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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunset Monologue 177

Busted Knees and ROI's

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Evening Dude and Dudettes! Sitting here chillin in my unmentionables listening to some music. Decided to bless yah with a double dose....

So we went to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont park. The weather PERFECT! It was packed! We walked around looking at the art, moving out the way of the dogs and doing some major people watching. Seeing as this was Piedmont Park - all men were suspect and unless I saw them openly tongue kissing a female - this was the crowd to ascertain who was most fabulous, lol. So many muscle shirts, so many bare chests - my back tooth is still twinging a bit from all that sweetness, lol. However, my celebrity meter did go off and who was standing in the Gyro line but...Ralph Tresvant and his family! I looked for awhile, but decided not to snap any portraits with my phone or anything because I understand, with me myself being celebrity (mariah, Beyonce or Eva on any given day)and dating the CEO of Rock-On Entertaiment, that he was out with family and that would make me a FAN and not an Equal, so I didn't bother him. (it's alright I get my prescription tomorrow, lol)

We chillin on the big field and Mini-me and her friend are partaking of the kid stuff when after a bike ride around an obstacle course - Mini-me decides to Limbo under the rope outlining the course. POP! went her leg DOWN! went Mini-me and the day was officially over. Park paramedics arrived on the scene and after we got her calmed down and rolled over ascertained her leg was not broken and her knee not dislocated. We got her up and through MUCH FEMALE 12 YEAR OLD ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PAIN DRAMA - made a slowwwwww procession back to the car. So now she's laid up on Motrin with an ice pack. It is quite swollen, but she put some weight on it. Tomorrow I may still take her to the Dr. to make sure this is just a slight sprain. OUCH!! My poor baby! however, the consensus was that, welcome to your future in...cheerleading!

As I sat on the field in the bright sun looking at the people - I missed LA's Finest (he had to work) yet there was this great feeling of 'having' instead of 'wanting' that felt...good. I sat there and thought about the fact that I was being placed in a very interesting situation in my own life. I was taught that you are not responsible before knowledge, meaning until you KNOW you aren't responsible, after you know, you are making conscious decisions. Well now I have a commplete picture of what type of man I would like. I got the last puzzle piece and so now I have a PROTOTYPE and that's kinda scary. Will that impede me because forever I will be looking for this particular grouping of man?

I also thought about the gamble we take in life about everything but in particular dating. Because it is a gamble and all about your ROI (Return On Investment). I think the hardest part is getting the proper dossier in place to make a sound decision on whether or not we should invest. I know I've invested before in my lifetime to NO RETURNS, and I'm sure alot of us have. I think I've accepted the fact that I was lying to myself about the fear - but I got HEART because on some level, I think I had closed my porfolio and I was just going to look back at past investments and live off of the 'interest', as I looked over new stock and new opportunities, the market was slim - but then..LA's Finest and I met and though I was (and still am) a much more sane and cautious investor, there was something about Him that made me speak with my Broker and say "God - there is a light in his eye and a fire in his speech maybe I should put a little bit here - what do you think?" He relaxed my heart and so I've decided to invest once again. Not all my chips like I used to do, with no sign of prosper, but a little bit and it's already producing returns - I feel like you stand at that long craps table and you hold those dice and you roll them around and blow on them and then you look at your chips and at some point, you just got to let those bad boys.....go. Yea you very well might crap out, but sometimes you get you a nice little return and maybe just maybe if all the stars line up right and the wind is just just might hit the JACKPOT!

The most infuriating thing about life (and everyone can attest that this is one of my faults) is that I can't figure out what's going to happen next and letting it take it's course represents to much unknown to me, but life itself and the journey is so intriguing to me, that even though I fight it tooth and nail - I get a painful pleasure out of letting it unfold. So I ain't gonna lie, LA's Finest is in enemy territory right now and bullets are flying everywhere and it seems as if he has a orange target on his back, but I've decided to invest anyway - I think the Return on my Investment might just be what I've been looking for.

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