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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sunset Monologue 50

Plicious does the BET Awards

How fitting my 50th sunset monologue be about one of my favorite topics award shows. I am known far and wide as the person to call to get commentary both scathing and funny about award shows. Tonite has been no exception! One of my cordless phones has died and another is on the way out from the calls. It gets to a point where someone will call and just be silent - because I haven't said the word of the day, lol

So in keeping with that tradition, let me give my two cents worth on tonites BET AWARDS show (in no particular order) - hold on to your seats, lol

Tootie, I mean Lauryn and Wyklef with Pras opened the show and I began having flashbacks of Whitney at one of the award shows and the feeling of great pain came over me then and now as I watched someone with so much potential sound like she had been swallowing razor blades - yea yea I know she was 'overzealous' at rehersal - what by singing? I hope she can drink some tea, suck on some lemon and come on back!

Will and Jada looking Hellaciously Fine came on out, overall, they have not been the absolute best hosts but, I am so enthralled with black love who cares?

Mary J. looked GREAT!! Love and Sobriety will do that to yah. Hair color fierce w/ her skin tone. Now, though I liked them if only she would have offered....

Alicia Keys her pants and traded! What the hell? Alicia needs a stylist, I would even go with Tina Knowles, cause she keep wearing things that are unbecoming and then I'd pass the business card to....

Fantasia - Honey first of all it's June all over the world - boots are packed up by everyone except strippers, lol

Look at my baby Omarion (my young short fantasy) - see what happens when you so close to the ground - you just dance like ice

Faith is an example of how tat's are just not cute on a female when you get over 30 - first off she's lost and gained weight enough times that the roses have wilted and bloomed and wilted again and spliting that bow Lauryn was wearing from that dress she was wearing - not a good move!

Toni looked good, but sweetie, we like you - it's okay to not have to show skin to get recognition.

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle - alrightyyy now! Terrance Howard is definately in my hall of fame and Michelle should have worn a condom dress messin round with Magic. Terrance's and that stare of seduction - whew lawd!

I hope that now African Americans can feel satisfied that Denzel is giving something back - maybe it will start a trend...

Jumping off Steve - standing ovation to all the suit wearing brothas!! YUMMY!

Because I like Ciara, I liked her performance - however, she was slightly oversteppin her bounds (know your place) gushing at Missy - UM Aliyyah is Number One!

Missy gets MAD PROPS and I want one of the suits - Mike on all the sweatsuits YES YES YES

All the actual hosts of BET were WACK!!!

The show was actually ova with Gladys Knight, they just kept going, lol. I have a list of the most beautiful black women in the world and for years my top two have been 2. Ce Ce Winans and 1. Gladys! Just beautiful and sounded GOOD!! All the lip syncers and studio musicians can exit stage LEFT!

The duet between Stevie and John Legend was great - though I wish John would have given my four year old nephew back his suit!

And that was a Rick James Memorial....BITCHES!

AND FINALLY - My Alter Ego Mariah - Man I was NOT representing like I wanted to be!! I was so soft and low key. I did get them to change the stage into my own paradise but then again isn't that something I should have?

If I didn't mention a performance it's not because I didn't see it or whatever; just wasn't worthy enough for my commentary,lol

All in all I give the show a B+; there were no jaw droppers for me this year like a Mike appearance (waving at TITO)- and after my disappointed that the opening history making appearance wasn't Tupac....

The announcement of the WOMAN as the new CEO of BET, made me make a note to look at BET this fall. Maybe, just maybe if she isn't totally brainwashed by Bob, she can look out of an eye that will tone down the bootyshaking - - I'll keep my fingers crossed.

This was a great lead-in to Thursday Nite when (1) BET will play all five chapters of "In The Closet" by R. Kelly and then we go over to Bravo and tune into "Being Bobby Brown" for it to be summer - this is a bomb ass television week!

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunset Monologue 49

And You Think Men Are Not Needed

Grandma what do men do?

Something surprising has developed in the short time that miss lady has been up the way - she's having difficulty relating to and taking instruction from the MEN in my family.

She's not around any for any real length of time and has taken most of her instruction from women notably me.

So for instance, my step dad came downstairs to get something in jeans and no shirt and my daughter was just unnerved. My poor baby has really had no experience with the male form - Lord have mercy!

As well as if she's at her Uncle and he tells her to do something - she's just slow moving because it is a different tone etc. - she's reading things into it that are not necessary because it's a foreign voice to her and she doesn't have a male in an authorative role over her.

Now on one hand, I'm glad her story is not that she's had a revolving door of men in her life - but I am having 'feelings' about what she may be missing out.

She asking questions of my mom about the role of a male and what do they do around the house etc. and that's a good thing - shit I can't get it right to expose her!!

To me, just another example of how MALES are VERY important.

If the world wasn't so fucking corrupt I'd get her a big brother, maybe I will investigate it - she's at a pivitol time in her life where the shaping of her view of men is being developed - I don't want it to be wasted on my single no man around ass! That was not my intent for my daughter.

I'm glad she's up there and I'm glad for family (even if they work my nerves) it takes a village and since my hut is empty - I have to get to one that isn't.

So adding that on top of my current fustration, calls for a drink! Brothas - if you have a child or know a child - reach out to that child. Take in the widows and the Orphans - we need you!

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Sunshine Monologue 14

A Whole Bunch of Solitude

The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and....Me

Well due to an unexpected death in 'Janets' family - the Janet Mariah Summer Road Tour had to be cancelled! But because part of this trip was going to take place REGARDLESS.....

Mini-Me flew out of here Thursday Morning! So for 72 hours, I have been flying solo - a true single person and already as I sit here in this dismal quiet with the TV and the Mediaplay going so that the white noise is in effect - I wonder - why would anyone want to be alone? I can see a couple of blog entries brewing on this 'alone' thing, lol lol but until I really get to that point - I've been keeping myself busy!

How Could I Have Forgotten?!,

As part of my continuing effort to do something for myself; I made sure immediately that I got my hair done (to which my surprise the chemicals I put in it, turned the color once again! I like this one and I hope that this is it - I have been three different colors not by my own hand and I'm ready to get to one and stick with it - my gemini nature is becoming evident, lol) and then I went next door and got my first professional manicure and pedicure in about 4 years (I know right!) Now I have always kept my hands and feet together. I am one of the women who can grow nice strong long natural nails, so I've enjoyed doing them myself as well as a pedicure. I usually send mini-me to get her nails and feet done, lol But today it was about me. Man oh man! How could I have forgotten how nice that was! All the massages and a dip in the wax bath etc. etc. etc. (I got my feet and hands done by the owner, a male so I was getting a nice strong masculine feeling). I quite enjoyed getting all that attention! I was grinning from ear to ear. I might not be able to do it all the time but once a month (cause that sucker costs $32) - but I am going to officially add this to my personal upkeep.

