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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 44

Sitting on the Watchtower

I awoke from my sleep startled after having had quite an 'active' dream about a former High School Classmate of mines. I have no idea how he came into my subconscious, but I'll certainly drop him an email to say hello, lol lol So I've been up puttering around. My shoulders have descended back onto my body in relaxation which is a good thing. I wish my computer were out on my porch because I would certainly sit out there and do some writing. I like my desktop however, because it keeps me structured in my computer time - If I could move, it would be dangerous, lol So let me get this entry cranked out..enjoy.

Ooo When The Saint..Come Marching In

There are alot of things that define the South and even more specific things that define Georgia, but something that defines the Black South is the Marching of Highschool and College Bands. Saturday was the annual AtlantaFootballClassic hosted by the Atlanta Chapter of 100 Blackmen. Of Course I was up early getting ready to go to this!! Mini-me had invited a new friend of hers and so we hopped on MARTA (Moving Africans Rapidly Thru Atlanta)Rail Line and went on down.

I don't go to the 'city' often but with the potential for that many black people and possibly 85 of the 100 Blackmen - I had to make an appearance. Decked out in my High School Alma mater shirt (gotta rep) and carrying our chairs in a bag - we got down to Five Points. Now for the non-resident Five Points is the hub of the rail system. All trains can be caught from Five Points and all transfers can be made from there. Tons of people come thru their daily and it's right in the center of the old section of downtown and a stones throw away from the hood, if you gotta hoof it, lol If you get off there - you can pretty much walk wherever you need to go in downtown if that's your thing, lol

As soon as we got off and out of the station - you could hear the drums. So we hurried on down and then they came into sight. I get so excited, maybe because I could never qualify for a stop on any team be it band, flag girl or majorette for that matter, but I LOVED IT. Now I'm looking at mini-me and though I'm not transferring dreams - that gal gonna be on some team!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Now Mini-me goes immediately into 'Mom gonna embarass me' because I am and we both know this. I dance, march alongside, relive every high school moment with someone standing next to me and give commentary to her.

At the top of this years commentary was my prejudice. Imma really need the big girls to step away from the dance/majorette/cheerleader/flag girl teams (and as a sideline from High School College Queens as well). There's tradition and visuals that need to be upheld and huffing and puffing and sweating IS NOT IT!! I love to see a beautiful dark young sista marching proud - so this aint' a color thing (well ok with the queens it is - keep em light and long hair), but the bigem - hmmmmmm not cute. YEA I SAID IT!!

So of course now that mini-me is on the dance team. I am sooo excited. I'm telling her look at that - that's gonna be you - see how she stepping and flinging that hair - oh yea! oh yea! She's looking at me like - can someone come adopt her, lol

Then here comes the college bands and I am freaking out! The Drum majors from FAMU were all seemingly identical and tall and slim and fine and I was dancing and caught up with the rest of the crowd. "Mini-me Mini-me that's college girl! Look how they look and how they march and girl you are going to experience this and you're gonna have some cute cute boyfriends", lol lol lol (might as well keep the tradition alive).

Now I didn't go to college as in college college - I went to community college so I'm looking forward to her going and experiencing that and I am not going to exclude HBCU from the list. I have a question: A Question: At how many white dinner tables does this conversation go on:

"hmm we might need to send Chad to a mixed or HBCU because he better know how to compete and going to an all white school, will impede him being able to live out here in the real world - "

Not any we all can think of so why do we have these types of conversations? I have to send Shaniqua to a white college so that she can compete and learn how to be out here in the world. I would never instill that thinking in my child. She got PLENTY OF DAMN TIME - to experience Keeblers, you can't get away from them - so what's the hurry. She can experience them in other ways, but self perservation, pride and culture should be on the list as well. I'm not trying to build an employee, I'd like to build a leader, an employer and a person who doesn't feel she has to 'compete' with White America but carve out her niche.

Why fight for our own if we then are going to decide (like we always do) that it's not good enough. She will go where the scholarships and money is - but we are not going to cancel out HBCU's.

Walking away from the parade, I felt engerized and hopeful that I'd be one day running alongside the band in my I'm a band parent t-shirt backwards - making sure Mini-Me is focused in video camera!

The Boob Tube

The Fall Season is in full swing! I have been spending alot of time at the Blackwatch TV - the yahoogroup I moderate engaged in conversation as well as it's making good 'Highschool' lunchroom chit chat.

Now that for the most part, the bulk of the shows have rolled out (a few stragglers from last season will make an appearance next week and be forced in) here is the way it's looking for me (all times est):








Whew! Okay, now add in any reality shows, cable, some new shows on my radar like "Commander in Chief" from 9-10 on ABC and I have a full schedule. I might get me another DVR in my bedroom and then I'll have two DVR's and a VCR, lol lol S-A-D!

Keeping it on the QT

'Unusual Attractions' We all have em. People who just don't fit that 'preference' thing we all have worked out to perfection. Well this week, I'd like to roll out the three in order of preference that are my Keeping it on the QT Baby Daddies.

David Banner

Nick Cannon

This half the ying yang twins

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