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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sunset Monologue 194 - Glitter Graphics

How do I know he loves me? He sat through two hours of "So You Think You can Dance", but don't tell anybody, lol.

So That little glitter dohickey up above is freaking me out! The party is the day after tomorrow! That's the countdown to my actual birthday. I am stoked! I got my first gift today. You know the whole gift thing is a bit tricky for me. I have been wondering if I would get any gifts. You know, all these people coming whatever and whatnot and yea you wonder.'s a wrap. Moving on.

I came in the living room a few minutes ago and exclaimed "Where the hell did all these bags of chips come from?" Losing it.

Operation rediscovery and preservation of my sexy begins shortly. I'm camping out like a concert at the hairdresser!! Dayum!

It's too calm, it's too non-urgent. Things can't possibly be going this well, lol. I even worked out my money so this party wouldn't have me trying to live up in the spot afterwards.

Well let me go get started. Before I go however - - The supposed last day of this blog will be JUNE 5th - then we will go into Summer reruns for about thirty days until the unveiling of the new season of what's poppin! Please keep me on your kinja and check in because it should be nice.....

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