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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunset Monologue 114

Opps I threw the baby out too

Blog Musical Mood: Heaven - Kem

Whew! Ok, how do you rip 200+ songs and stay stuck on one? Kem's song is KILLING ME!! Are these emotions only WRITTEN by Brothers and never experienced in a first hand way? How can a feeling so deep as love not be something on a man's immediate plate? I'm angry and don't even know who to be angry with - because my man is in pain as well. I read blog after blog after blog and there is such an emptiness both male and female, gay or straight as we try to get that void in our life filled. Who can I blame for this? I surely didn't create this all by myself. What is it a black woman can do so that a blackman can begin to explore FEELING again? Such weight I tell yah, such weight.

Ok so why is the wind whipping up in this piece. I hear loose branches falling on the house. I just hope one doesn't land someplace and come on inside. I got $32 till next Friday and that's promised to someone, lol Damn!

Ever been sitting in your car chewing gum like you are in a competition with a cow - look over and "hello I'm fine" is sitting in the next car, lol lol You try to overcorrect and bite your damn tongue - well of course you can add this with my falling off the commode story - just a day in the life of Pam!

I was watching Boomerang this weekend as well (decided to visit Eddie when he was actually looking like Johnny Gill, lol) and I fell out laughing when Eddie quit Lela Rochon because her feet were messed up. It got me to thinking (and yes this is a 180 from the above wailing paragraph but don't you love having that option) - that we all have a list of things that basically are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It's funny what we will deal with and some of the crazy stuff we won't. Nobody can tell us we are off our rocker either.

I decided to have some fun this evening my dear friends and run down some of my toplines's keep me single, that equal that for me.

Well those are a few things that I will just disqualify you for, lol.

I thought about if I were out on the boards again - what would I say - how would I weed out the riff raff and possibly meet someone who sparked my interest - because that ball is in my court, here is what I came up with:

A Normal Everyday Ordinary Sista

I'm intelligent, savvy, short, funny witty and yes I'm plump and cute

Not gay or bi and not interested in either

Not Christain - I believe in God and am God Fearing; NOI is where my foundation lies, spiritual not religious is where my head is at - I don't do Xmas, Easter, Church, Whitemen or Pork.

I am a work in progress (traveling with carry on's and not trunks and uhauls of baggage), but if my work would be a hinderance or a burden to your journey (since you do have it all together) - I understand

Sorry I'm not interested in rounding out you and your wife or girlfriends relationship - it's disrespectful and I don't contribute to the breakdown of the black family.

Not sure if I'm trying to catch, but I'm totally single.

If the conversation is interesting - I'd love to chat.

OK OK - Back to the drawing board (though I think this would turn some personal ad site upside down, lol)

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