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Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunset Monologue 67

Communication or Lack Thereof

Communication - The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior;Interpersonal rapport.


My favorite hobby, lol. My need to converse almost (I said almost) outweighs my other needs. I enjoy the art of communication and all that goes with it. It's a needed component of my life as well as my interpersonal relationships and certainly my romantic life. If you can't carry a conversation or don't know the rules of engaging in one; we are dead in the water, lol. I'll even let you get by saying 'conVERSATE', lol. Today was all about communication etc. so relax while I communicate with you :)


Remember when you were younger and you got put in a choke hold by your brother (or maybe that's some of my bad memories, lol); if he made you say Uncle, that meant you gave up? Well currently I am playing that game, except it's whomever picks up the phone first. So far we are in a dead heat. I wonder how long this is going to go on and then I wonder if whoever does pick up the phone wants to hear what's on the other end. I wonder if we are even ready to engage in the conversation that needs to take place, which is why we have each other in a choke hold. I have air reserves, so carry on.

Mr. Telephone Man.......

Over the weekend my phone went out. I just suddenly stopped having a dialtone. Now you know - I first took a moment to make sure I had paid the bill, lol. Next, I called the house from the celly and all I got was constant ringing but I couldn't hear the phone in the house. So today I called my service provider and the first prompt under problems was "if you have no dial tone press one" so I did and after waiting 22 minutes on my cell (glad I got unlimited metropcs minutes) - someone answered probably dinner time in India or something. I explained my situation and then he wanted me to apparently contract out to the phone company and get a non-cordless phone and go outside and plug it into the phone box on the side of the house! So I get the phone and go out there and I'm standing there looking at the box - why? because it is cracked open and empty. No wires no nothing! Where the hell did my phone system go?! I tell him there's nothing in the box and he's incredulous. I'm like the box is EMPTY!! So a technician is being dispatched, but I have to call back tomorrow to find out when (!!!!!) And don't you think, I won't be asking for a credit for all this unusable phone time! NIX all that!

I told ya'll the game gon change

Brring Brring - um hello? - (insert thick accent) Hello, you don't know me but I want to get to know you - I'm in the middle of something, maybe we can talk later - (finding IGNORE THIS CALLER BUTTON).

Beware of Searching

Like I need anymore time devoted to the net - once I got to mini-blogging on my diet is hell site; I went ahead and filled out my entire yahoo 360 page. HS has taken to it like water and is plugging away over there so I wanted to see what was really going on, lol. I hate to not at least be on the outer loop. So it's similar to blogs in that by going to someone's page - you open the gate to others based on who they have saved. Well I did a quick search to see what kinda guys were participating and ran into some interesting stuff. Several genitials in full-bloom (wink) came across my screen (one I had to save, um, for further investigation DAYUM!) and then someone devoting their logs to getting urinated on. At this point, I had to back up off that joint. I always wrestle with opening my circle to sistas, I don't know alot online; but maybe I'll search and see what I come up with.

My Job Blogging

Lord, my job has joined the blogging world. I hope I don't run into them on this thing!

Communication at it's best

Ever meet someone who just is a deep well of conversating water? "Mobetta" and I talk five six hours a day - that kinda commitment to the written language is damn near unheard of from a brotha,lol. We talk about everything under the sun and then some, sometimes never even taking the convo no a personal level - there's so much out here to talk about, lol. I have yet to meet someone that I can communicate like that on that level. I've had driveby's like "Italy" (he can talk, lol), but nothing on the cerebral level me and this brotha communicate. I just take it for what it is at this point, becuase it could disappear at any moment, but the conversation is so compelling and so complete and really so orgasmic in it's very essense - that in the absence of it or any good conversation for that matter, I can sustain myself on little bits and pieces that remain on the tip of my tongue. His gift of gab is a beautiful thang - I guess that's why he's 'mobetta'.

He asked me did I really dig him as much as I said I did when we were a couple. I was a bit taken aback, because I believed I did, but in hindsight, I got caught up in the tornado that was him and just flowed with the wind. In 2005, I've grown, matured, experienced a bit more to bump up against what we had and I still say I dug him, but I think now I'm open to really digging him on the level a person should be dug on. The biggest thing this relationship has taught me: Loving myself allows me to welcome a man in my life not to just complete it but to enhance me. Now if 'mobetta' is that man, has yet to be seen, it's anyone's guess who I will end up with in this life, but one thing I do know - I'm getting closer and closer to the 'light' and I'm sure that 'Somewhere's there's a love just for me'.....

Baby Daddy of the Week

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