon.

Kenny Lattimore - 1996

Journaling Question of the Day

Are you holding yourself back from happiness? Why?

Isms - or what happens when I think to much

If we name the computer and put a leash on it, will it become a 'pet' since we play with it so much?

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Friday, February 18, 2005

A Picture Perfect Meal

Proof positive that there are sistas cooking!

A Good Meal!

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Sunset Monologue 1

It's Friday Nite.....SO WHAT?!

Well it's Friday Nite and I'm already in my PJ's. I totally forgot my best friend is away with her family - so this DEFINATELY is going to be an "I didn't leave the house" weekend! I have these more than I care to admit - luckily I (1) like my house and (2) like myself - or I would be well on my way to being an Alcoholic. Speaking of, for some strange reason I'm enamoured with Boonesfarm Wine and I have a bottle of Sangria chilling as we speak. The Highlight of my evening: Breaking out the "Wing It" which we have renamed "The Wing Daddy" and making me and my daughter two 10's okay you can laugh!

Dateless in Atlanta

I am an internet dating junkie
I can admit "My name is and I'm an internet dating junkie". I have been dating off the net for YEARS. Where else can you sit in your PJ's exercise your gift of gab and pre-screen an individual without ever laying eyes on them? I have had some great relationships and some ones from hell via the internet - I recommend it to anybody. Now at the beginning of the year, I decided to step outside my 'comfort zone' and lo and behold - get off the net. After a series of just wack brothas, I wanted to try my hand at old fashion dating...Well what am I now engaged in? phone dating. You heard me right - my ear is having full fledged relationships with two brothas, who both might as well live in Europe if you me, lol

My Eargasms
Big Boi - has NOTHING on me when it comes to 'eargasms' my ear is one of the most popular ones around. It might even be considered a hoe of sorts. My ear has had the best relationships, the best sex, the best fights, the best of everything. My ear feeds off the rhymthic words of brothas I cannot see - but yet - intrigue me and seduce the ear with words. To quote Destiny's Child quite popular song "Oooh he looking good and he talkin right....."

My ear has been on the best dates - speaking to my minds eye and transporting me to uptopias I can only dream of with men who are very willing to take me theory.

I have to figure out how to connect my ear, my brain and my sight on an IN PERSON Brotha!

Until then I have......

The Brotha I'm scoping at work
I met several months ago at the job. I took one look at him back then and my candle was L-I-T! Damn this Brother got it GOING ON!! and the first thing I picked up, without any contact was his NY vibe. So I was ON IT!!

Sometimes you have things going on in your head that never make it out, but on that particular day - I was mesmerized and feeling bold - so I aligned myself in his area when he sat down to eat and then introduced myself etc. and he invited me to sit and eat with him. I was correct on all of my preliminary assumptions, lol he was from Brooklyn, single, afrocentric vibe, NICE!! Tall, fine, Timberland wearing, IT working, moustache having, NY accent speaking FINENESSSSSSSSSS!!

We saw each other a couple more times, but he is a contract worker and his time came to an end and I just never saw him.

Now two months later - here he is. I saunter (yes I said saunter) on up and I DEFINATELY LIKED the look in his eyes when he saw me. He was like "Hey sexy - I'm glad to see you" and he hugged me and everything and I'm like "stripping me naked right now isn't an option huh?" (ok, this was in my mind,lol)

I now must make up a plan of operandi - cause these vultures are thick up in this piece and I wanna see if anything can jump off between us, lol lol

The Mike Chronicles

Mike at his Maturity in my mindseye

Well I feel like I am in mourning or something. All of my 'fantasies' and my carefully crafted world of the Michael Jackson I know has been shattered! I have not been able to go to my happy place w/o this horrible stuff invading my psyche! I want my happy place back!

If I had of known my 100 letters asking him to marry me would have ended up like this - I would have sacraficed my own happiness!

Feeding my TV Addiction

Well Friday Nite is not an exceptionally good TV nite. I'm still reeling over Survivors Jolanda's big mistake. My DVR is set to record last nites Apprentice because I was watching something else and missed it. Tonite I will watch A Sharks Tale with my daughter and then probably some mindless TV until I crash out eventually.

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Sunrise Monologue 1

I need some sleep!

Have you ever went to sleep with the perception that you were deep deep sleep only to realize you were not? That was me last nite. I went down about midnight and mand did I fall HARD - then I was jolted awake for some reason as if I had overslept. I looked crazily at the clock, with my mind scrambling, it's morning already! - only to discover that it was one hour later. Well sleep shot to hell! because now my body was anticipating me oversleeping. What is up with that?!

I am coming up off the flu so I still have not gotten back my 'taste' (which isn't necessarily a bad thing Laugh. I have an appetite but everything taste like shoe leather so I'll stick to oatmeal for now.

Well today is Friday! Only a few short hours before we officially begin a three day weekend. Not gonna lie, Presidents Day has no significant value to me, even if it is the premiere day to buy furniture (smirk).

We have been goign thru three to four seasons in one day, so to dress 'appropriately' is a joke! That's why we are all sick! This weather is doing a number on us.

I'm coming off of an out of office meeting, so I'm SURE this morning will entail me scooping things out my chair in order to sit down.

I hope my Avon came today because my face feels well - naked without my products, lol

Journaling Question of the Day

Are you utilizing all of your personal stregths?

Isms - or what happens when I think to much

If Love is Blind - why do brothers and sistas spend so much time 'seeing' fault?

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Welcome to my World

This blogging has intrigued me for a couple of weeks now and so I decided to join the fray. I'll be working on making this a happenin spot so bear with me!

Love....Exciting and New

This section will be all about being Single in the A-T-L. Get ready for lots of jokes!

The Mike Chronicles

Mike Posted by Hello

Let me start off by saying, I have been a Mike J. fan for YEARS! Since I was 5! Mike has been involved in every emotional event that has ever happen in my life and I still use his music to calm my nerves. This section will be devoted to me just ranting and raving, as if I have no logical means of understanding that he is in BIG TROUBLE!

Feeding my TV Addiction

Well Survivor came on tonite! 8pm estCBS

Jolanda the Sista has already been KICKED OFF! Why would she start trying to give orders before their sneakers even dried from the trip to the island?! I just don't get it!

Jolanda Posted by Hello

Martin Bashir has decided apparently to make his life work be about Michael Jackson. This evening on Primetime Live he has yet another documentary about Michael. I'm sure that Mike is now officially convinced that he can't trust anyone!

My Baby Daddy of the Week

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Journaling Question of the Day

Exactly WHO ARE YOU? and what is YOUR PLACE in this world?

Isms - or what happens when I think to much

If Love is Blind - why do brothers and sistas spend so much time 'seeing' fault?

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