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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sunset Monologue 99

Whipping It All Into Shape

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Did ya'll think I was playing,lol I dusted off that bad boy and rode to work in full tilt mode,lol. I had to crack the window cause it was H-O-T up in the ole Hyundai this morning. R. Kelly will be unveiling Chapters 6-8 tonite on Vh-1 and tomorrow nite on BET. That man is off the chain, lol lol. Well let me get started because I got some stuff on my mind....

Colgate Smiles MY ASS! Ok, I am standing in line at my neighborhood "Feed em as much pork as possible" Grocery Store (that's another topic). There's a very attractive sista doing the check out. I mean she got on a very nice Yaki sew-in and had a nice face and cute little figure, I'm saying to myself - she must get harassed all day, then I get up to the front and it's her and another sista bagging. I smile and say Good Afternoon then.......THIS BROAD OPENS HER MOUTH AND I SEE "JEROME" FROM MARTIN LOOKING AT ME!!! I mean the sista was DEVOID OF TEETH IN THE FRONT!! and the ones she had were all hanging on desperatly to her tongue to keep from hitting the floor!! DAYUM!!! Then I turn and the sista bagging - got bleachers in her mouth!!! I was floored!!!(folks in the ATL think the Yellow Pages commercial where ole girl got all that work and didn't get her grill fixed).

This incident was about three days ago - - fast forward to today. I am in a 'we only do whole grain' grocery store by my job and another sista and this time a Brother are doing the check out duties. I come on up and say hello and DAYUM!!! THEY BOTH SMILE!! I saw two summer homes I could have if I were a damn dentist flash across my mind!! WTF?! Why are we not taking care of our mouths!! What's up with the yuck mouth?!

Right off the bag - here's a link for the challenged. STEP ONE TO GETTING YO GRILL CHECKED OUT

Is this a Southern thing? How did I run into four different people needing emergency dental surgery? What is up with that?! Now yea, you might skip some cleanings and nah I ain't one to talk because out of all the shit my diabetes could mess up - it's messing with my mouth - but I BE HOLY DAMN if I'm going to be walking around looking like I tried to open a can of corn with my mouth!! I'm so distraught I can't even talk about this shit no mo...(Going to the happy place).

I picked up the latest Essence today with Boris Kudjo on the cover. Mini-me was with me and commented she knew I wasn't walking pass it without getting it. Now probably I will be charged with various offenses when she gets to be an adult, if not when her hormones kick in, but she won't EVER be able to say that I put a negative spin on the Blackman in America. I have loved ya'll since I was old enough to recognize yah, lol and I keep it real about my love for ya'll up in my home. It don't matter that you all fustrate me sometimes and make me sad or whatever the 'gripe' is at the time - I keeps the love up front and she has nothing but love for yah, because of that.

Well of course I had to mess with her. So when we got to the car, I told her that Boris wanted to stop by the store. She looked confused then I plopped the mag in the front seat and put the seat belt on it. I sometimes wish ya'll could see her face this time it was 'you have lost your damn mind', lol lol lol I had him come on in the house and sit on the couch and watch Oprah, lol lol lol. She ran to her room - man it's so easy, lol lol.

You know this journey is really intriguing and fabulous but everything in my life is not on the to do list. My parenting skills I'm quite confident about, My womanly skills I'm quite comfortable with and my sexual scope I am as well. Now there are situations around all of these that need some work, but the foundation of these three things are fine.

I especially mention sex because I'd like to say I'm not celibate or re-virginized (whatever the hell that is) or stunted or a prude or any of that. I just have not brought the right chemicals together to make that potion happen, lol lol. To me there is a difference. If tomorrow it was on and popping then it's gonna be on and poppin. I am however, choosing to be choosey about it - thus I am zipping up more pants than I am zipping down. That is all, lol.

So after I was subtly dissed the other day in my own living room - I got to thinking about the consequences of opening up your home to visitors. I mean it's a revolving door, feel free to come in, kick your shoes off, there's food on the table and the drinks are in the fridge - help yourself - however, don't eat up my food, drink up all my liquor and talk shit about me. At least wait till you get in you car and out from in front of my house, lol

Do you ever think that as you sit and look at different angles of yourself - it's quite a self adulation. I mean these blogs are for lack of a better word..flat. There is imagined substance and there is intent, yet you are still one-dimensional and for the most part delusional, because there is no other energy in your assessment of self.

So I'm going and watch a bit of the Idiot Box - ya'll keep it gangsta and CHECK YO GUMS TONITE!!!!

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