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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunset Monologue 130

Rambling Thru the Happiness

Blog Musical Mood: Eyes Without A Face - Billie Idol

Happiness Meter: 10 (on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being curled up in a knot and 10 being floating on air)

A great Monday it was. I don't want this euphoria to stop. First of all because I don't know WHY I am in such a centered place - but it's nice and Second because it just allows one to function better.

All kinds of Short Bursts happened today, pre-empting my original subject flow - I might have to double up tomorrow, lol

  • Found Out that my Brother will be a speaker at Saviours Day 2006 in Baltimore next February - so now I have to drive up there - which brings me to the headache I'm going to have getting to that point as my Mom bothers me about buying regulation uniforms, as I cram for a Religion Cliff Notes before that time and prepare myself for the smile and front. Lawd help me now!

  • In the same token my mom got digital cable and announced to me that she's been watching the LOGO Channel - by the way if you want to see the interview that Sheryl Swoops did with the Advocate go HERE) Now this means that the channel has OFFICIALLY become mainstream, lol I will NOT be talking to my mom about Noah's Arc...Speaking of

  • Why is the season finale this week? Um, I was just getting started

  • Prince will be pulling a Mike and premiering his new song at 11pm est on ALL VH-1 Channels; I'll be up for that

  • Why have I been just a giggling as I watch Keith Boykin do his thing on Logo this weekend (as you can tell - it's replacing Lifetime Channel for Women, lol); I feel like I 'know' someone on TV

  • Why I love the Net - put a call out for some porn that didn't include Rick James music and curl and got me two new things to peruse - I still have the link - email me if you want it

  • Why did I win my first bid on EBAY!!! It was just what I wanted to, a new cell phone (told ya'll I was going to upgrade). Now as we know I have Metro Piece Ca Shit (Metro PCS) and so the phone are not cutting edge anyway - therefore I was not spending no real money - but I had the Metro starter phone, that was one cord short of a set of tin cans. I just wanted to look like I was up on it more than anything else and can a sista get a darn ringtone, lol. So I was messin around and saw a Audiovox CDM 8900 that was like $35.00 with like 25 minutes left on the bid. I read over it - and then I called the provider to make sure they could cut that bad boy on and gave them the serial number to make sure it wasn't stolen and I just bid. Won it for $42.00!! I'm soo excited. So of course I went and looked at some reviews and no it's not capable of moving the space hubble but it will work for me, considering I use my cell phone once a day - twice tops! I have a digital camera so the camera will be for odd stuff at best. I have five days to pay for it - I'll get that worked out, lol. So now I hope that I am not going to become a EBAY casualty, lol Next up That's so Raven outfit for Mini-me, they don't sell them here.

  • I've been Yahoo Launchcasting and comparing 1980's R&B to 1990's R&B and hmmmm...I am remembering why I switched Genre's for most of the 80's. Not good, Thank God for the Madonna's, Billy Idol's, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, Howard Smith and countless others of the decade.

  • So I was chilling at the 'club' having a drink and saw someone I thought was attractive. I sent them a note by the 'bartender' and eventually they answered and I was intrigued because they answered with some familiarity and I had been gone for awhile. So I responded and then they say "I don't know if I should feel bad you don't remember me seeing as we saw each other almost daily for almost 4 years." I'm racking the old brain cause I don't forget fineness and then they identifed themselves - I went to High School with him. He sure wasn't at the reunion,lol. My face was C-R-A-C-K-E-D though. Hmmm, I pushed up on Bro in response - I'll see about this one

  • Where the hell is my paypal password?!

  • I'm writing and thinking about my year end wrap up and I'll be rolling that out in the next week or so - this should be interesting, lol

  • I put up a flare for an airline hookup - I'll see what happens there

  • My Niece has embraced her Maternal Grandfathers Cuban Heritage and now says she Afro-Cuban, I'm sure by the time mini-me gets back she'll be Carribbean since her Paternal Grandfather comes from Grenada, lol

  • Well at 12:01 am (I'm not sure if this is est or pst) but I'll flicker my lights for Tookie :( I'm not sure WHY I wanted him to be spared - I can't sit here and say I was all knowledgeable on Tookie and his doings, I live in the South. I saw the movie and it was boring to me, but this seems kinda flimsy - -

  • I have been checking my referrer feature of my count (thanks Marz for doing it and making me check out mines) - I am being discovered thru some unique avenues and I like that

  • What's up with all the pop-ups coming thru Blogger!?

  • Spoke with Rosalind (an OB - Original Blogger, lol) about getting the Black Bloggers Community Board back up and running. I think it's needed so we can speak and socialize outside of our blog universe. Blackgayblogger hipped me to the fact that very little of African Descent is nominated for blogger awards. Glad as well we have our own (hint hint for next year, lol).

  • I am going to put back up my links etc. Just haven't had the time or patience

  • Well let me wrap up a few more things and go to bed. Mini-me debuts with the Orchestra tomorrow eveing at 7pm. I'll be on with pictures tomorrow :)

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