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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 70

People Make The World Go Round

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My Peeps! My Peeps! How's it hangin? If this weather don't make most of us sick, I tell yah! Last evening it was 31 degrees and it's like 64 right now, lol. I took me a mental health day today, I have time and I'm going to be using it - bump all that. Schools cool - I am finding it difficult about what the textbook says,lol. I am going to fight the urge to start examining things based on some stuff I read in the book, but it may pop up. As well as, I am not going to drag you all thru everyday of school, lol Just give me a minute to get used to....ok?

So last nite Mini-me shook her groove thang NOT LIKE THIS HOWEVER and it went well. I somewhat chuckle at the fact she wasn't raised in an environment where any real emphasis or praise was put on dancing - as a matter of fact - I'm of the school, you don't have to use your body in an enticing way to enjoy dancing etc. Well she can dance no question, but she's not....gut bucket (now that's an old school word) and so she's coming across 'rehearsed' because she has that 'moral electric fence' in effect. I spoke with her last evening giving her permission to move a bit closer to the fence - it's okay - but I know she won't.

So I'm sitting there on those hard ass bleaches (let me tell you, the so-called advantage of having a cushiony ass is LOST on bleachers, lol. I missed the girls game but got there just in time for the boys. There was a pretty good turnout to watch so it was quite lively.

Here is an equation I am boggled with: Boys+Sports+Men=JOE JACKSON - I just knew some boys were going to be moving cinderblocks last night because of mistakes. I am so intrigued at how men are so passionate about sports and about their boys performance when it comes to sports. Good Lawd! Also, I'm just gonna put it out there - females need to find other Athletic endeavors that are less de-feminizing. Those young girls looked like DUDES walking around the gym, not a feminine bone in em - A whole gym full of Cleo's or something, lol. What happened to home economics? Those were the days.

Today was Mini-me's honor roll program. She aced 6 A's and 1 B this quarter. They had a whole damn instruction manual to try to encourage the kids to (1) Act accordingly and (2) Dress Accordingly - well I gave both a grade of C. It said in big bold underlined letters - NO JEANS! Are some parents never interacting with their children about these things? Why was everyone on the speaking panel in JEANS. I would have chosen other students on the spot and SAVE the - this is all they had to wear - not on them - on their PARENTS. My only other 'issue' was with the right of passage of....wearing heels. I know these young ladies are now bigger than say we were at 12-14 and their feet, good grief! Mini-me and I wear an 8, however, 12 year old need not wear spiked heels..sorry. A small stacked heel is fine, but their ankles are not ready yet and they have not mastered shifting their weight properly to accommodate heels. Those girls were all walking crippled!! and on a slippery gym floor at that. Otherwise it was a nice event. We had a recption afterwards in the media center (for old heads the library, lol). Then the girls begged the principal to eat off campus so we took them to Wendy's and then back to school.

Next up - - the grocery. Ever look in folks carts - especially Keeblers? It's so funny sometimes. I am like what in the world - their grocery bills must be $15 a month. During the day apparently white collar keeblers don't work, so that is who filled the grocery store. Buying their whole grains, wheat, seltzered water, tofu, and other macrobiotic fare that will certainly prevent them from having a negroid ass and keep them here just long enough to outlive one of our Crisco for dayslives, lol.

It made me look in my cart and it wasn't too bad - I had brown rice/spaghetti, lean ground beef, healthy choice chicken noodle soup, fresh broccoli, stew beef and stew veggies for Sunday, no soda, no sugar, navy beans - but they did have Mayfield Icecream 10/$10 so I got some chocolate and butter pecan, but I bought the pints and I intend to eat it correctly. For awhile now it's not been about WHAT I'm eating, it's been about HOW MUCH of what I'm eating. I'm now on phase II of rolling it back which deals with portions and I'm back testing at least twice a day and taking my meds - so next is just getting my body moving. I do know that I am sufficiently 'disgusted' with food and that's the point I wanted to get to. So we'll see.....

Somewhere in all of my people watching - I was suppose to meet a Bro referenced in the previous monologue (he's the one where I felt like I would be rejected). This negro must really be used to that little thing I talk about - where women make GREAT pains to meet a man and as you know - I ceased doing that - if your intention is strong enough we'll both make an effort. This is I don't know the fourth time or so that, I've basically been stood up and then he tries to make me drop everything to come to him....we've never even had a real conversation - well now I'm tired of the whole thing - I'mma let that drift away.

Well folks - what a rambling entry this was, lol. See Ya'll lata!

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