Childless in Atlanta

A new feature I'll be poppin in from time to time to chronical this short portion of my life - my child being gone. When I left the airport, I had all this jittery feeling coursing thru me. It's not like she's going to be gone for a week she won't be back until August 4th and we are still in JUNE!

First on my agenda was to clean up the house and I felt funny closing her door, where for the most part it will remain close until I go in and clean it and get it ready for her return or if I need something. I have been in there a couple of times, just to feel her essence.

Then it was immediately, what now? All my friends know about my 'freedom' but it takes a minute for it to sink in. I was quite enjoying just kinda moseying around town. Go to the mall, noone is beggin; go to the movies, see what I wanna see. Get up right now and just get dressed and leave the house, lol I think that right now I am feeling more of the 'freedom' as opposed to the activity level. That will come.

I know it was funny to run to the grocery store and spend like $40, lol. My appetite has immediately decreased, so this will be a plus all the way around. It's also a time to try food that mini-me balks at.

By the way, I haven't spoken to Mini-me but once since she's been gone - huzzy ain't even called her momma!

Dateless in Atlanta

Now here comes a part of my new found freedom that is going to PISS ME THE FUCK OFF! At the completion of the my internet dating - Phase One. There is a calm before Phase Two begins and that's 'the fallout', who have I spoken to wants to still keep in touch, possibly meet, possibly more. I went on two dates this weekend Yep I did. One, I'm still smarting from the ramifications of that, amazed that I let myself get caught up in my own head as opposed to reality and then when the reality presented itself - I immediately feel back into my comfort zone and left a hurt heart in the wake. I feel very bad, but that's part of life - I've been on the receiving end..more times than I care to mention. Second date was spontaneous, nice, comfortable and the pilot light was lit I believe....we'll see.

Now, up front, I'm not about to begin the dating as many men as possible - you can keep that shit! I still want continuity with one brotha - I have this whole place to myself - NOW is the time to fall into something that can be about movies, popcorn, maybe a home cooked meal - maybe coming to said man's home, movies maybe hanging out etc. etc.

What is going to be funny and this has already happen is the "I got four of your name in my cell phone and so I'm calling to find out who are you?" Gotta laugh at that one! LOL LOL

An Update on some old friends

When I firt started blogging, I introduced you all to a couple of Brothas with colorful names etc. etc. Let me give you a quick update.

Italy - has moved 5 hours in the other direction. Still a good friend of mines, would be the perfect 'fall back' brotha if he were closer - we still have our memories however..

Mobetta - After our nasty split,I needed time to cool off. Now my sorrow has kicked in somewhat. Why did our relationship have to ultimately end that way? Why would he purposely run me away and in such an ugly manner? Why do I even care? Tsk Tsk Tsk..I wrote him a short email - he won't answer, but I whenever I have my jones for him, I act on it; and then go back to my regularily scheduled programming.

Africa - I need to call him. We talk like once a month and talking to him picks up right where our last conversation ended - you changed my life. Glad I could be of some assistance.

milkman - I had an article of his clothing and he Im'ed me for it's return. I returned it, he indicated he received it - - moving on.

So that's it - where these brothas are in my life. I do think that we all as we move around this earth fill up our atmosphere and our outer spaces with stars, meteors, dead planets etc. It's what makes us...US. I have alot of stars, little flickering lights all around me representing people etc. I have known, however brief that either appear sometimes as guiding lights or flicker to alert me to it's negative energy. As an earth, I am out here spinning spinning reaching out to the Sun, hoping that it will appear and make the grass grow, the flowers bloom, the trees reach for it's unending warmth...My sun is out there, but I am grateful for the stars - I am.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunset Monologue 49

Summer Swim Memories

The Community Pool

Sitting under the wooden trellis, watching mini-me swim, brought back such fond memories of my swimming days. I will get in the water now, but not with the whismical abandonment of yesteryear.

There are two timeframes that I remember when it comes to swimming and they are age ranges -

Ages 7-12: This was the time when it was all about a cross between fear and excitment about getting in the water. I can remember walking the blocks with my brother and friends to Mosley Park on our quest to cool off. We crossed MLK Jr. Drive (You know that's the indentifying street in the hood) and ran all the way to the pool. It was teeming with black wet bodies of all ages and we couldn't wait to get in there! It was all about getting in slowly and letting the water wet you in stages. You then just kinda drifted around among the crowd looking for a space to belong. I can remember the jumping contest, the stand on your head contests and the whistles of the lifeguards CONSTANTLy blowing because we were always in violation of some 'pool rule' that was written and faded on a broken sign over on the fence, lol No Roughhousing, No Running, No Floats blah blah blah - who's reading. Since I started wearing glasses at nine - my entire swim career has also been BLIND!! I used to wear my glasses in the pool - bump that! but usually I would have to take them off and put them in the locker and thus most of the scenery I MISSED, lol

We would swim for hours until the final whistle blowed and a throng of sun and water dusty young negroes would pick up whatever towel was nearest, even if it wasn't yours and head on home.

For some of us there was another rite of childhood the "we going to so and so's house who lives in an apartment so you can swim" now that was the joint! While your parents sat around you acted a plum fool in the apartment pool, lol It was always too deep and I would cling on to the side but there you could have floats and balls and whatnot so great games of water tag etc. went on. You would get bold and slide over to splas yo momma who then said if you did it again she was gonna beat your ass and then everyone would fall out laughing Ahhh the joys of childhood, then came...

