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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 9



I wanted to take a moment to wish all the Mothers that read my blog and all the mothers period a Happy Mothers Day.

Motherhood sometimes is sullied by images and situations unbecoming the first teacher of a child, but it still is a strong and necessary entity on this planet. From fish to man - we all got a momma and we should honor her.

Being a mother for me is one of the most intense experiences I have ever encountered! It can be joyous but it also can be wrought with doubt, fear and tears, however, it is something I wouldn't trade in for the world.

Mini-me is making me breakfast and probably presenting me with something sweet that she made. She gets fustrated that there is no one to take her to the store to purchase me anything and this year, I just didn't want to purchase myself something.

It's going to be nice today, so I want to get out the house. I wanted to have something special for dinner, so I bought some cornbeef that I'm going to cook up with some cabbage and enjoy.

Funny I was a mother yesterday and I will be a mother tomorrow, but today I want to be RECOGNIZED for being one.

So if you have a Mother or know a Mother who is handling her business, then make sure you recognize her, no it's nothing 'special', but it is something impressive!

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