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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sunset Monologue 134

The Sweet Taste of Happiness

Blog Musical Mood: "Georgia" - Ludacris

Happiness Meter: 10

It's harder thinking up the corny references to being happy than actually performing the act. It's quite interesting how alot of things in our lives are just decisions. We can DECIDE to be miserable or we can DECIDE not to be. As soon as that idea fills the brain cavity, whatever it may be our bodies and souls take it on. The decision to be happy should be REQUIRED at least once a month, lol It's quite a oool way to be. It does wonders for the stress in your shoulders as well.

  • Well folks I got a 85% good review! To only feel the lashes of a wet leather whip instead of the one with nails is refreshing.

  • While riding in the car today - I thought about Trading Spouses last nite. The thing that aggravated me is that I don't have the LUXURY of not knowing anything about them. It's not an option for me and I'd like it to be.

  • Cumisha Jones and I are getting along fine. I have taken more control over the situation because quite frankly - I just can't go out like that. Cumisha however has other ideas, lol lol. I am continuing talks with HER and HIM so everything looks quite delicious - I like cumisha however; expanding my personality zone is cool; I won't pick up more than three however - don't wanna look crazy, lol

  • I really wonder what the new year has in store for me

  • What's with this new conversation men expounding on they just like deriving pleasure in pleasing a woman, no need to please them. If that isn't a Ray Ray the mack line, I don't know what is. Sex is about the sharing of pleasure, get you a doll if you just want me to lay there and be selfish. I think it's a thinly veiled excuse to exonerate oneself from the possibility emotions might get involved. Look at yourself as a tool to a woman's pleasure instead of a receiver of pleasure deeper than a nut

  • Freakygoodman must have been sitting around in my mind lately, lol lol He hit the nail on the head with this one

  • I'm downloading as I type another movie a friend gave me......

  • Is it cold in Decatur or WHAT?! A Fireplace and man hands rubbing my booty are needed items this evening,lol Fuck the hot chocolate, lol

  • If someone could expound on exactly how do you relax, release and get in touch with that part of you than can allow your sexual needs to stay at the top of your list - I'd appreciate it. I"m not clowning on anyone, but there are folks who feel comfortable after one date - who can call someone and say 'come over' with no qualms and I am not one of them - I want to know, what mechanism does a person use and ultimately is it positive - I await some responses

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