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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunset Monologue 49

And You Think Men Are Not Needed

Grandma what do men do?

Something surprising has developed in the short time that miss lady has been up the way - she's having difficulty relating to and taking instruction from the MEN in my family.

She's not around any for any real length of time and has taken most of her instruction from women notably me.

So for instance, my step dad came downstairs to get something in jeans and no shirt and my daughter was just unnerved. My poor baby has really had no experience with the male form - Lord have mercy!

As well as if she's at her Uncle and he tells her to do something - she's just slow moving because it is a different tone etc. - she's reading things into it that are not necessary because it's a foreign voice to her and she doesn't have a male in an authorative role over her.

Now on one hand, I'm glad her story is not that she's had a revolving door of men in her life - but I am having 'feelings' about what she may be missing out.

She asking questions of my mom about the role of a male and what do they do around the house etc. and that's a good thing - shit I can't get it right to expose her!!

To me, just another example of how MALES are VERY important.

If the world wasn't so fucking corrupt I'd get her a big brother, maybe I will investigate it - she's at a pivitol time in her life where the shaping of her view of men is being developed - I don't want it to be wasted on my single no man around ass! That was not my intent for my daughter.

I'm glad she's up there and I'm glad for family (even if they work my nerves) it takes a village and since my hut is empty - I have to get to one that isn't.

So adding that on top of my current fustration, calls for a drink! Brothas - if you have a child or know a child - reach out to that child. Take in the widows and the Orphans - we need you!

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