Ages 12-15: The age of discovery. This is when swimming took on a whole new meaning. You would 'prep' to go to the pool and by this time I was living in an apartment so it was a day in advance before I set foot on that concrete for the first swim of the summer. This was the country club. Moms was like NO BIKINI's so you searched the Zayre's for the very best swimsuit - one that accentuated your budding figure. Then it was all about a real beach towel and flip flops to match, lol As everyone gathered at the pool - somethings had changed, the boy who used to dunk you unmercifully in the pool, now all of a sudden had definition to his chest and his little arm muscles had started budding and as we all jumped in the pool - do I remember the water sizzling? The games became contact sports and you wanted to ride a boys back, have him carry you, pick you up - just touch you with that wet budding body of his, lol Laying on the floats hoping he would turn you over so you can come up out the water and make your 32-34 a's or b's (hey back in the day we didnt' have as many chemicals so our breasts were NORMAL size, lol) jump ever so slightly in your bathing suite, praying you had some kinda cleavage. You learned how to lean back in the water wetting your hair and slicking it back. It was all about look at me, see me, hey do you see me, lol lol Is this a pool or a jacuzzi cause the water is bubbling. The girls would all lean on the side of the pool watching the boys walk by trying to look up their swim shorts cause there was always one boy who made sure his dick was OUT OF THE SWIMTRUNK NETTING for all to see, lol lol

No parents ever came to the pool during teenage time, lol lol So we would do all kinds of crazy stuff from putting all the deck chairs in the pool and sitting on them to bringing umbrellas for shade and one time even so we could swim in the rain (why we are not dead, I have no idea, lol) We would bring UNO cards and sit and play and talk and listen to music no someone's busted radio. It was all about fun and sun and no was all about Swim Time In The Summer.

Out of all that fun, however, I never learned how to swim! I do a mean doggy paddle and I can do the dead man float and when I was really showing out I would do an overhand stroke underwater, but otherwise I can't swim a lick, lol Go Figure!

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Sunshine Monologue 13


"Father and Son" by Lauri Cooper
For all the times you sat outside your child's mothers house because you can't see your kids.....

For all the times you took your last dollar, because she said she needed it...

For all the times you wonder where your child support went because you son doesn't have a haircut and is wearing old jeans when you pick him up

For all the times you've heard on the street you are a no good dirty trifling sperm donor....

For all the times you've stood in the court system trying to prove you do take care of your child....

For all the tears you've shed......

I want to say Happy Father's Day to THAT Father!

I also want to acknowledge all the stories of the love, admiration and protection you bestow upon your children and your families fly in the face of the picture of the Black Father and make me proud!

Taking a moment to recognize my daddy who has been deceased for 19 years now and is missed as if it were yesterday!! We are doing alright Daddy! We are doing alright!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 12

The Fat Lady Sang!

Yes It's OVA!!!

And that bitch tore it up and had two standing ovations and three encores!!!

Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

Now I had set a time limit for myself doing the on-line dating thing, because I wasn't going to (1) tie my life up and (2) start 'feeling' something about it - well I have cut that shit short!

This morning at 10:30am I called a 46 year old man after he sent me three different emails with his phone number. We had some conversation though brief, so I was like okay I'll call, no harm in that - well (and I counted) he spent the first 15 minutes BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT ATLANTA WOMEN! Our conversation lasted 25 minutes. At this point it dawned on me....the playing field is even and a 46 year old man projecting his past hurts on me is just to much, I can't do it! I effectively ended my on-line dating experience for Summer 2005

The Playing Field is Even

There is a lie out here among the jet set that women have all these issues and that WE have taken the dating game down several notches. Well I am a firm believer that a man can rise no higher than his woman because we are the teachers and the trendsetters of civilization and yes we have lowered ourself to scrape the bottom of the bucked but guess what - Our Man Has Finally Joined Us! HELLO! Glad to see you could make it to the "Issues Ball" Get you a drink, cop a squat and let me know what's on your mind.....

There is a natural magnetism among male and female species that has to be there to keep us here on the planet, if we are not attracted to one another then we can't procreate thus the elimination of the earth long before Tom Cruises come out with "War of the Worlds", but apparently there has been a Metro PCS caliber interception (Atl folks know what this joke is about) and we have a BAD CONNECTION!! and more importantly alot of men have been reduced to the very thing they accuse us with.....B-A-G-G-A-G-E!! Ok, alot of sistas have decided that a dick and a paycheck is more to their liking than a man, a heart, a soul, a feeling; however the condemnation of all women is unnecessary. We all stand on our own feet, responsible for our own choices and issues and preferences. If we shut ourselves out the running so be it, but the whining from grown men has got to stop!!

I Had Such High Hopes

Now in my previous dealings, I came with baggage as well as such a strict list of preferences - God had to tap me on the shoulder and say "Um you might wanna put away the Febreze and smell yourself - you ain't perfect honey" So on my life journey, I started taking a good long look at my perception of what I wanted versus what I might need. I've spoken about it the whole Swell vs Swole thing etc. etc. So when I decided to pop back into the scene, I felt I came in more about the brotha who is good for me moreso than the one who looks good to me. It wasn't about Tall, Dark and Handsome but what was going on in the mind and spirit and interest from that angle. I spoke to just about everyone, had some good conversation and was quite cordial in relaying if I were interested or not. I can walk away with my karma intact as far as I'm concerned.

However, this time around - I ran into 'the gatherer' that's the label I've given the man who just wants to 'gather' as many prospective females as possible only to decide none of them are as good as the one that might be around the corner. That is fustrating. Yes in a dating arena, keep your options open - that's why you date but the 'internet hit and run' is LAME, lol lol That's when you get approached quite aggressively, there's conversation, number exchange and a vibe that the person is really checking for you - - then......NADA!! What's that about? Sure you talk on the phone and you know if a person is really interested as well as someone you would like to get to know better, but if it's a positive why not pursue it? What's wrong with calling that person back? What's wrong with following up? What's wrong with actually writing the number down and remembering it? what's wrong with seeing that person online and when they speak, you speak? What's WRONG?!


Here's how it works: notice a persons profile, shoot them a note or contact them for a chat, either email or chat for awhile, agree to exchange numbers, call within 24 hours while the memory is fresh, ascertain if that person is worth speaking to again, put the number in your celly so that you know who it is, WAITING GAME!

I had to adjust my personal mantra's and become more aggressive. Nothing wrong with being assertive or you will get left as the last one picked in the kickball game of life. If you see a man who's profile or whatever intrigues you speak. Now you risk the chance of being ignored but half the time, you get a response and usually you spark up good conversation. I KNOW how to relay myself on paper - my personality shines thru, believe you me. So then comes the number exchange. I don't mind giving out my number, but I'm from a certain school of thought:

  • A LADY doesn't spread her number around like it's pasted on the bathroom wall

  • A LADY doesn't chase

  • A LADY doesn't wave pick me pick me signs as if she's desperate

  • A LADY sets up the scene to let a man know she's interested

  • A LADY doesn't push herself on a man

So if I accept a number, which is the new thing, a man will give you his cell phone number and not ask for your number. I try to call while he can still remember who I am. However, if I call and get your voicemail - then I will leave my information and let it lie. I'm not going to continuously call you, hoping you pick up the phone, fuck all that! Why did you tell me to call and then dont' pick up the phone. Now if we do talk, I immediately see if you're lively, if we are laughing early or what not. Sometimes its an inopportune time, and it will be can you call me back or whatever. Sure I'll call you back and if I get a message, I'll leave one and again, let it marinate.

