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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 52

Behind these smiling eyes of mine

'Somewhere There's A Love Just For Me' sitting silently by myself, with myself, I undress myself as the tears silently fall. Is there no love for me? Have I already used up my chances? Am I being punished? I see it all around me, I want to feel it...again. Am I out of style? Am I not seen? Smiling, laughing trying to keep up the happy spirit - - while alone with my loneliness I sit. I go about my life, holding my head up high - daily prepared for if this is the day I Is this the day that the twinkle in my eye, the wittiness in my words, the bounce in my step - catches his eye.....for more than a minute...or for longer than the possibility of sex looms off in the horizon.

Do I want it too bad? How can you want love to bad? Something you hold close to your heart which is probably why you don't have it. I could have said I loved people - because that is in fashion - but it's too powerful and too meaningful to just toss around like old socks.

Every once in awhile - I can't hold back the feeling behind these smiling eyes of mine - and the sadness overspills.......Peace to you all!

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