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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sunset Monologue 65

My Blog Eye Can See You

Happy Saturday Evening! The sun started off shining, but as is customary here nowadays, the rain came in. All day today I was looking out of my blog eye, lol. I keep a folder open in my brain for blogging ideas. I have quite a few specific subjects, I would like to explore, and it's quite cool - observing life from that vantage point. My writing mind hasn't been this active in awhile - I need to get my manuscript OUT.

So let's see what pops out my head and travels down my fingers to this entry this evening.

Living My Life Like It's Golden

How I decided this was my official pose, I don't know - but I be working it, if I say so myself, lol

Saturday Sightings

I Got A Crush On YOU!!!!!!

I was up watching PBS (my new channel). They were showing one of the pledge draws "Motown: The Early Years" (I'll be discussing a thought about this in a future blog). I'm laying there - chillin, watching Dennis Edwards Temptations Review when next The Four Tops came on. I was not even aware that Levi Stubbs, was battling cancer, so that was interesting, he was in the audience and that was special. Then this Brotha starts to sing. I sit straight up in the bed WHO IS THAT?! Tall, Chocolate and sounding like heaven.

Now the spooky part - I got up this morning and went straight to the computer to find out who he was. I put Four Tops in the search engine and went thru each site until I found HIM! I'm reading his Biography and it said that he used to be a member of the Temps - and is known for his silky vocals on "This is my Promise to you" I starting running around this room, WHY?! you ask.

Like alot of females, way in the recesses of our mind, we have a wedding plan. Even if it never comes to fuition or we just place it there as a comfort zone - we got it. Part of my 'fantasy' (which also will be a blog topic in the near future)is the first dance and the song. I had chosen the second I heard it (it actually was inspired by my relationship with 'mo betta' the only man I actually pulled that file out for) was The Temptation "This is my Promise" off of the Phoenix Rising CD. Well lo and behold this brotha wrote and sung that song!! How in the world is the man I want to marry the vocalist of our first dance song? LOL LOL LOL LOL

So without further Ado and in the spirit of forever staying young (which means it's okay to have a crush) - let me introduce you to MY CRUSH.......


Role in Four Tops: Baritone, Lead replacement for
Levi Stubbs (currently not performing due to illness)

This minister's son hails from St. Louis, MO. Theo Peoples refered to as "The Voice" joined the Four Tops organization in 1999. He initially replacing Lawrence Payton who died in 1997. Theo moved into the lead spot on the Four Tops roster, when Levi Stubbs discontinued touring, due to illness. Peoples brings a style that is comparable to the talent and performance level that Tops' fans are used to.

Prior to joining the Four Tops, Peoples was one of the lead singers of the Temptations (1992-1998). Leads on the Tempts "Stay" and "This is My Promise" are some of his most memorable contributions.

Whew Lord! I will be dressing in a nighty for the next couple of days, instead of my wife beater - so that I can be appropriately dressed in case this show repeats itself. Glad I have two public access channels, because I'm on the hunt for this brotha.

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