If I give you my number and you wait two weeks to call me, you might not get the witty person you met online two weeks ago. You have to make your presence known. A couple of day is cool, but come on! If the conversation is boring, whiny, or you are distant - then that might be an indication that it ain't poppin. I can understand a brothas penchant for not being able to type, but inability to converse is an issue! I'm lively, I like to laugh, talk about pop culture, what's happening, your experiences on the dating site, trying to see where your head is at.

Now there is also a type that just won't get off the dating site. They ask and ask for your number and what not but won't call but surely will stop by and say hello on line, lol lol lol whateva! You're either interested or you're not. whew I tell yah!

What I know

Is that after awhile when dating on-line, even the strongest personality and most secure person can let it start getting to them. You put your best foot forward and basically get doors slammed in your face, get game ran on you, hit left and right with lies, moral issues abound, your own issues take a ring side seat and fight constantly with you, and eventually you either have to walk away or give into it and thus begins the 'internet spiral into hell', lol. I've seen it happen - a brotha I delt with used to have this great page, articulate blah blah blah, I saw him go from that to changing his screen name to the length of his dick and basically cussing all women out and just becoming someone I didn't know or want to know and I told him about himself, can't let this shit get to you. It's suppose to be IN ADDITION to you living your everydaylife not YOUR LIFE.

Soooo for me.....

  • When I started 'fretting' about it, it's time to go!
  • Because I'm tired of introducing myself as XYZ (insert screenname) from ABC (insert dating site) - when my name is PAM; it's time to go!
  • When it's not fun anymore, it's time to go!
  • When you see the same people all the time and begin wondering how can they come on after our great conversation and not speak, it's time to go!
  • when I start having 'feelings' about a dating site, it's time to go!

So in the words of Teddy Pendergrass: "Think I better let it go! Looks like another love TKO"

I had no intention of letting that stuff consume me, or prevent me from having a good summer. I'll be out and about and enjoying myself. Now with my absence, the true intentions of people will come out anyway. You can't see that if you are always in the place - it's about when you're gone if you're missed, if your conversation is thought about etc. etc. and that goes for men and women - men need to back the fuck up off that site - honey women are EVERYWHERE - if you feeling a few focus on them and stop trying to go on overload, lol lol.

So I'm thru, it's been real. I feel good about it. I feel good about what I took away from it and the progress I've made about self - I feel ready to get out here this summer and possibily date and mingle and approach men and see what's up. Isn't that what it's about?

The Irony of it all

Of course there is some irony, I'll give the second one first and then the kicker, lol

Second - most of the most interested, up front and vibilicious (new word) conversation happen between me and the NY and Cali Brothas. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....ATL!

First - Out of all the winks, flirts, chats, blah blah blah - who has expressed the most interest and who have I forged a great budding friendship with.....The 37 year old, living two hours away, Mason Attending, Card Carrying, Church Going, Jr. Choir Leading, want a child Brotha!!!!!! LOL LOL. Was I trying to be running up and down a highway? Did I not want someone that was right here at my beck and call? Was I trying to complicate my life in any form or fashion? HELL TO THE NAW, but life has no rhyme and reason and the best laid plans of mice, men, lol lol

My options are open, I'm not jumping out any pans into any fire - - but if you see me and the Hyundai racing up and down 75 waving at all the too slow you blow here in ATLANTA. I'll just take it as it comes...I'll just take it as it comes!!!

Summer Here I Come!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sunset Monologue 48


I wanted to give a more complete list of what Mike should be doing, so here it is. I have been reading the articles (which are late, I posted my tentative plan last nite, lol) about Mike's road to comeback. As a fan and not a FANATIC (there is a difference), I feel like I can lay out some bullet points for Bro and after he rests and what not he can start looking at it.

But before all of that, Mike needs to go to Encino and lay up with his momma and regroup and E-A-T! All the berries and nuts and pineapple slices be damned! Ya'll saw "American Dream" on Vh-1? Katherine was cooking potatoes and collards etc. and right about now Mike needs some smothered chicken w/rice and some greens and cornbread and a big ole glass of RED KOOLAID!!

Then once his strength is back:

    Mike needs to:

  • Start attending functions like normal damn people. Go to an award show or two and just present - it's not all about him.

  • Take those damn masks off the kids and play for the tabloids. He ain't the only famous person with kids and there are other children out here who if kidnapped would have a greater impact on the world than HIS!! He needs to be seen on the beach of some island running and laughing and playing WITH HIS OWN DAMN CHILDREN!

  • Contact MTV or something and get a cribs or something to assimiliate himself back in the world.

  • Now is a good time to write his own memoirs thus far.

  • Step into the studio and lend his voice to something. Rodney Jerkins portion of Invincible tapped into the Mike of yesteryear (Butterflies etc.) He needs to come down off the high horse and WORK WITH OTHERS!

  • Reinsert the base in his voice and put take the Sgt. Pepper Wear OFF. Now h'es a grown man so hip-hop attire should not be next, but casual funky might work - a new shade of base make up and a short funky cut - Prince wears long hair and it stays current!

  • Give the fans what they want - an apology for the bullshit and a series of shows in certain towns with EVERYONE! The Brothas would LOVE to get back on the road.

  • Cater to the American Public for awhile - he can survive in the states without Chey Whitey and if you didn't notice most of the fans at the gates and courthouse were WHITE! So he has a small base here and the curious would help push that.

  • Lay Low right now but then just start easing back in without the camera being his focal point.

  • Give ONE television interview and talk about everything but - put some attitude out there that it's OVA now move the fuck on people!

I read that even with Madonna new work, his OLD work beat her - so Mike ain't near about dead and there's a place for him in the music industry.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunset Monologue 47

The Michael Jackson Edition

Not Guilty on all counts!

