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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sunset Monologue 95

Isn’t She Lovely

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She's finally here!
She came into this world at 10:03am. She was an opinionated something, lol. Most of my pregnancy she sat Indian style looking out – her hair blowing in the wind, lol (I have sonograms of this). I was just surprised she didn’t come out glowing – seeing as I had about a DOZEN ultrasounds. I used to laugh at her hair waving in the fluid. As I looked at them hold her high above me – I saw she had enough hair for a barrette at birth!

Her Father was on his way from NJ (since she came three weeks early) and so he missed the birth – but we both were sitting there when they finally after several hours under the lights (because I had gestational diabetes when we broke our connection – she had the shakes) they brought her into the room. She was the spitting image of….HIM, lol. I had never seen a baby with such dark hair and eyes. She was a little wisp of something to 5 lbs. 15 oz. She was hella alert as well those piercing eyes looking at us like “Ok now what?”.

I remember the first sign she was musically inclined. She was about a week old and Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk?” came on the radio – I loved that song and listened to it quite often during the latter portion of my pregnancy. She immediately went looking for the music – she recognized it (and the theme of the Young and the Restless, lol).

She was always awake but not crying – just looking around. She wanted to see everything. She wasn’t too keen on the breast – that was coming to slow and she wanted bottles for babies six months when she was two weeks old. I laugh at the pictures of her gulping down that milk – the whole bottle covering her face, lol

She had A LOT of attitude as well. One conversation her father had was distinctly telling her she had to get a better attitude. She would just stare at you instead of cry and basically look like fire starter, lol She wouldn’t cry she would growl at you, lol lol

I remember her little six month old hand – patting on the casket of her father…………..

She started fighting early – like 10 months, lol I have a picture of her basically leaping out my arms to attack her cousin, lol lol The girl was wild, lol lol but looked like a living doll.

She also wasn’t really feeling that whole ‘baby’ thing. She threw her own bottle away at 9 months and it took me maybe two weeks to potty train her.

She’s always been an entertainer, but it really picked up when she was about two. She always wanted a Microphone and her pocketbook, lol She would sing and sing and dance and perform.

She’s grown up in a home and a family who have overwhelmed her with love. She has an aura about her that is a bit older than her years. She’s a jet setter having begun flying alone at 5 and she has been more places than me…..but isn’t that what it’s all about.

I look at the pictures of that little peanut I used to hold, who used to fight and who’s hair is so sharp that it will cut your fingernails clean off, who left the house saying she was going to Hollywood in a raincoat and cowboy boots…..

And I see the budding young woman she is today. She still has those dark eyes and her hair is the same hair that was on her head at birth (sometimes when you’re born with hair it falls out – not hers). She enjoys anything artsy, her green tea w/milk and Teen Nick. She doesn’t like boys yet famous or otherwise and has decided that she wants to compose music because as she says “Performers are lame – the money is in writing 

So HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!! Your Momma’s journey would just not be complete without you on it!!


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