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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 7

This and That

Time Won't Give Me Time

Ahh me and time - sometimes we just don't jive, lol I have quirks about me that prevent me from being on time, but for the most part I'm a timely person. I don't set alarms, I like my innerclock to arouse me in the morning. Now this bring about stress because my inner clock has battery problems, lol Mini-Me and I are on the same clock, so that also doesn't help.

For example, this morning we were pretty much on time. Thennnnn "Let Me Clear My Throat" One of my favorite club jams comes on the radio! So what does that mean? DANCE INTERLUDE! So we are dancing up a storm in the living room - that song is almost 10 minutes long!! Just like THAT we're late, lol But I had a goodtime with Mini-me. Now there's Time, CP Time and Individual Time. I tend to work more on CP Time, however, in relation to others - - I'm early, lol Go Figure. I am always the first at any event my friends are attending and so I have to pace and make myself slow down and make myself late.

I am going to work on my acknowledgement of time......eventually

Living in the Munsters Home

I wanna talk about my yard. For as long as I've lived in this house the yard has been a bone of contention with me. I am NOT a yard person! I want a nice yard but I don't want to do it myself! There was a time when if teenagers lived on a block, and they needed money they would be out CUTTING GRASS!! Now they would just rather stay home and BEG. I don't even own a lawnmower, I keep saying I have to get one because paying upwards of $50 to cut grass is also not sitting well with me. When did that become such a profitable business?! My yard is a hot mess and EVERYONE knows I'm single and don't have alot of men up and about the spot, so you would think the SINGLE man next door would just mosey on over to my yard as he's cutting his - but NOOOOOOOOOO!! I have to get it done soon, because now I'm feeling the pressure to get it cut, as well as I think it's starting to look like Jumunji, lol lol So I'll break on down and call a service or something to come cut and trim and get the yard looking right - God could you please keep the rain at bay - it's making my grass grow!

I like You BUT....

One of the worse conversations you can participate in. You meet a person, you like them, you enjoy their company but romantically there is no spark. How does this happen? They good people, They are attractive but there is that something missing that would propel you into that relm. You sometimes can't even identify what it is, but you know it's not 'on and poppin' in that area, so now becomes "How do you tell that person?" I always have a hard time with this one because it's just not in my nature to be breaking hearts, lol But sometimes it needs to be done. The thing is you can't have it both ways. If you are dealing with the opposite sex, at this stage in the game, we all got lots of friends and usually are not trying to meet to acquire new ones. So you want to remain friends with this person because they do have qualities that you like but you don't want them to misconstru the romantic intent. Well usually once you say you are not 'feeling' them in this way - they get ghost and you lose the entire package! Damn! I never like this conversation, but if you're dating it's an inevitable one at some point. I still say it's one of the many cruel jokes that accompany being single and dating out here, lol

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