As nervous as I was about the verdict - once it was read - there was not necessarily room to celebrate. I wonder for the children who are being molested by someone out there if this was a blow - I can't forget that yea it was about Mike, but this also was about a child,lying or not (which is a crime within itself) that were being put on the stand and having suffered probably irrepairable emotional damage - hell that probably started with the mother, but that's another story.

I find it interesting that just about every party from prosecutor to Mike's publicist has talked directly about the role the media played in this. The media needs to calm THE FUCK DOWN. All this auxilliary programming - is a bit overkeel. Entertainment stations yes - but all these special shows and quizzes and what not for Mike leaves a bad taste in my mouth - we're (and I am guilty as a fan) worshipping false idols again. He is a SINGER AND DANCER.

I have tried to be objective and not just 'believe' because I like his music and in the back of my mind there was some inappropriate behaviour that took place by Mike with young boys - I don't know what it is and it might be as innocent as his 'theory' about sleeping with them.

They kept saying that the ride to the court was the longest of his life - the ride home would have been it for me because in SUV Number One I would have been lighting into his pale ass!!!

On whatever level the truth actually lies - as a fan I am MAD AT MIKE!! He has sullied my dollar (as in my memory and support of him by buying and engaging in his entertainment) by his inability to GROW THE FUCK UP!! As a fan I demand that Mike seek the therapy that he needs - and from now on conduct his charity business like everyone else - from afar. He's been given one warning in 93 and now a firm slap on the wrist in 2005.

That nigga needs to STOP DROP AND ROLL!! If he is so about the craft and the energy and the love of the his fans then he's done us a disservice and needs to come out and apologize, reorganize and get back to what he claims he loves.

YOUTH BE DAMNED! Shit I wanna get back in the womb - this world sucks - but that ain't happening and he needs to cut the cord, step away from the boys and START BEING A DAMN MAN!!!!

I think he needs to do the following:

  • Start to be seen in the public! Attend something, go to an award show, say you'll present just for the hell of it - reconnect with reality
  • Take those damn mask off the children, he isn't the only one with celebrity children, start to make himself look like everyday people.
  • Contact MTV or VH-1 and do a Cribs or Fabulous Life Of
  • Start hanging out in studios, do some background vocals for someone, lend his voice to the next 50 cents song or something
  • Conduct one interview and say what's on his mind! Use his normal voice and just tell everyone to go to hell

I see a comeback in his future - I do, but as a fan, I'm only take so much of this shit Mike!

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunset Monologue 46

Personality 101

So do you work on your personality? As I've matured both psychologically and chronologically, I have mellowed out quite a bit. I used to have a different personality for certain 'sets' of people. I've grown to learn more about each aspect of myself and merged them. I am comfortable with who I am (well a lot MORE comfortable) and so I am even keeled most of the time. In the Myers-Briggs test I was a "yellow" and I have actually tried to embrace that about myself. People on the outside used to have this wonderful view of my personality and I barely could see it - but now I do see it and I enjoy being a "Ray of Sunshine" I've adopted that entire attitude and I hope that it sticks.

I can fret a lot. It's a character flaw of mine. Fret is defined as "verb: worry unnecessarily or excessively; verb: be agitated or irritated; noun: agitation resulting from active worry. I have tackled this flaw endlessly and I have it under much better control. Part of what I learned about it was to stop letting others dictate my emotional state - I'm in charge of that. Regardless if it's family, friends, co-workers etc. etc. I am the keeper of my own sanity and I shouldn't put it on the chopping block. Another thing I discovered is that time is written in advance and we just follow the script - sure we can add a prop here and there, but for the most part - it's not up to us. Especially if you believe in a higher power. So to fret about it is to not trust that Higher power. One last thing is that it is fine to walk away from that which causes you to fret. For instance the online dating site had me fretting the other day, which means that's my sign to walk away from it. I have identified the ingredients for fretting - now I need to make sure I'm not mixing them on purpose.

The Joys of Mini-Me

Mini-Me playing w/my makeup

As you know, Mini-me is 11. What a wondrous time? She's non-stop I tell yah! As a parent you go thru so many emotions when it comes to your child but underlying you should be having a love affair with that child. It crossed my mind that she will be gone from me for 4 1/2 weeks. That's the longest I have not been able to look my child in the face. This will definitely be an experience for us. I am a mixed bag of emotions because (1) I'm going to miss her aura in the house and (2) yet I'm oddly giddy at the notion of hanging up my hands on parenting cap for that long. Is this what it feels like to begin the journey of the bird leaving the nest? Speaking of Birds......

My New Roommates

Birdie outside my window

I woke up to the screeching of babies and was like WTF?! I was having my dream about my car being repossessed again and so this was NOT a good morning to be awaken in chaos. I pulled opened the blinds and lo and behold - I had some roommates. A small bird had built it's nest in my crooked screen. The little babies were screaming to be fed. The mother was going back and forth getting them something and then they quieted down. Now I could have moved them, but they aren't bothering anyone and so I let them stay and they now are just my new alarm clock, lol

Still Cooking!

Chicken Anyone?

Man the rain is truly dampening my spirits, but God smiled today and the sun came out over Decatur! Which meant one thing - BBQ!!!! I wanted to get one more in before Mini-me left - so I threw some chicken and some salmon on the grill, made some collards and Caribbean rice and there was a meal. I love bbq! Next up I gotta do some ribs.

Dateless in Atlanta

Well I've made an analogy out of it now. There's an opening and people are sending in their resumes applying for my time and affection, lol lol (Hey if you don't add some humor to this bullshit - you'll never get out the bed) So you know how it goes, as you wind down, that's when it gets crunk. I'm just flowing with it all, because it ain't nothing but PHONE CONVERSATION (Thanks Metro of the unlimited). I've just made me a composite gallery of Atlanta's finest and that certainly keeps my blood flowing, lol The applicants come and go - maybe a seed was planted maybe not - I love talking so it's been great just conversing with a couple of brothas (not spreading myself thin) and just learning about what if anything is making them tick.

I will say that no longer will I accept the conversation about sistas having 'issues' because it's now even. I've met hermits, workaholics, baggage handlers (as in emotional), cheaters, pimps, skanks, old playas and the list goes on, lol So for every Gold Digger there is now a counterpart, for every bitter sista meet MR. BITTER! Shift the shovel because the bullshit has become loose and fluid and there's enough to go around. I just talk, giggle, laugh, throw a joke or two and hang up the phone. If it caught you, you'll be back - if it didn't - oh well.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sunset Monologue 45

A Dateless Conversation In Atlanta

A Typical Day of Chatting For Me!

