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Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 22

Monday Musings

Well the boss is on vacation this week – so outside of wanna be bosses deciding they are not THE boss and thus making this the beginning of a lonnng week for me – things are going fine, lol

It’s hotter than three levels of HELL in Georgia right about now! I wore some black sandals and swore my feet caught fire over the weekend.

Don’t have a set topic for today – but lots of loose wires that have been popping off in my head. So let me download and get back to surfing the net, lol

Coming to America……to talk to ME!

Ok, I’ve made a statement about Chey Whitey and his interest in me – well now is the time for me to make one about someone a bit closer to home…..My African Brothas. They have been for the most part stalking me!! Everyday I get up to three IM’s from someone from either Ghana or Senegal or the like.

I’m sure maybe some of them are handsome, most are very well educated etc. etc. but there’s one little issue – I have a definite preference for my African American Male counterpart. That Brotha who is a descendent of a slave just like me. That Brotha understands my plight here and I understand his – we RELATE – we VIBE – we BELONG.

Sometimes cultural differences are harder than racial ones. I know one time I was speaking to this Ethiopian Brotha and I asked him what was wrong with his woman – and he said “Oh I’m going to marry one of my women, but it’s common knowledge that the African American Woman is looser and more with it.” So now I’m talking to Akeem from “Coming to America” He’s trying to sow his wild oats with my Sistas and then marry, respect and raise children with his own woman.

That’s not to say that all Africans think that way – I know some other cultures who ‘thanks to OUR OWN MAN’ feel like we are a free for all.

Well I ain’t the one! I’d rather go thru the trials and tribulations with ‘Leroy’ here, because at least I know most of what ‘Leroy’ got on his mind.


YIPEE!! The Hyundai is back in the business of pumping music! Radio installed! Volume on 24, lol lol Man I missed my tunes in the car. I’d almost rather go without air conditioning and heat than my radio. LL – I know JUST what you were saying. I burned me about four CD’s of stuff I’ve been wanting to listen to in the soundproofing of my car but first I had to do one thing –

Whoop That Trick

There is nothing funnier than the looks on people’s faces when the visual does not match the actual. I can remember how surprised I was to find out the bumping system – spraying rap music belonged to an Asian.

Well this morning it was my turn. I had ‘Whoop that Trick” turned up in my car and it was funny to watch the Brothas with the ‘is she listening to that’ on their faces on my way to work, lol Here I am very low key today – long dress, just lip-gloss, MY GLASSES (yea I wear glasses) and a home made hair do – rocking it for all it’s worth, lol That was fun this morning.


Public Announcement to the drivers of Atlanta and surrounding areas

If you don’t get the hell off my ass out here on the road, I’m going to S-N-A-P! DAYUM!!! Where the hell is everyone trying to go in such a hurry? It’s getting so annoying. I’m going 75 on a 55 mph road and still folks damn near sitting in the car with me.

I’ve begun to let my road rage get out of hand as well as get a bit ‘nervous’ on the Highways around these parts. Truck Drivers are all on Crack or something and are taking innocents with them and just all this ‘go speed racer’ is starting to work my nerves.

I’ll be definitely checking my alcohol content as I’m out here on the roads.

Are you single if you are ‘dating’?
The reason I enjoy conversation is that in it – there’s always something you can ponder, lol I get asked via the IM a lot “Are you single?” and I say yes – doing some dating here and there and yesterday someone said “I consider single not dating?” I said, “I consider single – not involved in a one on one continuous relationship” They didn’t get it. If I am going out then I’m not single. (heavy sigh) Semantics are a motha, lol. Single people DATE as in go out with more than one individual – even sometimes with just one individual – until you either find yourself in a relationship or stop going out, lol People in relationships DATE one another up until they get married and then you still go out on DATES.

This just affirms to me that we are so confused about the very notion of relating that we all have different definitions and meanings for everything that involves it. What constitute a relationship to me – might not to someone else and as proven by that conversation Single people are suppose to not ever go out, lol


Eat Drink and Be Merry

I’m going to have me a little ‘get together’ which is different than a PARTY this Saturday. I’ll be getting releases signed so that I can post pictures, lol Should be nice – I want to get one in before Mini-Me comes back. It’s a short notice, but I’m sure the group I invite will see about making it out.

I felt like doing some cooking as well – so I’ll be making several different – plate fillers and will provide all the mixers but it’s BYOB.

Be on the lookout for the Aftermath 

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