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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 65

It don't be all bad

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Yah dig that horrible bad english in the title don't cha? LOL What's up peeps! Another daytime blog entry. Have to mix it up a bit yah know. Well let's not dilly dally, I feel 'talkative' today.

  • GRRRR! I'm hot! I got my ebay bought cellphone in the mail yesterday. I was soo excited! I open the box and it had the word cricket on it, I'm thinking it's the store she bought it from. I call Metro and they verify the phone can be used and so I'm like well hook a sista up....SCREECHHHHH! Can't use the phone. I'm confused, but you just said that this phone is compatible with your system - long story short - I have non-sim card based service and so in order for the phone to work, I have to have a phone on the same system, not just a compatible phone! Non-sim card phones can't be 'unlocked'. So I contacted the seller who prior to the sale was very responsive but now is NOT. Whateva! I looked up this 'cricket' and it's more a midwest thing. So I'm just going to list the phone myself and be very specific about who can use the phone.

  • Which means...I'm still on the hunt for a phone. This time, I am watching phones and I'm asking for ALL the numbers under the battery before I bid. Now I have to wait though cause my money is hella funny!

  • Why does Biggie A.D. not have as much impact or relevance as Tupac A.D.?

  • The Chappelle Theory - read it and get a true headache, lol

  • Mini-me is getting excited about going home. The paper says snow Christmas morning - I hope not, that's when she flies out. I called to pay the 'unescorted child fee' and they said at 12 - I don't need to and I'm like but who is going to walk my baby to the gate and keep an eye on her and make sure she's given to the right person when she arrives in Philly?! What 12 year old is just traveling without absolutely no adult supervision?! I paid the fee, lol

  • You know sometimes we can recall with vivid detail, everything that goes wrong in a relationship. The folder for that person is full of stuff but the things we pull up first AFTER the fact are all the bad things. In the car this morning, I was listening to some Howard Hewitt and thinking about good times with Brothers I've known. I can't even front - I haven't had alot of drama filled relationships. Things just usually drift off either due to the religious cross-roads, or they aren't ready to take it someplace else and the like. I've had a cheating episode (him not me) , but even that was (based on some drama I read about) a 3 on the drama scale, lol So because I feel like rambling and I'm so excited that Serial Dater has decided to finish some of his stories - I wanna talk about me, bros and the good times.

    Of course I'll start with a 'Mobetta' story. Ya'll know we met on line, but the very first time we met face to face was funny. We had been talking a good six months when he had to come to Atlanta on business. He extended his trip and I went to pick him up. I was sooo nervous but excited at the same time. I came into the complex where his business partner stayed and he met me at the front gate. He got out the car and I got out the car and it was like wow, we are actually standing in front of each other! We got in the car and all the nervousness melted away and we both exhaled and got to talking. He was much more built than his pictures allowed and Thank God I was alot thinner than my pictures allowed (still am dammit!). I had planned a great weekend for us. I wanted to do something 'different' and not be all about the floss etc. So I took him to this little restaurant called EATS. They have the best jerk chicken in this whole city and they are dirt cheap. 1/2 a chicken two sides 6 bucks. As we stood in line - very very casually, he started bumping into me in a sexual way. I couldn't do anything but laugh. We sitting eating and my cell phone is blowing up and I had to admit it was my 'get out the date' contact (janet). We had a good laugh on that as we both ignored each of our phones ringing, lol. At the time I had never had a man visit me from out of town that I had met on the net. I wasn't quite sure how it was suppose to go, but we were soo comfortable with each other (hell all that time we logged online and the phone). Back at the house is when my nervousness got going again. We got all comfortable and what not and I put on "The Best Man". Morris Chestnut would certainly relax me, especially when the man sitting next to me was finer, lol. That's when we had our first kiss - which I burst out laughing from nervousness. Then he excused himself to go to the bathroom. I was sitting there and as Morris came on the screen - I looked up and this man came around the corner from my bathroom with PJ bottoms and no shirt. To this day that image is BURNED IN MY MIND. I didn't know he was going to come out like that! I'm over here now grinning like a fool. 5'10, Wesley Snipes black, 225 solid and even (no chicken legs). Me and this man here! We had the best weekend! We went to The King Center, The APEX museum, we walked Auburn Avenue just chillin, talking, we had fish and bean pies and the vibe and groove was great. That began a relationship that spanned three years back and forth between our states. We had better times on my turf than his (we always fell out about his shady ways at his house, lol). I remember one time, no lie we stayed on the phone 9 hours. Who the hell has that much to talk about, lol. We spent time with the kids. We brought in the New Year asleep on my floor where I had decorated the house, We took long drives in his town looking at homes etc. THE RELATIONSHIP POSITIVE: We had (have) the best friendship I ever had and the relationship is based on that. as well as our uncanny knack for communication.

    I was the front desk receptionist at a job and in walks 'Fireman'. He took one look at me and decided I was going to be with him. I was fighting it tooth and nail. I wasn't sure if I liked him like that. He had some cute bowed legs but he was so abrupt. You know women - it can be something odd that will finally melt our resolve. Mine was he asked for my number everyday and I turned him down, well one time I said it backwards, very flippantly as he was walking out the door. Later on that evening he called me. Memory like that - deserves a bit of conversation. We were like night and day and though I always felt like I needed to check his pulse - we had this incredible heat. My fondest memory is one time we got in an elevator together and I could almost see the sparks. Elevator broke. We stuck - he attached it to our connection, lol. That was his running line from that moment on. I can't really say much about our actual relationship - I learned some things sho nuff, but I throughly liked our flirtation process. THE RELATIONSHIP POSITIVE:He made me think.

    To come home and see a car parked right at your front window, grass be damned was something I became used to messin round with 'marriageminded'. Our relationship went quickly - we had spoken, lost touch and reconnected. Because he lived very close to me - we just kinda started kicking it. He was a very open person - wanted to know and wanted you to know. He had no problem with you showing up at his home. He was the one man where I spent time more over his home than mine and it was REFRESHING. Mini-me and I would go over afterwork (one of three instances in her life where she was involved in the relationship as well). He would cook dinner for us and we would just chill over his house. He had no cable or nothing, but we had a good time. We would have the oddest dates, lol Like we would go to the dollar store and just shop. He also has been the ONLY man who has ever contributed to my household that didn't live with me. He would say get a cart and I was able to stock up on supplies etc. He was a pack rat on this kinda thing and wanted me to be as well, lol. We would have dates at the farmers market or mall dates where we would just hang out at these stores. We were always in the streets or at each others homes etc. I enjoyed the genuine attention. THE RELATIONSHIP POSITIVE:He took good 'care' of me and the experience of a man not being 'afraid' of relationships and family was a good one.

    So now of course I have just as much to say about what was/is wrong with these relationships, but sometimes people want and need to know that they were appreciated and this for me is letting these brothers know that while things went to the left and what happened happened and it was just not meant to be I welcomed you into my life and through it all took something positive away and as you reflect, I hope that you can say you got something positive from me that hopefully we all are using as we continue on this journey.

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