ME: The South is lacking that Brooklyn Flava!! Quite Nice :) From a GA Peach, Pam

HIM: (smile) Hello Pam how are you? (smile)

ME: Doing quite well - thanks for asking :) Just working (ok ok) working and surfing on here - you know how it is what's up with you today?

HIM: You ever been to NY?

ME: Lived there for 10 years. Manhattan - around the Columbia University soccer fields right on the cusp of the Bronx, lol Always had an affinity for NY men, lol lol I'm a New Yorker trapped in my Southern Charm :)

HIM: What made you leave? I am actually moving to Charlotte NC in July

ME: Well my husband (at the time) was murdered in a home invasion and I had a six month old and had to just do something different. I was raised down here - so I moved back, however all my family has migrated up North and are residing in Philly - (I tell you the migration of blackfolks in America, lol) So that's where I stand. I've been here (back) about seven years now and it's cool - - NC HUH? You should consider Georgia

HIM: How far is Charlotte?

ME: I think it's like five hours or so - nottt tooo far. I've driven from here to Philly several times. That's a long haul but sometimes it's more economical - you know how that is.

ME: So why are you moving?

HIM: Tired of paying 1500 a month for a closet, I will be in NC sunday night for 7 days looking at houses (hint)

ME: I'll be in NY the 24th and 25th showing my girlfriend around, lol lol and I hear yah. You should be able to get something nice and spread out - Charlotte is nice. You have family there?

HIM: So i will be back in ny when you're hear, hmm i wouldn't mind having you on top of me (smile)

ME: Well Now - see that Brooklyn Flava is QUITE enchanting but I am so booked this is what I'm calling "How to kill a nigga in five days" type trip, lol lol We are going to breeze thru NY, do Atlantic City and Philly - she's never been past Virginia :)

HIM: i am talking about coming to charlotte next week when i am there

ME: It sounds real intriguing, but I already know I can't pull that off, I'm working and I am a mother (what will I do with her, lol) and though in my mind - I like to live dangerously - A man I don't know like that gotta get to know me before we roll into such a decadent situation. You know I can't go out like that, lol


Now imagine this. 39 years old, 6 feet, fine as frog hair!! and this is an unedited conversation I had with said Fineness today. Now I'm sure someone can pick apart whatever within this conversation I did wrong, but let me point out - flirting is what I do! I'm good at it! I approached him because he was fine. I never once got his name and he's basically soliciting me for sex. So I'm suppose to get in my car, drive to some unknown location with in Charlotte, NC to some hotel, to see a man who's name at this point I don't even know, have sex, come home and that be that!! I am not comprehending the logic of that. I might as well, go down on Metropolitan and find me an old needle, take a drink and stick myself in the arm over and over and over!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!! This is a GROWN MAN!! Sure you can solicit sex - that's cool, but I'm not accepting! I personally found this entire conversation indictive of why I am choosing to be single. If I could tell you how many of these types of convo and even worse I have had in my dating tenure both online and off; the blogspot does not have enough bandwidth, lol

So I take this convo's and insert in my journal that I talked to a Universally Fine Negro today and we flirted and let that be the crumb I take away - I will conveniently 'forget' the diss - my ego will not allow these things to fester in my psyche, thus affecting my self-esteem.

(Shaking my head)

"You Are Out Of Style"

Circus Seximus

Part of my summer mantra is less TV - well that is now totally screwed up with the premiere of "The Cut" on CBS tonite at 8pm est. I am HOOKED!! What a bomb ass show!! Tommy Hilfiger is quite the 'stern' show host and the teams so far as quite eclectic. I WILL be watching this over the course of the summer.

My "O" Shame


I am laying UNDER the desk as I type this, but that little boy/thug/man symbol known as Omarion has intrigued me. Both the Houston's Brothas (Older Brother Marques from Immature and IMX Fame in actuality, currently have me hiding in shame, lol Rod's May 8th Entry at his fabulous spot made me address my budding curosity with this little man/boy. I liked that first cut he had out, but what took me over the edge was "Touch". Now let me clarify, this is not like Tyrese or somebody where I want to actually fornicate - I just am feeling quite 'randy' about the music adn in the case of "Touch" the video. I have to give credit where credit is due and you all know how much I do not spend time on Usher but the video and song "Caught Up" got my attention. This is the case with Omarion. That video is so artsy and technically that chile danced his ASS OFF. Now I'm not sure about that gal he got in the video - she kinda is not the cutest broad on the block, but when you're trying to be most beautiful like Omarion is, you can't have competition "only one bride bitch!" SO THERE I SAID IT! I am going to download both songs for my trip. My daughter has disowned me.....

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 11

The Brokedown and Raggedy Edition

The Chest Is Bare

Vicky's is having a SALE!

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning and going thru my underware drawer - it became painfully obvious (don't know why I didn't notice this before Tuesday Morning June 7th 2005) that I have absolutely NO CUTE DRAWERS!!!! Where the hell did they all go?! Yoo hoo! Pretty Panties - where did you run off to?! I mean dang. My shit is R-A-G-G-E-D-Y!! In the car that morning, I had to think about the why's and hows. First off one of the reasons is that I'm just not into it like alot of women. I mean I need something clean - that's about it. I think as well, that during my excessive weight gain (from back in the day) I chose to 'decide' that wasn't important - who wanted to see me (including me) squoze up in some 'cute' panties. As well as when you adopt the 'cute' moniker, you tend to go for other things to exude sexiness other than tip toeing around in uncomfortable scratchy fabric. I have to admit, I've never gotten any complaints on what I have worn when it comes to men. I have maybe 3 sets that really really compliment me on any given day, but I only pull those out at the prospect of a 'first time' unveiling. Otherwise - for some reason the 'type' of man I acquire and who makes it to that level - is quite intrigued with me in small t-shirts going bare on the bum (thank God for the good legs and the enlongment they get from the t-shirts) and I have an assortment of 'lounge wear' cute little boxers and barely there shirts, or for the winter velour pants with tops with spaces cut out etc. etc. Now if they wanted to complain - they haven't to my face.

I talk to alot of men and basically the stuff is for us - when they say they are 'visual' the vision moves quickly to what's underneath the $60 push up bra and matching thong set, lol Oh and a word about thongs......I have no idea what the big deal is. I have a couple of pairs and quite frankly I find them annoying when I do branch out and wear them. I'm tried of looking at them peek out of low riser pants and the constant urge to pull them out my ass is FOREVER!!!! Mini-me's 53 year old teacher took her to the store and she stocked up - I had sworn off them, but I sooo admire her over 50 spunk -I might break one out and try it one mo gin!!

