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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sunset Monologue 115

Back That Thang Up

Blog Musical Mood: It's A Family Affair - Sly and the family stone

Well due to the fact that my niece and nephew did so poorly on their report cards (which included for both of them 2 F's a piece) My brother effectively CANCELLED Thanksgiving - so my table settings went from 13 to.....3 - except I bought food for 13!!

But I won't let that phase me - we still thankful! Refroze the piece of meat - Have started the water to blanch and freeze half the fresh stringbeans I bought and It's still ONNNN up in here!

However, I had this nervous energy because my meal size has been so reduced I can do it all in one day. So I boiled my potatoes and cooked my macaroni noodles but otherwise I've kinda sat around today. I don't even have to do a level one cleaning, lol lol.

In the meantime - the festivities have started in Studio S (which is what I call Mini-Me's room) - the joys of childhood!

Take yah time baby - you got PLENTY of time to be grown!!

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