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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunset Monologue 83

Blog Musical Mood: Where Would I Be? - Kindred

NY State of Mind

We like them boys up top from the BK (BK)
Know how to put that money three ways (three ways)
Always riding big on the freeway (freeway)
With that east coast slang that us country girls, we like
Low cut Caesars with the deep west (deep west)
So quick to snatch up yo Beyoncé (yo Beyoncé)
Always coming down popping our way (our way)
Telling us that country girls the kind of girls they like

- Solider/Destiny's Child

and thus in a line or two sums up alot about this NY thang. I get questioned alot about my affection for Brothas from New York. Now I can only speak for me and I'm sure that there are NY sistas who will be like WHA...., but I want to let ya'll know why I feel em deep in my heart, lol lol

I'm a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South) got that Southern charm and all that jazz - except I have always known there was something outside of Georgia that I needed to be a part of. It became painfully obvious to me when East Coast rap started trickling down here. You know things shape us and we begin to identify with them, so just like I only allowed black up in my home the first three years of my daughters life so that she can identify with herself first - as corny as it sounds - RAP music was my first exposure to the Northern Brotha and he was R-E-N-E-G-A-D-E! This was a new type of negro, lol He had a walk, speech, attitude and persona that was sooooo different from the Southern Brothas I had been exposed to up to that point. It was intoxicating. I wanted to know, who was this blackman who was like my 'raised in Newark' father - - and I ran into him and followed him all the way to NY to make him my husband, lol lol but I don't want to get sidetracked...

A Brotha from up North period has left (for the most part because that bubble was busted with NY Transplant) his slave roots right down here at the slavemasters door. If you're a 'slave' you will be intimated by the thought process; but if you aren't you are intrigued by the Brotha who has had the ability (for whatever historical reason as a descendent of migrated blacks) to just be. Now don't get me wrong and since this is MY BLOG - I can expose my skewed logic, lol I'm in no way saying that all blacks have not struggled in this country but Northerners have had a chance to think outside the box so to speak.

For a sista like me - to say to a Georgia man I am Muslim - gets the blank stare, to say that to a NY Brotha gets not only recognition but most of the time acceptance. To be in a place where you are EXPOSED, I'm sorry gives the NY Brotha a jump.

His whole timetable is different because he's from the town that never sleeps. His hustle is different more raw, gritty and real - he don't play gangsta (and I don't mean illegal gangsta).

Not to mention all the sub-cultures are definitely different as well from gay to punk - they got their own flava and it's always in COLOR!!

When I lived in NY - I was the most free as I've ever been. Though my decision to move back to the South is not one that I regret - it has stunted my cultural and social growth. I am a Northern trapped in a Southerners body. My 'game' was different and I had much play to fling a Bro's way because I'm a hybrid - I got Southern Charm and Northern intellect and sensibility.

Awww to be sucked into the vortex that is a NY Brotha and have him lay his rap on you and sweep you up in the mami's and babygirls beats that whole 'shawty' mess in a heart beat and they make most of them TALL UP THERE!!

So for instance seeing Big Daddy Kane sent me into a stratosphere honey cause he epitimizes NY Flava for me!! I need an intervention, cause if I watch that tape one more time, lol lol Not to mention he's now my screen saver (much to mini-me's chagrin - I know one day she's gonna let slip 'what the hell' lol lol).

Now I loves all my Brothas but I am inexpictly drawn to NY Brothas - if you got one you understand, if you want one you understand and if you ARE One - hit a sista up!

Holding My Glass Up to Yah

I'm a collector whether it be busted dudes phone numbers or porecelain dolls (which I stopped several years ago and have sold most of them) I enjoy collecting.

My latest affinity that is picking up speed is liquor glasses. I love this hobby because (1) it's cheap and (2) it's delicate. I am a thrifter anyway so looking for unique glasses is cool. Today I went to get an iron and found some good stuff!! Now I actually do try to drink out of alot of my glasses and mini-me is known to have quite a few of her drinks out of brandy sniffers etc. lol Here's what I picked up total for all the glasses (I am LOVING the mini - VOX Martini Glasses!) $2.50!

Feeling The Soul of the Song

I am gong thru something. I can't identify it, but I am. How do I know? Because of the emotion I feel as my music is playing. Music has such an important place in our lives. That's why I started adding my Blog Musical Mood (well that and I see others doing it) I am always listening to music when I am blogging - if this is my life - then I gotta have my soundtrack going you know.

Right now I am feeling to the point of my heart skipping a beat Kindred (and the family soul). I have been listening to them - but I saw a series of videos when VH-1 Soul was promoting this new CD and the way they look at each other - damn! I feel like I'm being privvy to a groove between a man and woman I haven't even gotten grown enough to experience as of yet.

I also love discovering someone new - my latest is Johnta Austin. Was listening to Yahoo's Quiet Storm and this song came on 'Little More Love' and I heard Jermaine Dupree's voice but this song is ON POINT! I did a little research and this Brotha is accomplished - and just coming from behind the board. I'm glad - I await his CD.

An Excerpt from the above referenced article:

Before Dupri, Austin worked with another Atlanta institution: CNN. Starting out as the host of a show called "Real News for Kids," Austin interviewed everyone from George H.W. Bush to Michael Jordan, but it was a prospective nterview with Arsenio Hall that marked the beginning of his music career.

"We sent him a tape of some of the things that I did and he was like, 'I want you to come on the show,' " Austin recalled. When Hall asked the 12-year-old Austin what he wanted to be and he said a singer, the host let him sing the show to a commercial. "I sung a little eight-bar of Shai's 'If I Ever Fall in Love,' and he invited me to hang around for the rest of the show. Somebody saw me singing on there and called — that's how I got jump-started in the business."

Those eight bars got Austin a deal with RCA Records — albeit a short-lived one.

"Nah, I didn't have it too long," Austin explained. "Puberty: I went through a wicked voice change and lost my voice as I knew it. Also, the people that brought me in [to the label] left and new people came in, so I got replaced by Tyrese."

But Austin didn't just get dropped, he got even: He wrote Tyrese's hit "Sweet Lady" and, more recently, Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together." But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

I'm feeling myself becoming open to the possibility of Love - or at least the emotion my music is bringing forth is leading me to think that - God do you have someone in mind for me?

A Double Scoop of NY Flava

Giving Props to Tv-1 for bringing back NY Undercover and just to the NY Brotha - here's two scoops of NY Baby Daddy

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