So what am I going to do about this revelation? Well I think I'm going to toss most of what I have cotton and otherwise and then start over and get me five matching sets of something cute and then get my hanes and see about matching a bra or two to them. I need to go get measured as well - I have NO IDEA what my real bra size and Oprah had a whole show on that!

I think that as part of my new chronological year I'm going to go thru and address all these 'decisions' I've made about what I don't need and what I don't like that are based on self-dibilitation issues, whether they be because I don't have the money or was feeling low self esteem that day and begin to pick them apart. If they are valid, they will stay if they are not I got's to LET IT GO!! LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER PAM TKO!!!

Retiring Shorts

I grew up in a pretty rigid household and one of the things I remember is that we couldn't wear shorts that came above our knees. Which basically means we couldn't wear shorts, lol lol We could wear coulettes, pedal pushers, cropped pants, lol lol For many a year I adhered to my raising - well into my adulthood.

When I turned 30 or so I pulled out the shorts and in a late ass rebellion, I went to showing some LEG!! I had nice ones!! I have rocked mid thigh shorts for many a year now in the summer - and have allowed mini-me to sport 'conservative two inch above the knee shorts'.

Well when I pulled out the summer clothes this year -I pulled out all my shorts, I only have about five pairs with a crisp pair of white ones being my favorite. I tried the white ones on and was preening in the mirror when I stopped dead in my tracks!! Snaking along my thigh was something I have no idea how I missed it - I must really be living in some other world most of the time - VARICOSE VEINS! What the hell?! I examined them with my beside lamp (which I placed in my hand to make a spotlight!) and then I noticed they were on the other outer thigh as well. I'm not sure if they are noticable to everyone but the fact they were noticable to me was killing me. I sat down and had a talk with myself. I needed to point them out to my Dr. at my next appointment. Didn't know if anything could be done that INSURANCE PAYS FOR or because I had diabetes was this a 'side effect' and then I decided at 39 to, outside of beach times or something - retire shorts.

I am a somewhat believer that you should move forward with age and approach it gracefully (like bikinis at 50 I don't care what your body type is TACKY, long ass hair on old women not put up is kinda as well, but that's just me) and walking around thinking you cute in Nair Shorts with a Nair Leg Shave and all those spider veins on your legs is not cool.

Well I can still rock a short skirt!

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunset Monologue 44

Stop in the name of love

As I sat here this evening drinking a soda and writing in my journal (yes I keep one of those as well) I got to thinking about all the things I need to STOP doing. You know sometimes we are so easy to identify what others are doing that they need to stop, that we forget we got shit we need to stop as of yesterday! Some of it is seriuos, but sometimes it's lighthearted stuff. Since I kinda use this as a window to my soul (seeing as my personal journal sometimes has the ability to pacify things) here is a list of the top 20 things I need to stop:

  • Drinking Soda
  • Chewing Gum
  • Being inactive Physically
  • Overspending
  • Avoiding bill collectors
  • Talking about people
  • Claiming I have no game - when I just might (wink)
  • Eating bread and pasta
  • Switching to Evil Mode with no warning
  • Inactivity at work
  • Losing Interest in people, places and things
  • Internetting
  • Dating off the internet
  • Suggesting others date on the internet
  • Watching so much TV
  • Sleeping with my light on - which means I haven't relaxed
  • Over multi-tasking so nothing gets done
  • Not spending enough time with mini-me (quality time)
  • Letting family issues peeve me
  • Admitting this kinda shit!!

So now that I've purged all of that - where did I put my glass of Red Creame Soda!!!?!

My Weaknesses

Ok, I'm in a list mood,lol I find these things good for the soul - to sit and actually think about things about yourself is a good exercise. I won't bore you constantly with them but as I come up with them, I'll share.

So here are ten of my weaknesses or things that make me melt (so this is a good one)

  • Tall Physically Overwelming Men
  • Babies kisses
  • Sugar Babies
  • Absolut
  • Sexy Male Voices
  • A nice shoe
  • A good meal
  • Nibbling on my neck
  • A good slow jam CD
  • A good sincere hug

Dropping a hint at something to come
I feel like dinner partying - I had one about three years ago and I never forgot how much fun I had making rack of lamb and all the fixings and just having good food, people and drink at my home. I've been watching wayy to much of the Food network and my mom sent me place setting for eight of some cool summer dishes - sooooo I might be whipping up a grand meal for a select few and of course it will be featured on said blog......stay tuned!

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunset Monologue 43


I have a crook in my neck, glitter keeps getting in my eye and my middle toe on my right foot is killing me..what does this all mean? I HAD A GOOD ASS TIME!! Let me give a royal shoutout to everyone that came to help me celebrate my birthday!! The Booker T. Washington Class of 1984 - NEVER lets a sista down!! I am proud to have been a member of such an illustrious class and glad that I know I gots me some friends! LOL LOL! Special Thanks to "Muscle Shirt" Brotha for the Strawberry Dacquiri Cake. Yep! That's what I said, Bro has developed him a company that basically sells alcohol filled cakes, lol lol He should be rich by December!

Getting Our Party On!

We all gathered at BellBottoms - the spot if you are into 70-90's music! I walked in ready to get my Groove ON!! I felt exceptionally cute last evening - borderline fine (you all know I use that word as descriptive for self sparingly; fine is fleeting - one baby can ruin that - but cuteness ages quite well!) Anyhoo, I saw my peeps immediately and we hit the floor. I love this place, because it really is about the dance. People be getting down!! Music today has nothing on what we used to listen to, lol Even as we sat around talking to and about other people; you couldn't help but nod your head and I have NEVER left there with a 'boom boom boom' headache, which can certainly come fast and furious at your traditional clubs.

One of my favorite things is to dance in one of the cages alongside the DJ booth which is elevated above the dance floor. Michael Jackson came on as soon as "Janet" walked thru the door. I met her half way and we got on the dance floor than sashayed up to the cages and proceeded to get our "Vanity" and "Appollonia" on. We got rave reviews from several brothas over at the bar :)

Young, Cute, Drunk and Oh So Blonde! Get over it!

I crawled into my bed at about 2:40am - - totally satisfed with how June 4, 2005 went. I didn't even mind that once again, I had no date for my own damn birthday!

