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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 189

The Trifecta Approach

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Mannnn, I have been trying to get back to blogging! My mind is about to explode with thoughts. I am going to NOT break the blogger rule by posting one long as post - but hit you with a couple of mini-one's, lol. So enjoy!

First, Mini-me is doing alot better. I've been out all week tending to her. Being put back in a position of a new mom (as in I'm on call 24 hours) has been interesting to say the least, lol. I am T-I-R-E-D. At least a new child weights like 7 lbs. I should be ready for bikini weather in no time, lol. I am however, attempting to wean her off of the codeine and we need to deal with pain management - in order to go back to school - so I am going to just take this week and we will start again on Monday.

I have to go and buy some jeans etc. (from the thrift) because she has to wear the brace under her clothes and as we know young people's clothes have no breathing room. I'm picking up a few things that we can cut up and she'll be going 'Hulk Style" for a little while. I will try to make it creative etc.

She's been quite a trooper and I let her know that I was proud of her and that one of the beauties of she and I is that we can make one HELL of a glass of lemonade out of the lemons we are dealth. Hopefully by Monday, we should be back to some form of a routine.

Meanwhile, I was doing quite janky with my school work. Just been preoccupied. So I was down to the wire - had an 8 page final paper due. I was on page negative two. I sat down and focused and crunk it out in three hours! Turned it in and hoped for the best - just went and checked for my final grade and I got a 34 out of 35 on my paper and an A out the class (93). YES! Next class started that very day! I didn't have the money for my book - so I won't be able to get in the groove till Friday when my book gets here. I was thinking of taking the summer off, but I'm in the zone and so I'll just go right on through.

The 40th Birthday Party Plans are coming along fine. I have decided to have a white party. I think they are so classy and outside in the beginning of the summer it will be hella sexy. Of course as the Person of Honor - I have something up my sleeve. Apparently, "La's Finest" does as well.......

Stay tuned for Part Two.........

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