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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunset Monologue 164

Blogging While Tired

Blog Musical Mood: Black Sweat - Prince

I'm too tired to work on why I have panic attacks before I see my family. I was up half the night with indigestion, which since I never get - was my panic attack.

I'm too tired to battle the fact that I hate places that make you feel guilty that you are taking some earned time off.

I'm too tired to really celebrate the fact that my professor extended all our class assignment deadlines because half the class doesn't have the book - thus eliminating the need for me to do seven days of two.

I'm too tired to ponder if I really need the DVD Burner (as a companion piece to my new digital camcorder) Target is selling for $88 and that I'm going to get tomorrow, hoping they still have some in stock.

I'm too tired to do anything more than drop stuff in the corner of the living room and label it to pack Friday.

I'm too tired to analyze that LA's Finest might be entering that man zone where they go "what the hell,I've been seeing the same woman for x amount of time - what does THAT mean" - Pilot: Folks we are approaching our cruising altitude - I'll be taking the seatbelt on sign off soon.....

I'm to tired to find out when Princes new stuff is coming out. I haven't had him on the immediate radar in a hot minute - but "Black Sweat" got me open.

I'm to tired to go into detail about how cool my male gyno is. Only professional I know that will say "Pam you getting any?" LOL LOL

I'm to tired to spend but one moment updating the 'I can't play in the sandbox' story by saying the same person who told me that I couldn't attend the shower because I wasn't Christian - came to me 'because they had been chosen as the planner of the Sports Banquet for their Christian Recreational League and since I knew so much about planning an event - they really needed my help'

I'm so tired - that I think I'll take my cocoa ass......TO BED!

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