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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sunset Monologue 109

Precursor to the rest of my life

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I am sitting over here with my mouth hanging open. Got my new MP3 Player! It holds 500 songs! I am going to leave my number with a few people, because now I am going to be OBSESSED with filling this thing up, lol.

I know why this week is going to be hard - it could go on forever, lol. I got more stories than Moses! I PROMISE I will try to make them not so long.

I was sitting outside one day on my porch just chillin and reading - when I saw this boy ride past on his bike. Everyday occurance, but he had on a cast to his thigh. I went out to the street and flagged him down because I was intrigued with that and thus began another great teenage love jones chapter. The sparks flew and he immediately became my boyfriend like that day, lol lol. It wasn't until like a month later that I found out he was like 13 1/2!! LOL LOL Hell he was taller than me and played varsity football, lol. We spent alot of time hugged up walking around in the Apartment complex. You remeber those strolls - hands in each others back pockets, walking like Laverne and Shirley, lol. I babysat for a woman who was hardly ever there, so that afforded me plenty of time to see my beau. I would arrive, she would leave, he would arrive, we would get rid of kid and get to grinding, lol. All we did was make out. We made out on every piece of furniture in that woman's house, lol. He flunked, got kicked off the team and his family moved and that was that.

D.R. lived upstairs from me. He was best friends with G.W. Now G.W. was fine as frog hair and knew it not to mention he was the GAME ROOM KING! He used to walk around in his short short jogging pants with the thick white seam and three stripe gym socks and just be the shit! He had the high score on Centipede, Dig Dug, and Pacman! Now D.R. genuinely liked me, but I was soo stuck on G.W. however, I did like D.R. So whenever I felt like there was no hope of G.W. ever noticing me, D.R. and I were a couple. Me and that boy would get into some of the weirdest trouble.

One night I was suppose to be doing the dishes - he came to the backdoor and I came on out and we started necking, I mean going at it, lol. Next thing I know the back door flew open and......SPLASH a dishpan full of dishwater hit us full on, served by my Momma!! My little Brotha had told her I was out back 'doing the nasty' LOL LOL LOL We just stood there soaking wet, before he ran upstairs and I ran in the house. That didn't stop us though.

We were necking on the couch in my apartment and ended up leaning back on the couch. He had on some shorts and I did too. He got up to reposition himself and all I saw was the BIGGEST TENT IN HIS SHORTS I had ever seen in my life. I don't know, he didn't have no drawers on or something. I screamed "what is that?!" Pushed him and he landed square in the middle of my momma glass table (you know the one with being held up by the elephant base). Lawd that table cracked seamlessly in two. We both looking at each other like awww shit, what we gonna do - so I suggest that we throw the table away and I'll move the two end tables to the front - like my momma wasn't going to see that!! Two weeks punishment - and I didn't tell her what really happen either......

Soo FINALLY in the 11th grade after I paid my brother $5.00 to go in the gameroom and ask him G.W. was taking me to the prom! We went to my prom and his prom. My mom rented a 1983 Burgandy Regal for my prom and we ate at Steak and Ale off one plate cause he didn't have alot of money. I don't even remember what we did after the his prom was nice. We actually double dated with D.R. who spent alot of time telling me how beautiful I was. After the prom we went to the drive in on Moreland Ave (lawd which is still open today) to see Evil Dead, lol lol. Of course it had to get interesting. We sitting parked at the beginning of the complex - - making out. I liked this boy so much and though he showed interest, we didn't have the same sparks that me and D.R. had. We making out and off comes my shoes, off comes my pantyhose and as his HOT HOT hand crept up my long long dress. SCREECH!!! Pon De Replay! Can't do it! and I remember I said "Hey what you doing, I'm not THAT TYPE OF GIRL".....

As I walked the long pavement getting to my apartment, I stopped behind the bushes and put my stockings and what not back on. I remember working on the lie about how my mom took to long to get to the door he pulled off to make his curfew....the next day D.R. and I sat on his steps and I told him what happened and I'll never forget he said "I would have made the prom special for you".

Two weeks into Sr. Year G.W. became a up and coming baby daddy (that sperm had my name on it - glad I didn't set it free!). D.R. and I remained close and he took me to the Debutante Ball as my escort. He was quite handsome, a perfect gentleman and I had a wonderful time. I ran into him later on in life and he was another one, I should have gave some, but I was married by then. :)

The summer before my Sr. Year my new victim interest was my older Brothers best friend. He drove all the way down from Philly to take me to my Sr. Prom and since he was one year out of school, this was H-O-T!! I was just my little Bros sista to him and I cried because there were no sparks at my Sr. Prom.

Whew! Next up.....The man who got the motherlode!

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