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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sunset Monologue 147

Who's The Shiznit?!

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I AM THAT'S WHO!! I had this thought in the car; this society is set up to worship a particular kind of person for something and the rest of us - are just flitting around constantly looking for validation. Well I declare today


Use this as a Kinda Meme - the first one for 2006 and write you a blog entry on why you are the bomb! Tell us why you love...YOU - an example is TopMackNigga - this Bro expounds on his greatness DAILY and I appreciate it. It makes me feel good by default. So look in the mirror, look at your scrapbook of accolades, your best porn shots (lol), your Maya Angelou Poems, think about what makes you fabulous and tell us all about it...OKAY!!

I'ma bad Sista. I am cute as all hell with my pretty slightly almond shaped brown eyes and my cherub face that really doesn't show alot of signs of age. I love the way my facial features are put together. I like the fact my lips are full, yet thin. I have a wonderful smile that lights up a room. If I'm smiling then usually I'm laughing and it's a genuine laught and quite infectious.

I have been blessed with great tight skin (thanks to my parents) and so it's quite taunt, even though I'm a bit fluffy - I am not jiggly. I love the fact that when I fall seductively on the bed with a paramour, my entire body hits the bed at one time and my bosom doesn't hit the mattress, lol. The 38's still got some distance to go before they lose their shape.

I have a more rump roast kinda ass and not the bubble. It does the job and is quite feminine - I enjoy the way I swish a bit when I walk - I'm a woman dammit! Lord do I have a great pair of legs! They are firm and my ankle (like my wrist) are so delicate. Which reminds me of what great hands I have. Natural nails that grow out already manicured it seems. They showcase rings from small to large perfectly.

One of my better personality traits is that I can cheer folks up. I am a great listener and give great advice. I genuinely care about black people and our plight and our issues on a group and individual basis. I'm always available to my friend old and new for counseling or just to be a sounding board.

My mind is sharp! It is constantly whirling, looking at situations, examining outcomes etc. etc.

My culinary skills are great! I enjoy cooking and entertaining from standing rib roast to leg of lamb, I might go in the kitchen and knock it out. I am more satisfied with others enjoying than I am with me enjoying what I prepare.

I am a ride and die chick. I'm all about playing Robin to my Batman and if he's bringing a program I can submit to - then he got himself a woman. I like to make my man feel special and appreciate him for what he's bringing to the table and not what society keeps saying he SHOULD be bringing.

I love me some blackmen and you can't say but so much about him negatively. Brothers enjoy conversing, dealing and relating with me (speaking of friends now) because I try to remain balanced when looking at the situation and I am not about trying to disrespect or exault myself above him - he the Man and I'm comfortable with that and thus he's comfortable around me.

I'm a damn good momma. I sacrifice and look at all angles of life in order to present a positive image to mini-me.

I'm passionate, sensual, loving, touching, gifted, talented, corny, cuddly,fabulous...


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