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Friday, May 26, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 195 - Glitter Graphics

Can ya'll believe that?! It's been a good week - I can't complain. This makes a week since CAUN and I have been ghetto-honeymooning and it's going fabulously! No regrets on either side.

I sent out a reminder note about the party and now my RSVP list is over 60!! I had a stroke of nervousness last night. That's alot of folks coming to celebrate with me - I sure hope they are going to help this be a slammin party. If that many people come and the party ends up being WACK - I can never show my face again, lol lol.

Got my dress and almost had to tackle CAUN with a stun gun, so the dress looks hot, lol lol. Shoes working and I've figured out a hair style - so it's all good.

I want to sit and read my personal journals for this past year (the 39th year) and see where I was on that level.

June 5th is my last day of class. I am taking a haitus! I will be back in school July 28th (damn I think I told ya'll this, lol) Part of my agenda is to do some leisure reading!! I really want to just sit back and read a good ghetto novel, lol. I hope I get a gift card for the bookstore.

We have a few things planned for Memorial Day, but nothing extravagant. I will be BBQ'ing and I found some Lamb Ribs, so it should be off the chain. I will be posting pictures of the mini-cookout.

I want to highlight a blog that I think is really fly. I got the glitter idea off of there. N'search of Ecstasy is off the chain. She has some good stuff over there! Go check her out.

Here are some blasts from the past - Mobetta is off to Cancun with his new lady friend. He claims he doesn't want to date or anything, but this woman is treating him to Cancun, lol lol. Italy and I spoke briefly and I told him that CAUN and I were cohabiting and he got his boxer/briefs in a knot, lol lol Whateva!

NINE DAYS YA'LL. I can't believe I am 9 days from being 40. I can't believe that I will celebrate with folks I know and love. I can't believe that I've found love. I CAN believe that God is Good and these next 40 years are going to be fabulous.

Ya'll have a wonderful Memorial Day! The man is out looking for shit so BUCKLE UP! USE MOUTHWASH (LOL), GET A RADAR!!


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