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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunset Monologue 53

A Late Dinner and a Blog

Hey peeps! I've decided to make my blog more personable by saying something to the readers, when I get the notion, lol I do appreciate you and all the reading that you do - be sure to tell your IM list etc. about me - the more the merrier.

I am eating a late dinner and decided to couple it with a blog entry because there's really nothing on television. I have about 7 magazines sitting around to read - maybe I'll read one before I fall asleep - well on with the entry!

Stairstep into blog land

The cool thing about blogging is that - on everyone's page that you read - there are there favorites and before you know it, you are up to your neck in blogs, lol I don't necessarily have all that time to just sit and read blogs and you know it cuts heavily into my work time, but I LOVE THEM!!! I have them all saved on Kinja and I need to post something in the comments of each one so that they will come visit me and maybe add me to their lists - it's such a warm circle of people to begin with. I so enjoy reading about people's lives and how they are intrepreting their journey. That's what it's all about. I also enjoy those of us, who just wanna put it out there and I get all tingly at all the celebrity comments, lol lol My kinda people, lol Please look to the left - I have a slew of new blog's for you to read and keep up with and also use up time in your life.

I will, however, always have a soft spot in my heart for Rod 2.0 and beyond, lol The brotha is hip, topical, handsome, real and has exposed me to a world and some thinking that I was not privvy to. Much love for yah Bro!

Spending my internet dollars - - wisely

Why am I about to pay for this site? I'll just leave it at that!

Is that a jeri curled pubic mound!?!
I was looking for something in the closet and came across this brown box. I pulled it down and dusted it off and lo and behold - porno tapes, lol lol I sat it on the dresser and went back to doing what I was doing. Well the other nite, I decided to plop one in. Lord have mercy!! These bad boys are so old, I could do nothing but laugh!! I can hear that corny music now. I remember buying these bad boys,lol Calling the 1-800 number several times until I got a female on the phone and then just ordering quickly, lol Ahh adulthood gotta love it. Everybody in these bad boys have jerri curls and other obvious signs of the 80's, lol lol

I am so out of touch - if anyone is feeling sorry and wants to donate any modern black on black stuff to me - feel free to hit me up, lol

Dateless in Atlanta

Well well - FINALLY a nice date!! "Video Vibrations" and I met online - did a drive by to make sure we wern't misrepresenting and yesterday went on a date. Very nice! I was quite impressed with his manners. It was raining so he always dropped me off at the door of said destination and then parked the car. As well as he can make a hell of a good drink, lol. Even gave me socks when my feet got wet from the rain and me trying to tip around in sandles during a monsoon, lol. Good head on his shoulders as well - always desirable.

We'll just see, what's going on. I no longer put the cart before the horse - no hurry no worry. Besides, you know I'm the QUEEN of the first date, lol It's the second one I'm waiting on, lol

I told the 'little red flag man' to sit down and just chill - he got a bit restless - when it came to discussion and conversation regarding (1) religion and (2) my mother - both things that can throw a HUGE monkey wrench in the picture. We'll see - cause I'm not battling about either one of those - if we are too far apart philsophically - it will rise to the top soon. Which brings me to....

Are You There God...It's Me Pammie

I've been thinking about this lately and my movement away from organized religion. I moved away awhile ago, because I needed to see some things. I have seen them and formed my own opinion about them, but lately I've been feeling like something is missing and I've been evaluated that the older I get, the more being 'evenly yoked' means something - we all got kids and they are being raised in such and such a way and I'm a thinker and if I see us coming to a great fork in the road - then I will doom the relationship from the beginning. Living in the bible belt doesn't help at all.

Sad thing is, I don't even KNOW where they gather to worship or fellowship. I also need to expose my daughter to those that are like her. And I might just need to address that 'feeling' inside - might even meet some potential (ok that is SELFISH). So I am contemplating, first finding and then going to temple maybe once a month. The clean up is going to take a moment - I'm a blonde haired Muslim for Gods sake, lol lol

Baby Daddy of the Week

Um Um Um - haven't had anyone worthy of the title in awhile until this one showed up!! Thank you God every day for men of color!!!!!!!

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