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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunset Monologue 182

The Limbo Heard Round The World!

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This E.T. looking creature is not a sonogram of some impending birth I'm about to have, but Mini-me's Knee!! It's been a long day people! Mini-me was a trooper and surgery was successful. Unfortunately it was at the worst end of the scale and there were two 2 centimeter pieces of cartlidge (bone) floating around. The Dr. ended up calling some residents in because this was the biggest break she had seen in her career on a child!

There were two options - to remove the floating pieces and 'grow' some cartlidge for a graft or try to work with hers. The Doctor decided to get 'experimental' and try to save hers.

Mini-me has two screws in her knee holding the broken bone together, which required a bit of additional time in surgery. They are 'hoping' that this bone recognizes it is home and fuses itself back to her knee. however, they couldn't save it all - so she has a gap (which basically means when she gets old - she probably will have knee problems - the short term is we are hoping arthitis doesn't set in while she's young).

It is imperative that she puts NO PRESSURE on this leg. Currently she is in a stricter brace which has a contraption hooked up to it - so that I can actually pump ice cold water into the brace. I have to do this a couple of times. Pump the water out and replace it with ice cold water. She must keep pressure off this leg for six weeks and she is in a wheel chair for a minute.

The Dr. is predicting she should be ready to go back to school (based on me calling and making sure) on Thurday...Friday at the latest. However it looks like six weeks in this immobilization brace, then they might have to go back in to make sure the screws dissolved and things are going okay - then we got about 4-6 months of additional therapy because by the time the six weeks are up - her knee would have fused...straight.

There is an option of a cast, which I will explore next week when I take her in for her check up. I might just get the cast to ensure - she doesn't get antsy and move that leg.

So there you have it! I got her all the way up to 12 without a childhood injury and she takes her maiden voyage with a doozy! ALL FROM DOING THE DAMN LIMBO AT A FESTIVAL!!

Otherwise things are going fine - let me just say that it is SUCH A BLESSING to have this man (LA's Finest) in my life! To have someone to be there, to listen, to hug me, to just be a man about his, I'm damn near speechless and this ain't the first time since he and I began. We had such a wonderful weekend (I got about three blog topics off of this one) and we both were like - Who would have thunk we would be sitting here doing THIS from a decision to answer my note on Blackplanet.

I have a paper to write (yea I'm getting to it and it was due today) - but never fear I got three blogs to get on here!


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