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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 47

My Hump My Girlie Girlie Hump

Well it’s ‘hump day’. Not quite sure where that name came from, cause everyday is a long ass one for me. Sometimes I surprise myself with this whole being on time thing, lol I have always fought clock conformity but there comes a time when you have to get on the treadmill of life and go the speed the rest of the world is going. It has become my time. Well let’s get it started. Unfortunately I can't upload pictures from work - so check back for the visuals, lol

Nite and Day

Sure the Vh-1 Honors had a few glitches, but overall it was a top notch show; last nite Bubba Eddie and Tyrone – had their second annual ‘Comedy Awards’, hosted by Steve Harvey. It was like going from prime rib to steakums, lol . A few quick comments: At what point was Steve Harvey funny?, Mini-me and I were dying laughing at the designer names - - WHO?! Why do I always feel like Martin Lawrence has lost his ‘spirit’ some kinda way? They punked out on the Paul Mooney piece? Um, exactly WHO is Tierra Maria and WHY was she on this show? And Katt Williams is the funniest man currently alive.

My Paul Mooney/Tracee Ross Moment

Always interesting when my life imitates art, lol. I’m surfing and run across a board where they are slamming my mom against the pavement WWF style. Usually I don’t entertain these type of conversations because they are base, especially when they begin to devalue the woman and not the word – which in itself validates the words. However, today I was feeling a bit cheeky so I showed my face just as a reminder that you never know who might be looking, watching, waiting – always fun. That thread will sink to the bottom, lol

Ghetto Anthem Remix

I’ve already discussed how “Whoop That Trick” was my personal summer ghetto anthem, well lo and behold a late entry has appeared and must be incorporated into my inner hood – Mike Jones f/Ying Yang Twins (or the other way around, lol) “I Need A Dime” is the new joint!! How could I resist classic lines like “I snuck up behind her and said it’s time to let a playa get in that vagina” ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

Second Time Around
I bet we all got that person that we would go another round with in the romantic ring. I thought about mine as I received a string of emails from ‘NY Transplant” – expounding on how much he misses me. Now if I’m about the ‘game’ I would certainly feed into this, but because I’m really no longer interested – especially when the dance is followed by the ‘let me get your number again’ song – people I miss and am feeling – I remember their phone number, it hasn’t even been a good two weeks. I haven’t even taken his number out my phone and still remember it and I’m no longer interested – so how is it that he misses me and can’t remember or find my number………..

I feel an epiphany brewing

Be on the lookout for more of my introspective soon. I got a couple of topics I wanna explore. Sometimes you have to let these things marinate so thanks for bearing with me while I fill the space with other aspects of my being till I get a chance to look inward again.

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