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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sunset Monologue 82

Playa Play On

Have I had a lonnnng week! Ended up taking me a mental health day, because the health of my mental was suffering. I've shoveled more bullshit this week than the richest rancher in Texas! Speaking of - Rita is stressing me out! Especially since my two time kidney having, 100 meds a day, I got four kids under 14 Brother decided to stay and send the rest of us into overdrive. So my fridge is full, my do is did and I'm cranking the Tina Marie and about to spit some Friday nite introspection into M-E. So put your ears close to the speakers so you can hear me alright? By the way October 21st - Save The Date! Something so powerful is going to happen you WILL feel it - be it negative or positive.

All Gamers Welcome

I can't speak for all women (of course), but an intregral part of my love jones is a mans possession of 'game'. I like 'game'. There is argument that 'game' is something you shouldn't have. I beg to differ, not only should you have it, but the better it is the quicker you get me hooked. We all got 'game' though we may call it something else - even I got 'game' (wink).

There is nothing sexier than a man with flawless, seamless, as fine as vapor game. It swirls around your head, misting around you as you inhale it - becoming intoxicated with it's scent. The best visual representation of 'Game' at it's essence was given to us courtesy of the classic seventies exploitation flick "The Mack". There was a scene where he took his 'potential' to the theatre and showed her a dazzling light show, while running his 'game'. I was mesmerized by that scene - still am. A man WITHOUT game has to take a woman's panties off; a man WITH game has her show up with none on. It's as simple as that.

Every male thinks he has 'game', but only MEN have 'game' - the rest is like a pickup ball game at the park - it looks like the real thing - - but there sure isn't any endorsment deals, lol

I need a man to play me like a fine chello, plucking all the right strings until I am singing in the note he wants me to sing in. The beauty of the man with real true 'game' is that it never ends and you two just travel around the board in never ending turns. Each role of the dice, presents new opportunity.

I've had two examples of 'game' personafied in my life. "Mobetta" and "Italy" - two masters of the 'game', different in the goals, but masters nonetheless.

"Italy" was about the worship - when you are with him - you ARE the most beautifulest girl in the world. He takes you and presents a full length mirror and points out every square inch of your womanhood, how wonderful it is and then proceeds to prove it to you.

"Mobetta" is much more dangerous because he captures your heart. He holds a picture frame up and places you and him in it - - for eternity. You sweat this man, you hear songs, write poetry, have spontaneous orgasms and pine for this man. He becomes the litmus all other men are judged on.

I'm too intelligent to not know, identify and understand 'game' but not intelligent enough not to fall for it, lol lol. So I embrace it.

Now does a man who always gets the prize have 'game' - sure, but in my book he got "Vegas Game" Bright Lights, Drive Thru Wedding Chapels and Two Dollar Hooker Game, it doesn't discriminate and is selfish. That's the 'game' everyone uses; you want to hope to run into the man with "Monaco Game" - invitation only.

So the next time - you traveling on the Highway in just a skirt and pair of 'fuck me pumps' or balled up in a knot on your bed cause it hurt to bad that he can't see you, or curled up sucking your thumb because it was so good - think about exactly what it is that got you in that position in your life and just whisper "checkmate", I know I do.

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