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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 158

I'mma Let Him Check Up On It

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Vague: Not clearly expressed; inexplicit.; Not thinking or expressing oneself clearly;Lacking definite shape, form, or character

Now people, lol lol Let's look at my track record as outlined on the blogspot. You know why I am being vague about Broman, lol but, due to popular demand and the fact I am kinda excited - why not roll Bro out. If it goes left - it goes left.

Previously on the Blogspot:

I overheard some conversation he made at 'the club' and found it intriguing - so I sent a cocktail napkin over. Well time passed and I stopped hanging at the club, but in the beginning you do check in because as soon as you are gone is when folks start clamoring for your attention. It has been blossoming from that point.

This 37 year old divorcee, 5'11, dark dark chocolate, slim,but not thin brother we shall from this entry forward call "LA's Finest" because that's where he's from. He is a Brother with a plan working two jobs, owning a business and going to school in addtion to his role as Father and Step Father.

This weekend will make the third weekend we've gone out and we've already made tentative plans for the following weekend. Going out with this brother is such a pleasure to the senses. He always looks good (Ladies he wears cuff links - how sexy is THAT?!), he smells good, his conversation is wonderful and engaging and the following sentences have not come out of his mouth:

these questions consitute the most common questions asked of me by men I've met

He also is so attentive! I've had to totally revamp and move into the space where I can be the woman out on a date. He opens doors, holds my coat, let's me walk on the inside, plans every facet of the dates we've had, walks me to my car when it's over and opens that door for me, calls me to make sure I got home okay, calls me at least once daily to say hello, all those little things that you become used to not getting because it's always just a chess match to see how long you can avoid aggressive sexual overtures.

This is in it's infancy stages, but I feel good about it. He's been more focused, attentive, up front and consistent about his interest in four weeks than anyone I've tried to date in the past year. I look forward to hearing from him and want to date him some more. And did I say he was FINE!

So there you have it. I look no further than the following week and hope for the best. I have had no analytical stretch of over examining this. He could be the person who just sets the tipped over cart upright or he could be the one - don't know and don't care - I am just so enjoying the brother right here, right now.

Oh and definite bonus points go to the fact that (1) He likes Oxtails (2) His song is "Oh I think they like me" and (3) he's about perserving his sexiness. WORKS FOR ME!!

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