Dateless in Atlanta - Bellbottoms Edition

I'm convinced there is something in the water that stunts the growth of Atlanta men. I am 5'2 and I shouldn't have to look DOWN at no man, even in the 3 inch heels I was rocking!! Lord have mercy! There were four Brothas about six feet (see I was counting) and they all obviously were from either New York, Detroit, Chicago or something like that. There was this one Brothas - ummmm, he was tall, chocolate and had on white linen...YUMMY!! I really wasn't in the 'looking' posture so you had to be coming strong to catch my eye. I never go to bellbottoms looking to dance with someone. I dance with my girls or alone. I also noticed that like in alot of situations nowadays; there's one brotha taking out and tending to four or more sistas. You see that alot, due to the 'shortage' of sistas having men (because I am going to stop saying there is a shortage of actual men, we just don't have them) there are situations abound where a man will be that male figure w/a bevy of beauties.

Now on the flip side; this evening while I was having my last birthday treat - Applebee's Honey Grilled Salmon (Lord have mercy)- all I saw were couples. Couples, couples everywhere!!! Summertime Summerlove - - BAH FUCKING HUMBUG!!!

A Whisper with God
Thank you oh Lord for giving me this one solid. I promise not to act so recklessly in the very near future and to work towards taking the protection off my heart and leaving it ON everywhere else!

Please grant me the serenity over this next year of life to Live, Love and Grow and to keep up the happy spirit and to become a better and more wise consumer and to always stay one step ahead of the fire.


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Friday, June 03, 2005

Sunset Monologue 42

The Birthday Edition

Oh What A Beautiful Baby!

On June 4, 1966 at 7:30am in a Cincinatti,Ohio Hospital I was born....39 years later I am STILL GROWING! My entire life I've tried to live it so that my 'fabric of life' is as colorful as possible, but strong as well. In honor of the journey to a milestone in every adults life, the ripe age of 40, I have renamed my blog "The Emanicipation of Pammie" I hope that those of you who have taken the journey so far, continue to step lively with a sista!

In honor of my birthday, I took the "100 Things About Me" challenge from Sista Morena. This took me a minute but I finally got it down.

Stay tuned for "The Afterparty"

100 Things About Me

  • My middle name is Darlena (had it legally dropped)
  • I type about 85 wpm on a good day
  • I enjoy a nice bowl of frosted flakes w/ice cold milk
  • I ‘eat’ w/a spoon rather than drink chocolate milk
  • I use old T-shirts as hankerchiefs, Kleenex irritates my nose
  • I have every journal I’ve ever kept since I was 13 yrs old
  • I have four volumes of my life with Michael Jackson
  • I enjoy watching & reading porn
  • I relax under my daughters baby blanket
  • I grew up w/a polygamous Father
  • I was a prom night conception
  • I still will play with my daughters dolls when she’s asleep
  • I really wish I would have went to Spelman and pledged Delta
  • My favorite Author is Beverly Jenkins
  • I have stolen money before in my lifetime
  • I have never had sex in a car before
  • I’ve only been in love once in my life & not with my late husband
  • I lived in Central America for a year as a child
  • I freeze bubble gum and chew it later
  • I wanted to be Isis when I was nine
  • My favorite food in the whole world is chicken
  • I’ve never ever tasted a piece of pork
  • I don’t know how to play spades, bid widst,solitaire
  • I still like kickball
  • The only white men I find remotely attractive is Brad Pitt & Sean Connery
  • I wish I had Beyonce’s Body
  • I spoke with Janet Jackson on the phone when my mom worked for her
  • I let loose to Miami Bass Music
  • In my alter ego life I’m a stripper
  • I want to publish an all male nude magazine for women
  • I subscribe to over 8 magazines and counting
  • One of my bad habits is chewing gum
  • I am fascinated with gay culture
  • I like men more than women
  • I can’t fight
  • I can be stingy sometimes
  • I don’t cry very easily
  • I don’t like a lot of sweets
  • I curse like a sailor sometimes
  • I don’t think I can get pregnant again
  • My favorite color is anything earth tones
  • I wear too much brown and black
  • I am frightened of snakes, spiders and snails
  • I cried the first time I went to Disney World because it was just like the commercial
  • I was a virgin throughout High School
  • I wanted to be a housewife
  • I don’t like shopping
  • I always miss the ‘hookup’
  • I’ve never been to jail
  • I have not so good credit
  • I started driving when I was 28 years old
  • I wish I knew how to dance professionally
  • I daydream a lot
  • I made up an entire different family for myself when I was little
  • I played with dolls until I was 14 years old
  • I wouldn’t mind being a hair dresser
  • My favorite Ice Cream is Maple Walnut
  • Sunday Mornings are my favorite time of the week
  • I love fake big jewelry
  • I used to ride shotgun on a motorcycle all the time
  • The best time of my life was 15-19 years of age
  • I don’t know how to run – I always fall
  • I’m near sighted
  • I’m left handed
  • I’ve never had a broken bone
  • When I was 16 I talked on the phone a whole weekend never hanging up
  • I’m not to keen on people in general – I get bored with them
  • I want to run naked in the rain
  • I’d love to get an RV and just live in it wherever I wanted to
  • I HATE working
  • I still giggle and blush
  • I can’t swim
  • I haven’t been on an adult vacation in over 8 years
  • I’ve never been out to the west coast
  • I enjoy taking nice road trips
  • Gone with Wind is one of my favorite movies – I’m Scarlett complete w/slaves
  • My Paternal Grandfather was a Spy for Cuba
  • My Mom is a famous writer
  • I have two incomplete (maybe 3) manuscripts
  • My girlfriend and I want our own radio show
  • I’ve never cheated on a man
  • Watching the Iron man Competition makes me cry
  • I’m usually late
  • A picture of Michael Jackson back in the day is my screen saver at home
  • I faint everytime I see him (Mike) perform (even on TV)
  • I’m a deep well of non-important information
  • I don’t like talking religion, politics etc.
  • I’ve never been on vacation by myself
  • I’ve never had a one nite stand
  • I’m diabetic
  • I snore when I’m really sleepy
  • Amityville Horror scared the hell out of me and I can’t read or watch it
  • I like to make out like a teenager
  • Life is one of my favorite board games
  • I don’t like my feet
  • I am vain
  • I’m not competitive
  • I don’t like arguing & fighting but love a good debate sometimes
  • I overuse the word nigga
  • I’m corny!

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