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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 60

I'm Gonna Phuck You Up!

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WHY THE HELL MUST YOU DO THAT AT 7:30 ON A SUNDAY MORNING!! As I stook outside on my porch yelling at the keeblers across the street, I wondered, was this going to be indictive of my day. The wind was freezing my ass but to be suddenly awaken by some mofo who has decided to chop firewood that early in the morning made me not really conscious of that. So now they standing looking crazy cause I got their attention. There was some mumbled convo that they best be glad I didn't hear, because I really felt like taking that chain saw and practicing the carving of my Thanksgiving turkey on their ass! Damn! It was too late - I was up, tried to go back to dreaming the sexy dream I was having NO! tried to just go back to sleep NO! So I just turned on the TV. Even now at after 11, I feel like my morning was cut short. I don't sleep during the day (I'm not a nap person) so I will just keep on keeping on.

I Broke Her Off, which basically begins the further decline of my morning. I really don't understand the brain capacity of a dick. I really would like a Discovery Channel special on the mental capacity and body controlling power of the male dick. Because obviously it is true - it has a mind of it's own and it renders otherwise sane men insane.
I REBUKE THEE!! I'm real tired of the story - I got a lady, I love her, I know another lady who is begging me to be with her, I don't even like this lady, she's got 'issues' she showed up unannounced, she paged my dick and he was like let's go, I said wait let me put my real brain in the freezer so it won't go bad while we're gone - I'd like to be able to recall my lady's name when we get back, she looked so pitiful standing there in her drawers, she would have put an ad in the NY Times if I had refused I broke her off. My 'gift' she said she bought me I'll pick up when we have lunch tomorrow - PAGING TERRY MCMILLIAN!! PAGING JONATHAN PLUMMER!! PAGING SOMEBODY!! (Glad It Wasn't Anyone I know personally.

My Mouth is Watering! I am soooo ready to get it crunk for Thanksgiving!! It's right around the corner and I'm planning my menu etc. Of course this will make a wonderful series of blog entries, lol lol. Our first Thanksgiving together...How Special, lol lol lol Be on the lookout for that!

Friday made 8 years I've re-lived here in Atlanta. My how time flies. I remember packing the Jetta up and me and mini-me hitting the road. I had to get out of Philly and coming back to where I was raised was the perfect answer. My Northern light still shines - it always will because the vibe of the North is the best vibe I've ever encountered, but I loves my South. It was as if I was suppose to celebrate this little anniversary, because I had a moment where the last friend I had in Philly and the first friend I had here - both collided and we all went out to lunch yesterday.

When you have alot of siblings, as you go thru the ranks you meet ALOT of people. You all have your own friends etc. etc. who all comnigle and come in and out of your lives. If you all hit dating age, then you encounter the proverbial girl/boy friends and the even more proverbial...Ex's. These two sistas represent Ex's who stayed Current in my life. So what my Bro's are no longer with them, I liked them so I kept em around, lol lol. Well "Lioness" and "Mama" have been varying forms of friends of mine for years. I met "Mama" in the wha....8th grade. and "Lioness" in college.

We had a great day! I really was happy to see them both and we had a good lunch (which means I found yet another banging drink served at Smokey Bones - layer after layer of daquiri and margarita piled high in a beer mug) The food was okay. Folks have told me it was off the chain - it wasn't all that to me, but the company and the drink more than made up for that, lol. We were out in Alpharetta and I honestly hadn't been out there since I went with 'mobetta' so that's been awhile. Still crowded, still vanilla, still Alpharetta, lol.

Since I have been reeling in this self imposed peace lately - this just added to my happiness quotient. I sometimes complain about not getting out enough, but I do enjoy the fact that when I's quality. Waving at my two friend!

I was thinking, writing in present day is a harder skill than writing in past tense. With past tense you can add all the right nuances, laugh track etc. etc. while writing about now and projecting the future requires thought. I rarely remember on the blog but that's about to change! Starting Tomorrow - you will be getting - ThE MeMoRy bAnKs oF PaMmIe! I will dig back and for one week, tell some of my best memories about random subjects ranging from dates to childhood. This should be fun and quite free flowing. So tune in over the next seven days! Besides this will be a great lead-in to the Holiday Season.

Ok, is it just me? Am I the only Hetrosexual watching LOGO? Dang! It is so intriguing. I like this series called Momentum. It's documentary style and you always learn something. The latest was Butch Mystique - about African American Women who live the butch lifestyle. WHOA!!

A new project alert! I am purchasing a Mp3 player which means I have to come up with around 120 songs - hmmmmm - I am going to love this. Of course I will share my final list.

Audio Blogs from - enough said, be on the lookout for this one. Sample how cool it is from Babee Monkee and Clams Ya'll know ya'll wanna hear me in your living room, lol

And the holiday season approaches, Mini-Me is getting ready for the Mall circuit...


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