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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 11

The Brokedown and Raggedy Edition

The Chest Is Bare

Vicky's is having a SALE!

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning and going thru my underware drawer - it became painfully obvious (don't know why I didn't notice this before Tuesday Morning June 7th 2005) that I have absolutely NO CUTE DRAWERS!!!! Where the hell did they all go?! Yoo hoo! Pretty Panties - where did you run off to?! I mean dang. My shit is R-A-G-G-E-D-Y!! In the car that morning, I had to think about the why's and hows. First off one of the reasons is that I'm just not into it like alot of women. I mean I need something clean - that's about it. I think as well, that during my excessive weight gain (from back in the day) I chose to 'decide' that wasn't important - who wanted to see me (including me) squoze up in some 'cute' panties. As well as when you adopt the 'cute' moniker, you tend to go for other things to exude sexiness other than tip toeing around in uncomfortable scratchy fabric. I have to admit, I've never gotten any complaints on what I have worn when it comes to men. I have maybe 3 sets that really really compliment me on any given day, but I only pull those out at the prospect of a 'first time' unveiling. Otherwise - for some reason the 'type' of man I acquire and who makes it to that level - is quite intrigued with me in small t-shirts going bare on the bum (thank God for the good legs and the enlongment they get from the t-shirts) and I have an assortment of 'lounge wear' cute little boxers and barely there shirts, or for the winter velour pants with tops with spaces cut out etc. etc. Now if they wanted to complain - they haven't to my face.

I talk to alot of men and basically the stuff is for us - when they say they are 'visual' the vision moves quickly to what's underneath the $60 push up bra and matching thong set, lol Oh and a word about thongs......I have no idea what the big deal is. I have a couple of pairs and quite frankly I find them annoying when I do branch out and wear them. I'm tried of looking at them peek out of low riser pants and the constant urge to pull them out my ass is FOREVER!!!! Mini-me's 53 year old teacher took her to the store and she stocked up - I had sworn off them, but I sooo admire her over 50 spunk -I might break one out and try it one mo gin!!

So what am I going to do about this revelation? Well I think I'm going to toss most of what I have cotton and otherwise and then start over and get me five matching sets of something cute and then get my hanes and see about matching a bra or two to them. I need to go get measured as well - I have NO IDEA what my real bra size and Oprah had a whole show on that!

I think that as part of my new chronological year I'm going to go thru and address all these 'decisions' I've made about what I don't need and what I don't like that are based on self-dibilitation issues, whether they be because I don't have the money or was feeling low self esteem that day and begin to pick them apart. If they are valid, they will stay if they are not I got's to LET IT GO!! LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER PAM TKO!!!

Retiring Shorts

I grew up in a pretty rigid household and one of the things I remember is that we couldn't wear shorts that came above our knees. Which basically means we couldn't wear shorts, lol lol We could wear coulettes, pedal pushers, cropped pants, lol lol For many a year I adhered to my raising - well into my adulthood.

When I turned 30 or so I pulled out the shorts and in a late ass rebellion, I went to showing some LEG!! I had nice ones!! I have rocked mid thigh shorts for many a year now in the summer - and have allowed mini-me to sport 'conservative two inch above the knee shorts'.

Well when I pulled out the summer clothes this year -I pulled out all my shorts, I only have about five pairs with a crisp pair of white ones being my favorite. I tried the white ones on and was preening in the mirror when I stopped dead in my tracks!! Snaking along my thigh was something I have no idea how I missed it - I must really be living in some other world most of the time - VARICOSE VEINS! What the hell?! I examined them with my beside lamp (which I placed in my hand to make a spotlight!) and then I noticed they were on the other outer thigh as well. I'm not sure if they are noticable to everyone but the fact they were noticable to me was killing me. I sat down and had a talk with myself. I needed to point them out to my Dr. at my next appointment. Didn't know if anything could be done that INSURANCE PAYS FOR or because I had diabetes was this a 'side effect' and then I decided at 39 to, outside of beach times or something - retire shorts.

I am a somewhat believer that you should move forward with age and approach it gracefully (like bikinis at 50 I don't care what your body type is TACKY, long ass hair on old women not put up is kinda as well, but that's just me) and walking around thinking you cute in Nair Shorts with a Nair Leg Shave and all those spider veins on your legs is not cool.

Well I can still rock a short skirt!

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