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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sunset Monologue 141

I's A Student!

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Yes People! I followed thru. I mustered up the courage to step out and at 39 1/2 I'm back in school. I'm excited. I've needed a brain boost and I'm sure I'll get it. I start January 17th with my first class being Psych - Self Assessment. Now that should send me over the edge, lol. I can just turn in my blog, lol. I'll be getting my B.A. in two years in Organizational Management with a concentration in Primary Education. I would like to teach but the Organizational Management degree from an unorganized person sounds so intriguing, lol. Who knows might go into H.R. or something. It's never to late and I'll deal with the money as it comes up.

Speaking of Psych - Self Assessment. I am wondering why my love affair with food has been so strong lately. It's not that I'm necessarily overeating (ok maybe I am a little bit) but I am really turing to food and I need to figure out why and quickly. I honestly think that I have a low continous drip mainlined in my body of.....depression. I don't think it's traditional depression but it's boredom with life depression. When nothing is moving in my life - food gives me excitement. I have to figure out how to expel these feelings instead of inhaling them. I have GOT to get off my ass and get my body moving! I don't know why it's so hard this time. I have got to do it! I'll be having conversations with myself in my written journal to get that in gear. Cause food modification no longer really works - I am going to have to get the ole heartrate up.

I did some 'stats' at the club, because in having a conversation it was asked am I aggressive? Do I sit back in the corner and wait to be approached. Hmmm -

Been visiting the club for a little over a month:

Hmmmm - maybe I should change my placecard to "Lickemwell", say I'm bi-sexual, and show some ass.....what ya'll think? I think I'll just quietly leave, lol. I got other stuff on my plate now and that's a good thing.

Let me leave you with this:

Imagine my surprise when way out in Jonesboro at the Walmart I ran across a BEEF TONGUE! I snatched that bad boy right up. My longing for NY was on and poppin. It's actually a Jewish Delicacy, however, I've been eating it since I was little. My mom used to make it and just have it sliced with a small cup of mustard and we would go in the Fridge and get some, lol. Later on in life I found out my Great Grandfather was Jewish so that's where she got it from, lol

So you boil this bad boy (after cleaning) in water with seasonings (like peppercorns etc.) for a couple of hours. Let it sit and 'set' then refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

Next you cut off the underside and then let it rest again then you peel the taste buds etc. off.

Then you get you some FRESH Rye Bread from the bakery, some heavy grainy NY mustard and maybe some pastrami or cornbeef and thinly slice and make you one hell of a sandwich. Add chips, a pickle or some slaw - and you got it baby!


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