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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sunset Monologue 122

Oh Hell We Only Got 30 Days!

Blog Musical Mood: We Are The World

With the hour and fifteen minutes left of World Aids Day, I don't have any links, any stories etc. Just STRAP THAT SHIT UP, CLOSE YO DAMN LEGS IF THEY OPEN JUST BECAUSE and GET TESTED!!, Hmm, that was base and full of holes Pam, lol - You get the drift though peeps, take care of yourself, you're the only you you got.

I hope you like the Emperor's New Clothes! I was tooling around, found this 'coat' and had to put it on. The earthtones totally vibe with my aura. I'll be fixing things up over the weekend to the left - but enjoy!

Score one for the Non-Hoochie! Tonite on Making the band the girls in the booty shorts and gold lame' tank tops got boo'ed while the girls dressed in costumes left over from Mike and Paul's 'Say Say Say' set rocked! Know your audience! The BackStreet Boys.....HELLO! Young girls and what do women do to other women - - HATE!! LOL! So why come dressed showing how fit you are? Hmmmm - Diddy - I'll leave my phone number with your Assistant.

I like Blogging trends, we all get on a topic and I love it - I'm particularily intrigued by the abundance of mastubation conversation - all hail the B.O.B.! LOL

At what point do I just say NO MO NEW BLOGS!! I am so overwelmed with the scope of 'sound' coming from so many black folks. I thought the 'revolution' was going to be televised on Nude Africa - I guess that's just the halftime show,lol

I am getting a vision; Joan -------> Ellis -------> Brock and I'll just leave it at that.

Need to check the 'feeling' I keep getting because Mini-me has to end up staying up till 11 or so doing homework etc. She's getting older...this house is getting smaller...I'm feeling...I need some space.

Quote I'll be working into some conversation soon: "Right Now I'm the fourth baddest bitch in America" - Bre, America's Next Top Surreal Life Contestant Model.

December 1st - where did the year go? Bring out the straight up psychosis. I'mma tell you up front; I don't know as of yet the following: My best song/movie/book/story/news clip/singer/dancer/actress/actor of the year, so don't ask! I might not even have one. I also have not made up any resolutions and I'm pretty much not going to - Just keep the pilot light lit God - that's all I ask.

It's like December 1st hits and our brains starts burning to DVD all the shit we've done in the year and plops those bad boys in one by one for us to review. I don't wanna review! I know the good bad and ugly. My stats have been PITIFUL this year, end and out of the bedroom and I am purposely cranking up my mental instability into high gear, lol. I had to have a serious talk with myself in my diary (the one you won't see, lol) and basically it shut itself and said step on with that bullshit, lol lol. Now that's foul.

I stopped eating meat today for the next 31 days as well, for those in the know it's Ramadan for the Nation of Islam (well those that are following the Messenger as taught by The Messenger). I can't fast because of the diabetes, but I try to do better and only cuss and drink after dark. I also began taking my medicine and eating much less. I have been so to the left concerning my diabetes - only by the grace of God can I sit here and say I'm getting back on track.

Overall on a scale from 1-10 my productivity has been 2. How ignant is that?! I basically have been a YODA. I gots to get it together. It's like I became complacent and the only thing that really has stayed stimulated (other than my self deprived loins) has been my brain.

I think my goal this past year has been to just stay awake, lol. Folks making moves and doing things and I've spent one half the year making up financially for the previous year and the rest getting in the hole for 2006. I've talked myself out of a couple of relationships while the ghost of "mobetta" past continues to haunt my ass - if I splash arsenic on the screen and just start licking my words will I be taken out of my misery?


Whew! That sure was an easy slide into a bottle of Vodka. I have to focus on the upcoming year. Yes this year has been one of complacency, martyrism and neglect but that's the beauty of God, his Beneficence and Mercifulness - He'll actually spare you and give you another day to try it again. I intend to do that. I know there is a purpose for me to be on this earth. I know that me sticking as best I can to my principles, values and morals in the face of GREAT temptation is for a reason. I can't have been allowed to live 39 1/2 years to just be the recap for television shows, lol.

I gotta find my place, my role, my peace, my vibe, my other half, my steelo!

A couple of random Awww Damn!

I have yet to fully deal with the fact that Michael Jackson is now living in Bahrain and probably becoming Muslim. I know he had to leave but it was always comforting to know he was at Neverland drinking Jesus Juice and doodling little pictures of my name for a future song.

I am going to probably come out as a new alter-ego for 2006 - Because when yours takes over and and you fighting with it like The Nutty Professor, it's time to get you a new younger model. Janet is real but Mariah........

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