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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sunset Monologue 158

I'm Sending You This Valentine

I had to come home and take it back to the old school and pull out some REAL music. I needed Stephfanie Mills singing "I Feel Good All Over" I needed Anita crooning "Sweet Love" - you know how it is.

As I took the elevator downstairs - I figured it was one of my co-workers husbands, planning his attack. This happens often. I step out and my heart went pitter patter - it was LA's Finest!! Yep - standing there looking so fine with a single rose and a card. How absolutely wonderful! Man this period right here - it's worth every messed up time you've ever had - just to go thru the first 8 weeks of meeting someone, lol. Especially, when they are excited as well. So we both skipped our happy asses out the building and took a little walk and did a little kissing and as I felt my legs getting weak, I knew it was time to go on back in the building. Having my "Waiting to Exhale Moment" I know he looking at my ass - I strolled on back in.

As the elevator closed I heard someone loud as hell calling my whole name like my Daddy. I open back up the elevator so 'Militant Facilities' can get his crazy behind in. He is my ace at the job, because we are eye to eye about keeblers, lol and he keeps me abreast of what's happening in the building. So of course - he's stood up on the balcony and peeped the whole thing - "Who is that Negro?! Look at You Miss Pam - putting yo thang down" I couldn't do nothing but laugh. He's a hot mess and he knows it.

Well the rest of that day was shot to hell - - What a wonderful gesture - - a man not afraid of the light.

(looking to my left and right, because I know haters and they smell blood) Yep, those who find my personality too 'soft' for them, whispered little things about it's always like this in the beginning, let's see if they make it past three months. Pam's too happy for her own good, she acting like a school girl. Hmmm, ain't that interesting - remember, it's just about time for me to do some winter cleaning, I'm taking names. It's always interesting, how happiness presents a threat to people. I'm just living my life like it's Golden Baby - sometimes it's shined up quite nicely and sometimes it's a bit tarnished, the goal is to recognize it's worth regardless.

Well I hope (I've done some skimming and I see some good stories developing from my blogfriends, lol) that your day went well - and regardless of recognition or not from others - I hope that YOU took a moment to validate how special YOU are.

Oh and.....

Was it wrong to tell AtlNewbian Sista to bring her PJ's Saturday - cause I don't think I'll be coming home? LOL LOL LOL

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