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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 177

Nothing Wrong With A Little Bump and Grind

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I go downtown thinking we are just going to have dinner - and then he pulls out Two tickets to the R. Kelly concert at the Fox! OH YEA OH YEA OH YEA!!

Ok, you talking 360 from the Prince Show! It was like we were at a BBQ or something,lol Niggas just strolling around the fox - all the ghetto fabulous in attendance.

R Kelly looked like he was sitting at home and said "yo let's go to the fox and perform" LOL LOL LOL Old T-shirt and sweats, lol lol

He did quite a few songs and the ladies were hysterical most of the time, but I must say Brothas was feeling R as well.

He did this whole piece for "Feeling on Yo Booty" which was funny.

I didn't know he made so many references to drug use however. It was for some reason comical - the amount of sex he sings about and I knew this going in, so I don't know why hearing him sing about it and improvise and whistle and every other thing about sex was.....funny.

He did three chapters of Closet - while in a closet, lol He lipsynced however and it kinda took away from the whole thing.

The best part - was he just started playing music and dancing. You know it's cool to just see someone dancing like they were in the club - he knows all the latest dances and we all were jamming.

I still wanna know however, why he was $80 a pop It wasn't worth all that.

I had a bomb ass time - I can't believe two concerts in as many weeks. This Brother gonna make me wanna birth something! LOL LOL

As we were sitting in parking garage traffic, I discovered something else we liked doing together - - people watching. At first I was like 'he know he think that woman fine' but as we went about commenting, I was like - he got it down pat, lol lol I enjoy being social with him - he said he was going to get me more 'active' and I believe it.

You know you don't want to get wrapped up in calculating when certain things have been done for or afforded to you, but I can't help but think that these types of things are few and far between for me. Makes me wonder has it been the man.....or what they decided they would do....for me and what I....accepted.

You know at a certain age, you really don't need to know a person ENTIRE life story, there's alot that can be cliff noted, lol but you do need to know enough to ascertain more about their character, check for inconsistencies and just round that person out - because their past does have meaning. I'm finding it quite intriguing and interesting as we are entering the 'fill in the blanks' period of the relationship. Events and Happenings that make us who we are today. His life's journey is alot different than mine, but it actually makes me dig him more - it speaks ALOT about him, his hopes and dreams and why they are important to him. I actually feel quite 'sheltered' in my journey when it bumps up against his. I feel quite sheltered now, lol. He's definately an Alpha male and the things he's motivated about are not the things I'm motivated about - the things I'm motivated about are more subtle and I am concerned that because it is and not as HYPED as his - it might be construed that I don't have any. My life is just very laid back - it's how I've always lived - that's what I bring to the table - calmness, which is probably why I always go for the Alpha male, lol lol

So it's all good. I need a vacation on somebodies all inclusive beach - - but it's all good.

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