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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sunset Monologue 74

Checks and Balances

What a relaxing day. The sun is so healing. I have been keeping myself 'level' all week. Last evening I went to bed around 10pm and so I slept well and I woke up early and refreshed. Pitter pattered around the house, straighten up and after showers and dressing we hit the streets. I usually never go any futher than 30 minutes in any direction but there's plenty to see and do. Today we spend a good portion of the day in the Surburban Plaza. A little strip mall in between my house and job. I grocery shop not to far from there, and one of my favorite restaurants (especially since I've been dieting) Piccadilly is there and after having a nice nutrious lunch - we took a stroll and effectively emptied my checking account. As always there's a story to tell - so come on shopping with me,

A whole bunch of SH!T I don't need

Whereas when some people get antsy they head for the mall and sometimes end up with deep buyers regret for purchasing those $100 shoes; well I get the need to shop as well, and get the regrets but I end up with a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF, lol lol I have spoken before about the pleasure I receive from going to all kinds of discounts stores. Well Suburban Plaza has a couple: Biglots the overstock store, Family Dollar, and this really cool Antique shop. As well as this really large Beauty Supply Store. The 'catch' at this little strip mall is that most of the stores bring stuff out onto the walk - so you are drawn to stuff, lol lol

I went into Big Lots to get some sugarfree Country Time Strawberry Lemonade - apparently it didn't do well in the stores so it was here. I came out with all this junk.

The strip mall coup of the day: The Tiki Cups were marked down to a dollar and so I scooped up four; now I have these cool cups and the pitcher.

Up in the Antique Shop - I went down memory lane. They have all kinds of cool stuff up in there from my childhood. Then my eye caught these little bitty shot glasses. I have a thing for glasses and just collect them. They were $.50 a piece and there were only three so I scooped them up. In the back they sell used books - and they have - to my surprise a very big black book collection. I saw Carl Weber's "Preachers Son" for $6.00 HAD to scoop that up. He's one of my favorite artists! I have all his books now in hard back. Love it! Mini-me and I looked over every nook and cranny of that store - discovering all kinds of cool stuff. We spent quite a bit of time up in there.

Eating Healthy is EXPENSIVE

Because I decided not to get my hair done today, since we'll be going to Calloway Gardens for Labor Day next weekend (of course a blog about that is coming), why get my hair done to get it wet - I decided to go to the grocery store today. The sale was pretty good and it was the last day before the new circular came out. Grocery Shopping takes alot of time for me. You would think that with two people it wouldn't, but I like certain things and sometimes it takes going to two stores to get what I want. I also try to get the best bang for the buck you know. I have meals I have thought about, I try to shake up our usual by at least one new meal a week. This time was no exception. Not to mention, I actually like grocery shopping. I take my time, I like looking at food, lol lol So anyway, the things that will keep you alive cost to much damn money! Veggies cost! Quality Meat cost! Healthy snacks cost! I spent $78 dollars on this crap and I still had one more store to go to - because I wanted some red meat and the grocery store in the hood.

Ahh the grocery store in the hood. Not any healty food in site. I look around and as it has been I guess for Years - this is the grocery store where our elderly go, or those that can't get a ride to the 'better' stores. Cabs line the front to take them here and fro. They have to take what they can get and believe you me - they are supplying less than healthy choices. They should just let whole hogs run wild, since that is the most popular meat. Did you know you can get 50 pig tails for $6.00!! You always got to poke a small hole in the meat pack to make sure it's fresh - for some reason they must split the wires on the meat coolers - they always seems just a little bit warmer than the larger chains. I decided today to take a walk thru and I saw none of the carb conscious or lower calorie stuff I had just bought. Interesting ain't it.

Grocery Store Coup: I spent enough money to get a DIME off on my gas per gallon!!!! Honey,don't front - you know you would be smiling too!

My Last Stop of the Day

Of course I did have to stop thru the thrift. Spent $15 and picked up these few items. I needed some end of the summer tops and mini-me found a cute pair of cropped pants. My coup: These Fabulous glassware pieces. The bowl with the suspended mini-bowl for $2.52 and this nice pasta serving platter for $1.21. I cant' wait to put these to use.

Dragging on in

Well we spent about five hours out the house and finally crawled on in. After putting everything up - I tossed all the receipts on the table - I wanted to prolong my joy - cause I KNOW I overspent.

Calling It A Nite


Soo I've put on my Home on a Saturday Nite outfit - shorts and a tank and picked out some new sites I have been wanting to check out. Should be a nice nite. (who the fuck am I kidding - damn I'd like some male companionship, lol lol)

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