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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunset Monologue 157

It's Hard Out Here

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for a pimp! hehehehehe - do you not love it, lol Good for them - most of those folks in that audience has robbed our culture of damn near everything we got and have come up with, so good for them. My thing is - why are we to assume that they are bad people. Jack Black can stand up and act a fool - Robin Williams is beserk - Dude with the green suit came out looking a plum fool.

Our culture is what their culture was built off of. Understanding that in order to even play that game - you have to sell a piece of your soul - look at the Terrance's and the Jamie's etc. They've had to totally revamp to be 'accepted'.

Folks dont' get to this level by being idiots. Little John out of character is an entirely different person.

I'm more tired myself of the 'act' we put on for white people. I can safely say that a good 40% of the folks in the audience CHILDREN know all about three six.

As a person who does not just pull out the soapbox when it's convenient - if they really did bad I would say it - but to me, sure they didn't have a speech - but I don't see what the big fallout is going to be.

Be responsible for what YOU are contributing to and representing in terms of 'our culture'. If you work on that - you got a full time gig.

For Me - I really need to figure out why the things I want always come with 'small print'. I don't ask for alot ya'll. If it were not so fustrating it would be funny, I tell yah. I wish that we were farther along in the relationship to take away some of the uncertainity. The feelings and emotions are all over the place, popping like neurons and electrons. When all we wanna do is be together (insert the soundtrack of a great american love story here - pick one any one).

I'm in a very peaceful place. That's why he came into my life in the first place, because I have been so centered and enjoying of life. I will continue to do so - my light is special - it's also self sustaining, but he brought joy to it and I think I brought joy to his - we all need a little joy in our lives, it's a shame that joy is not something we can have without the fine print. Always gotta fight for it, always gotta justify it, always can never just have it and let it run it's own course. If we aren't living in hell - I don't know what to call it.

What I do know is that yesterday morning - something special happen and it doesn't happen everyday and if it was only suppose to happen yesterday, then I am hoarding it because it felt so good - but if I come to the conclusion that it was meant to keep happening - then I'm going to fight for it - I'm a camel baby - I got plenty to live on in this hump, lol.

I will not automatically assign an ending to a story that is just beginning.

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