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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 188

So What Else Is Going On?!

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Hey folks! What it be? I hope things are going well witcha. Thought I would start off by letting ya'll know what's happening in the rest of the Licious World. So let's begin....

Finally - I want to take a moment to say HELLO to everyone who has discovered my blog and keeps coming back. I have appreciated ALL the comments etc. and I am happy that you want to peep in on little ole me. I will not compromise the integrity of my blog based on the audience - I'm keeping it R-E-A-L this is life according to Pamalicious - sit back and enjoy the ride - I got nodoze to the left if you get a bit sleepy, lol

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT (old school style) to everyone LA's Finest has brought my way including his Mother, Brother and Co-workers.

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