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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sunset Monologue 76

Black People My People

As we all sit spellbound by the devasation that Katrina has left in the gulf coast, you also are starting to see images as night falls of civil unrest. I need my people to STOP! Human nature is survival, but this is not the time to be looting.

It makes it painfully clear to me, that we as a people who are usually unequal in wealth, status and preparation have gotten too comfortable1 Just to comfortable! We 'panic' in the face of danger. We need to have a plan, mobilize and move out! We need to stop letting tragedy close our ranks. All they need is an excuse and under the cover of night - guns will fire.

It always amazes me how quickly America falls into a wild wild west mentality. It's partially due to the fact that we have been rocked to sleep by the convenience of technology - we get so caught up in all the things that make our lives easier that we forget who ultimately can TAKE IT ALL AWAY! GOD IS KING! and He alone can determine our fate. He brought the water to the land in the blink of an eye and then sent the sun, to assure us that He has mercy.

We better recognize!

Those of us spared and out of harms way, our people are going to need us. So if you have anything to give - please do! You can go to almost any major website or search engine and find ways to donate (be careful, there will be predators in this arena as well).

Say a prayer for the people - all the people.

Some things NEVER Change!

A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Flood waters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did extensive damage when it made landfall on Monday. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, Louisiana.(AFP/Getty Images/Chris Graythen)

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