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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunset Monologue 157

Jerome Pass Me A Mirror

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That meme from the other day makes me want to add some new stuff to my MP3 player, which I will do after I finish this post.

Weekend went A-OK. Today is my Mother AND my oldest Niece's Birthday! Happy Birthday!

I hung out on Saturday with 'AtlNewbian'. We had a nice time. We did some thrifting and had lunch and then came back here and watched "Deuce Bigelow - European Gigolo" and that was a RIOT!

We also went to the mall and I had to acknowledge as we were walking around that I am going thru a serious ME period. Now rumor has it among the family unit that I am ALWAYS going thru a ME period, lol, however that's survival this is a real ME period that is based on just taking time out to celebrate and accept my damn self. I have been seeing clothes, jewelry, shoes, lingerie etc. that is just screaming my name and I want to continue treating myself to some things. This is a two-fold situation: (1) Gently turning so much of the focus off Queen Mini-me and enjoying some of the spoils of my own labor on myself and (2) I sometimes have 'hid' behind rhetoric to disguise my 'fear'. I spoke in a previous blog about my issue with the mall and how I was going to overcome that. Well alot of that revolved around 'body image' and the weight I've gained. I used to put off being cute and accepting me NOW waiting on that situation to rectify itself. Well no more. I know what looks good on me and compliments me - so why not do just that....compliment me. I like this feeling and I'm picking me up a couple more staple pieces (like I really need a pair of boot cut jeans) and take my size 16 ass right on up and beyond!

LA's Finest and I didn't connect this weekend - stuff a bit chaotic in his world, but he called and we talked a couple of times and I had to giggle that he called as he said to "check in and let me know what was up with him". It dawned on us both we've been dating a month now. Where did that time go? The crazy part is that up until this morning - I wasn't convinced he was really feeling me. That's how out of the loop I have been concerning the man woman thing. I'm still actually uptight in terms of, how freely can I feel to call, how freely can I feel to speak of him to others, how freely can I be with him. I'm so accustomed to stuff going to the left - - and that my friends is such a crying shame.

On another note, Mobetta (yes that's a name you haven't heard in awhile) has managed as ONLY an Alpha Male can even begin to conceive, to slowly and steadily start pulling himself from the prone position he's been in for months now. I am praying and have been praying for his speedy return and it seems as if it's working. We are in a space where because it became really taxing for a minute, we are kinda tipping around each other or at least he is tipping around me. He knows about the saying 'with each passing day'. I don't ever count him out of the equation because life can sure be funny sometimes and he's just that arrogrant, but right all's not really in the forefront of my mind..but who knows?

I've come to the realization that I am a soup/stew kinda person,lol I pulled out the remains of my Thanksgiving turkey I had froze and made some quite delicious Turkey Noodle soup this past week.
Tonite however, I felt like cooking so I whipped up some greens and bbq beef ribs and heated up some low fat freezer mac and cheese, lol It was a good Sunday Dinner.

At said dinner 'mini-me' slid a deficiency letter across the table for me to sign. Apparently she has a C in...HOMEROOM! What the Hell!? Of course the first thing up in this piece to go until I get some better understanding is.....TV, and I'm going to take the mix stick away in the evening. It says she's not doing or making up her homework, she swears there is no homework in homeroom. I'll get to the bottom of this. Silencing her world however, is the way to go.

Oh and to end this rambling mess, lol Is a picture of my first summer 2006 shoe purchase. Whew this is gonna look hot with a very cute dress. This might even make the birthday clothes change rotation.

and don't forget to watch our girl Raven in the Lifetime Movie "For One Night" premiering tomorrow on Lifetime at 9pm. Just in time for black history - let's INTERGRATE the prom!

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