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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sunset Monologue 45

A Dateless Conversation In Atlanta

A Typical Day of Chatting For Me!

ME: The South is lacking that Brooklyn Flava!! Quite Nice :) From a GA Peach, Pam

HIM: (smile) Hello Pam how are you? (smile)

ME: Doing quite well - thanks for asking :) Just working (ok ok) working and surfing on here - you know how it is what's up with you today?

HIM: You ever been to NY?

ME: Lived there for 10 years. Manhattan - around the Columbia University soccer fields right on the cusp of the Bronx, lol Always had an affinity for NY men, lol lol I'm a New Yorker trapped in my Southern Charm :)

HIM: What made you leave? I am actually moving to Charlotte NC in July

ME: Well my husband (at the time) was murdered in a home invasion and I had a six month old and had to just do something different. I was raised down here - so I moved back, however all my family has migrated up North and are residing in Philly - (I tell you the migration of blackfolks in America, lol) So that's where I stand. I've been here (back) about seven years now and it's cool - - NC HUH? You should consider Georgia

HIM: How far is Charlotte?

ME: I think it's like five hours or so - nottt tooo far. I've driven from here to Philly several times. That's a long haul but sometimes it's more economical - you know how that is.

ME: So why are you moving?

HIM: Tired of paying 1500 a month for a closet, I will be in NC sunday night for 7 days looking at houses (hint)

ME: I'll be in NY the 24th and 25th showing my girlfriend around, lol lol and I hear yah. You should be able to get something nice and spread out - Charlotte is nice. You have family there?

HIM: So i will be back in ny when you're hear, hmm i wouldn't mind having you on top of me (smile)

ME: Well Now - see that Brooklyn Flava is QUITE enchanting but I am so booked this is what I'm calling "How to kill a nigga in five days" type trip, lol lol We are going to breeze thru NY, do Atlantic City and Philly - she's never been past Virginia :)

HIM: i am talking about coming to charlotte next week when i am there

ME: It sounds real intriguing, but I already know I can't pull that off, I'm working and I am a mother (what will I do with her, lol) and though in my mind - I like to live dangerously - A man I don't know like that gotta get to know me before we roll into such a decadent situation. You know I can't go out like that, lol


Now imagine this. 39 years old, 6 feet, fine as frog hair!! and this is an unedited conversation I had with said Fineness today. Now I'm sure someone can pick apart whatever within this conversation I did wrong, but let me point out - flirting is what I do! I'm good at it! I approached him because he was fine. I never once got his name and he's basically soliciting me for sex. So I'm suppose to get in my car, drive to some unknown location with in Charlotte, NC to some hotel, to see a man who's name at this point I don't even know, have sex, come home and that be that!! I am not comprehending the logic of that. I might as well, go down on Metropolitan and find me an old needle, take a drink and stick myself in the arm over and over and over!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!! This is a GROWN MAN!! Sure you can solicit sex - that's cool, but I'm not accepting! I personally found this entire conversation indictive of why I am choosing to be single. If I could tell you how many of these types of convo and even worse I have had in my dating tenure both online and off; the blogspot does not have enough bandwidth, lol

So I take this convo's and insert in my journal that I talked to a Universally Fine Negro today and we flirted and let that be the crumb I take away - I will conveniently 'forget' the diss - my ego will not allow these things to fester in my psyche, thus affecting my self-esteem.

(Shaking my head)

"You Are Out Of Style"

Circus Seximus

Part of my summer mantra is less TV - well that is now totally screwed up with the premiere of "The Cut" on CBS tonite at 8pm est. I am HOOKED!! What a bomb ass show!! Tommy Hilfiger is quite the 'stern' show host and the teams so far as quite eclectic. I WILL be watching this over the course of the summer.

My "O" Shame


I am laying UNDER the desk as I type this, but that little boy/thug/man symbol known as Omarion has intrigued me. Both the Houston's Brothas (Older Brother Marques from Immature and IMX Fame in actuality, currently have me hiding in shame, lol Rod's May 8th Entry at his fabulous spot made me address my budding curosity with this little man/boy. I liked that first cut he had out, but what took me over the edge was "Touch". Now let me clarify, this is not like Tyrese or somebody where I want to actually fornicate - I just am feeling quite 'randy' about the music adn in the case of "Touch" the video. I have to give credit where credit is due and you all know how much I do not spend time on Usher but the video and song "Caught Up" got my attention. This is the case with Omarion. That video is so artsy and technically that chile danced his ASS OFF. Now I'm not sure about that gal he got in the video - she kinda is not the cutest broad on the block, but when you're trying to be most beautiful like Omarion is, you can't have competition "only one bride bitch!" SO THERE I SAID IT! I am going to download both songs for my trip. My daughter has disowned me.....

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