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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sunset Monologue 159

The "REAL" Good Woman Postscript

Wow! My previous entry, brought about quite a bit of dialogue among me and my friends, a couple of fellow bloggers etc. Men and Women I spoke to who read (I don't lots of comments here - they come straight to the source) had a mouthful to say. It also gave me an opportunity to go introspective and look around in there and with the help of an 'nameless' commenter - I had an epiphany in the twelth hour and as we know it doesn't matter when you have - just have it. PAMELA HAS GROWN IN HER LIFES JOURNEY.

The missing piece to the whole quandry about good women is that little thing called 'passivity'. Pulling from Pop Culture again - Remember THIS? and Remember who He ultimately got with and WHY. I've grown from Vanessa Bell Calloway to Shari Headley! This is good people, this is very good. Yes I admit in my life that I have in some instances - kinda laid down and allowed situations to transpire without a fight - good or bad, but the distance between peace and dischord has gotten shorter. If you present yourself as a victim -you will be treated as such - and Pamela sure ain't no victim.

There are civilzed ways of doing that too - you don't have to cross over into 'yamp' land (that's young tramp for you beginners) to accomplish this. No neck rolls or sucking teeth is necessary. No games are necessary either, Some Brothers (or Sisters for the man with the good man syndrome) are not going to get it - (and here's something novel) JUST DON'T WANT IT then guess what? PRESS ON!!

And no, this is not about you giving more than them - men give differently, embrace your womanhood and use it to your advantage - there's nothing wrong with wanting something for yourself and fighting for it - even if it ends all fucked up to the left - at least you can say - well I made it do what it do and it didn't do - we, as women, speak on choices and all the opportunities we have - then make your shit happen or at least try. We got to stop being afraid of each other and letting others dictate to us the how, when and why's about things - don't be no fool, but it's okay to get caught up.

So, yea this is good - I wasn't feeling bad, but now I'm feeling real good - my journey to 40 (which is happening in less than three months) is looking so bright!! I need to definately get out my shades.


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