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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 38

Observations from my porch

Morning! I've been sitting outside this morning on my porch, paying homage to the ability to breathe the air,drink the water, blow my money and other things we take for granted. The air is crisp and clear and my lungs are thankful, my soul is thankful. My mind opened up let the oxygen nourish it and of course I came in with some thoughts. I try to keep the weekend Pamalicious Lite - but sometimes the planet dictates that we leave playtime alone.

The Katrina Velvet Rope


I'm not the only one sitting here looking at the 'perks' of being a Katrina Survivor. I'm also not the only one, not tripping off of it, they need help HOWEVER, there are people who are starting to grumble about the 'Katrina Gold Card' accepted at just about anywhere.

we need to be real careful as this plays out. Black People all over this country (for the most part) have come together and given like I have NEVER seen seen us in my lifetime. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck as I see my blackman out there helping, and the tears flow as I see him cry - a small crack in the 'Brewster Place' walls of our existence has happen and alot of us have alot on our mind.

Do Not think this has not gone unnoticed by the folks who's job it is is to notice this kidna stuff. Don't think the editorials, chat rooms and blogs are not being read - There has and always will be a fear of a black planet and the consellations have gotten closer thru Katrina than it has in awhile.

So very subliminally let's start "Operation Rock Em Back To Sleep" All of a sudden this group of black people are getting all this 'special' treatment because they are in our towns. Jaleesa can come here and flash her "Katrina" card and get the red carpet - Dontavious, been humping the pavement for months and is paying taxes in this city and can't get anything. Resentment starts to set in and all of a sudden we are no longer of the giving spirit and we decide they are getting 'better' treatment and walah - yet another notch in the old AmeriKKA belt.

The people themselves might not want to feel like they are 'special' or that they get a gold star for being a "Katrina" survivor but they are being made to adopt a stance because the media etc. etc. is labeling them and rolling it out across the country and those of us sitting in these towns and states are beginning to be like WTF?

One of the PRIME methods to break us as a people was SEPARATION. Not just physically but mentally, spiritually and economically. We added color, class and statue. It boils like a sore in our community and is present in this situation as well. The survivors from the Dome and Convention Center have a velvet rope of Governmental Guilt around them and the ones who had the means to get out better keep the means to keep it going - so there is a set of survivors that is better than another set?

We need to not fall for this bullshit. We got enough on our plates as it is. If we are going to complain it need not be against the people, but the corporations that only open their doors if it's advantageous to them. The media coverage, the tax money that can come to a city etc. etc. The people (like babies) didn't ask to be here - but they are and we gotta deal.

The Niggas Are Coming, The Niggas Are Coming

"I Don't Like Niggas either!" - Chris Rock. Well Well Well Surburbia Watch Out - the thugs are coming your way. I have heard whisperings of unrest among the African American I've Arrived Set about the fact that among the survivors that are slowly making thier way to a town near you - an unsavory element is also in the mix - THE THUGS! Can you see the beads of sweat on the forehead of Howard the VP of whatever at whatever company, driving a Saab, living next door to the very best white people they could find, while thier kids play croquet in the yard? Can you see him running thru his mind, trying to figure out exactly where did his second cousin say he lived - 9th ward was it? LOL LOL LOL I laugh! I laugh long and hard at the very notion that the alot of the fronting are going to run dead into those they have been fronting against.

Sure that element is mixed right in, but for a person to be afraid is crazy. Concerned sure, but I'm also sure that behind the scenes - operation - 'Thug Niggas moving South East" is already in effect and on paper. So the hustlers, pimps, pushers and other odd gangstas are going to hop in their fo fo's and hit the nearest town near you. Most of us probably got some living beside us anyway. The anti-lawless people usually first get with their own kind - there will first be disagreement among them about new folks moving in on their territory - wayyy before they get to the surburbs. I don't think I have to get the burgular bars out just yet.

We are getting ready to get a whole new meaning to "I am my brothers keeper" and it's going to be interesting who are going to start feigning non-relation status. It's hella fake now that "the niggas are coming" soundtrack is playing 0 that we scrambling for 'solutions' etc. etc. because our rose colored glasses have gotten cracked.

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2005 (215)339-0062

PHILADELPHIA –Best selling author Shahrazad Ali suggests that the Black citizens of New Orleans organize to file a CLASS-ACTION lawsuit against FEMA, Homeland Security and the Federal Government for dereliction of duty and attempted murder – for not doing the job they had been paid to do – which is to protect them from harm.

Ali says that all of the survivors from hurricane Katrina should SUE America in the WORLD COURT for violation of their human rights and criminal negligence, for abandoning and starving them during a natural disaster.

Sister Ali further suggests that the surviving families of every Black person who died in the Superdome or Convention Center resulting from deprivation of food, water or medical care; should SUE and press charges for involuntary manslaughter against every politician who over the past 20 years voted against replacing the levee that burst.

Ali claims that although many of the storm victims were poor, that they are
taxpayers, even if unemployed, because Louisiana uses their census numbers to qualify for and receive Federal funds to finance state and city projects. New Orleans Black population totaling almost ½ million represent a huge part of Louisiana’s tax base.

Ali firmly believes that the current situation, unlike our pleas for Reparations, which are repeatedly denied allegedly due to lack of proof; this time the whole world witnessed America’s brutal treatment and blatant disregard for Black life.

Shahrazad Ali concludes that after seeing the unlawful detainment and horrific
suffering of thousands of Blacks,of all ages; that this time America must be held
accountable and compensate those victimized by a racist uncaring government.

Sister Ali is asking that all concerned parties contact:

The National Conference of Black Lawyers 1-866-266-5091
P.O. Box 80043
Lansing, MI 48908-0043

PLEASE urge them to take up this cause and respond to these unprecedented civil rights violations forced on our sisters and brothers in New Orleans.

Please help support this worthy campaign by circulating this information
among your family, friends, customers, groups, organizations and constituents. We
must stand up for our people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Thank you.

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