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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 25

Whimsical Wednesday

God Grant Me The Serenity - regardless of religious proclivity - this is something that rings true. My spirit is a bit out of kilter with some family issues. You can't pick em, but I sure wish I could trade em in. You know just show up at someone else's home and claim them. All I have ever wanted was a traditional family. I know you say traditional what is that - but it's the family that you see every day in the streets - that's the one I seek. The problems I see there are minimal. Anyway, I'll get it together, I just need to focus and find my center. However, soon I'm going to have to spill forth and be heard about some things. I can't be on this journey to 40 and not get some of this straight. It's simmering and about to boil over.

Childless in Atlanta

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Mini-Me will be home Tomorrow! I'm so happy. I can't wait to see my child. I am eagerly waiting to have her lifeforce back in the house. I want to hear her stories and her viewpoints on things and what I need to deprogram out of her. I will be cleaning up that sty she calls a room tomorrow. I need to call my Brother to make sure that he's on point with getting her to the airport etc. Tomorrow Evening! Mini-Me will be home!

Dateless in Atlanta

The Summer Dating Application Deadline has arrived. I have enjoyed Summer Phase 1, Went on some good dates, made a platonic friend - but if you haven't introduced yourself to me on any level - better do so by 9pm tonite, lol I have purposely NOT put any Dating money in my budget this check. I am ready to chill. Have a few phone conversations, do some 'kee kee keeing' and leave it at that...for now. If you are already in the door, thru a previous date or conversation - ok, now what?

Time to Get Out the Dictionary

I wanted to look up some words that mean alot to me and so I did because I didn't want to be desiring something that I shouldn't even be desiring, lol


Wonder what ya'll doing now

Ever wonder how all your old flames are doing? You know what's going on in their lives, are they still single etc. I have been having an inkling to do some emailing and what not and catch up with a few - but because only in Superman - have I seen the earth rotated backwards - I better leave that alone and continue on my journey forward. There's only one person I would consider back tracking with and I already know what they are doing, lol

The Second Best Thing about Celebrity Fit Club

Just wanted to give some blog shout outs to Tocarra from America's Next Top Model. The girl has it going on! I just love the way she's reeling Harvey and the Dr. into her web, lol lol Now I do agree with the notion that maybe she's superinflating her self-esteem a bit, because we saw how ugly the fall was on ANTM, but who cares?! She whipping rings around the other folks in terms of sanity and she's having fun while losing weight - to quote TRENT - Her Fame will be longer than 15 minutes, lol lol WORK IT GIRL!!!

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